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Wonderful work, Love it, Just still wonder if you checked the issue between pages when using responsive menu ( Tap Menu) or not, it doesn’t matter from which page you want to go back to home, for example when you are at about page and you use the tap menu to go back to home page, home page doesn’t loads, you should refresh it to make it working, but after refreshing you can easily use the tap menu to go between pages and there is no more problem. I couldn’t figure it out whats the conflict so would you please check it? I’m almost done with modifying and just wait for this fix to demo the site to my customer.

Your help would be highly appreciated

Best Regards


Hello Amams,

First thanks for the great feecbacks.

So, I’ve checked your problems and it is worked for me. I’ve upload an example video for you please check here:

I hope so I am not wrong understand you.

Greetings dear,

Thank you very much for your reply and test. You used your browser on computer and its working, The problem is by the mobile, I checked the demo on my iPhone 4S right now again and it was the same, homepage didn’t load when I tried to go back from about to home, would you please check it by a mobile for a real action? There is a conflict for sure, other than that I would’t ask and don’t take your time but unfortunately I couldn’t find it so I’m sorry if I’m asking again.

Thanks again and looking forward for your message

Best Regards


Hello Arash,

Thanks you so much for your comment again,

I’ve tested iPhone 5 and IOS Simulator iPhone 4s Retina Device it’s work fine for me. I don’t understand what is wrong.

Also I’ve tested any responsive design tools for examples :|320|1022|1

If you can use Macbook or iMac please test with IOS Simulator :

Hello: Great theme, and excellent job! Congratulations…I like it so much!! I would like to buy it but before I would like to know if this theme is SEO optimized. This theme get a lower score in Google Page Speed Insights (39/100). Can you let me know about what SEO features this theme have? and if Can you improve this score to get a better optimized website? Thank you so much in advance! Happy New year 2014!


Thanks you so much for your great comments and feecbacks.

This template coded with HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap 3.0 (clean and fresh codes) but I’want show many items and features on homepage area, that is why now installed and slow.

So, If you want to open the files fast, you can try to compression. I’ll try more features and seo friendly functions for next updates.

Happy new year to!

Best. Filiz.

I want to add header-7 style to home-6 page but now workin..

I have copy the style form header-7 file but don’t work…


Oh I think you missed some codes please open header-6.html

paste this code above body tag


    header.fixed-top .cssLogo {padding-top:0; margin-top:-5px;}
    header.fixed-top .sb-search {margin:13px}
    header.fixed-top .jetmenu > li > a {
         margin-left: 11px;
        padding: 15px;
    header.fixed-top .jetmenu .indicator {font-size:11px;}

    header.fixed-top .dropdown,
    header.fixed-top .jetmenu > li > .megamenu {top:56px;}
        position:fixed; width:100%; left:0; top:0; height:56px; z-index:701; opacity:.97; filter: alpha(opacity = 97);

and paste this code above /body tag (after applications.js)

        // Header Animation
        (function($) {
         "use strict";

        $(window).scroll(function () {
          if ($(document).scrollTop() == 0) {
          } else {


Waiting reply.

Good. Thanks, and Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you.


Theme dun satin aldim…..Bgazi yerlerde.. acaba sizin direk email adresiniz varmi?

Iyi calismalar Serkan


Satin alma icin tesekkurler. email

iyi calismalar.

Hello, at first HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have purchased this nice theme. Now i have a little problem. I can not see the icons. Where can i change the url to the fonts folder? I can not find in style.css.

Regards Steffen

I have found the solution. But i have a other guestion. How can i use the color.css files

Hello and thanks you so much for purchase my item.

Please forgive me for delay reply. So, If you want to use color.css open style.css and search; (line 3533)

================================================== */

after open which color you like for example yellow.css copy and paste all codes to below of 12. color schemes lines.

If you want any helps please send me an email with your details


Thank you for the answer. I have also purchased your Style Switcher.


i want to purchase this wonderful theme, but i want to know first if it’s comes with a full documentation, and if it’s easy to remove the waiting image before the display of a page.



I purchased it, how can i remove the page loading effect


Hello and thanks you so much for purchase it.

Which page you want to delete? For example if just homepage please open index.html and search

<div id="preloader">
    <div id="status"> 

delete this line (after body tag)

that’s it.


Happy New Year designingmedia! When you suppose to be ready the wordpress version of this template? I will be your first purchaser. Thanks

Happy new year to my friend.

I hope so 1 week later we will be upload WordPress version of Nevermind. 80% done i think.

Selamlar sizlere telefon ile ula?abilme ?ans?m?z var m??

Skype kullan?yorsaniz ekleyin lutfen : designingmedia

I just purchased the template and will upgrade my site with it. Quick question on the color theme. How do I switch the color from the default (which is orange) to other colors? Please advice. Thanks.


Thanks you so much for purchase my template.

Open folder >> colors >> for example orange.css with a notepad++ or dreamweaver copy and paste all codes to your style.css that’s it.

Please don’t forget to delete old color schemes from your style.css line 3533

If you need more helps I can help you for about it.

Best Regards.

Do you support some of the plugin included in this package? Or do I have to purchase and ask the author.

I simply want the mightyslider basic carousel “left” and “right” to show only if there is content – similar to hulu thumbnail slider. Last set has no right arrow. First set has no left arrow etc.



Thanks for purchase. We can not support for other plugins but you don’t need new purchase ask your questions to the authors (If they ask you purchase code show them our template url.)


Is this template e-commerce ready or there is something else which neeed to be done before it can be used as e-shop?

Hello memica,

Thanks for interesting, this is just HTML design, If you want to use this template to ecommerce ready, you want to convert it to any content management systems.

So, we have working wordpress version and I hope so 1-2 week later we will upload themeforest.

Best Filiz.

Hello, i purchased this template today. However i see included bootstrap.css (v.3.0.0) differs from

Can you tell what parameters did you use to compile the bootstrap.css? Can I get .less files and re-compile the final bootstrap.css? thanks

Hello kirez, please send me a message I’ll send you complete bootstrap files


I love this template! When will the Wordpress version be ready? I will definitely buy it.

hey :)

80% completed I think soon…

So I’m JUST realizing that you need to download the purchase stuff immediately.. I bought it last night and I went back to it today and it’s gone. Am I screwed? because I need a few questions answered :(

Damn I thought that would come with this since I already bought it… can’t afford the wordpress stuff :\

I need to change logo, i want insert three logo’s above the Navigation, can you please the help me. one is left ,second is middle ,third is right . please suggestion please


I think you need three columns layout right? If yes use like this;

<div class="col-lg-3 col-md-3 col-sm-6">
   <img src="your-image-url-goes-here" alt="" />

<div class="col-lg-3 col-md-3 col-sm-6">
   <img src="your-image-url-goes-here" alt="" />

<div class="col-lg-3 col-md-3 col-sm-6">
   <img src="your-image-url-goes-here" alt="" />

Thinking of purchasing this template. Question: Are all the plugins kept separated so that I can pull out only the ones I need to use, or did you put all the scripts together into one “custom.js” so that there must be link in the head. I don’t want my site to be too heavy by all this stuff I don’t need. I see lots of templates here that one cannot extricate the elements they want. Thanks.


Thanks for interesting our work.

This is great question, so we’ve just added the necessary plug-ins to the our applications.js. No unnecessary code is not included.

Best Regards.

Thanks for your reply, but … for example, can I pull a carousel module easily and have it work alone? Will the files be clearly delineated (eg: carousel.css, carousel.js, and the carousel info) or will I find some of it in custom.js, some of it in cufon.js, some of it in styles.css, etc., etc.

yes, you can pull a carousel module easily and have it work alone. for example If you want to add new carousel slider, just add your newslider.css newslider.js and slider plugin call action to this page or applications.js easy.


You can send the PSD files from demo slider?

You can download great PSD sources on here: and here : we used some of PSD sources like these.

What type of icons are used?

Official bootstrap glyphicons not shown on first page…


Thank you for awsome template! Hovewer i’ve small issues, i hope you can help me with it

1) With small resolution of display top menu on page header-7.html have an issue is it possible to fix?

2) Related with Revolution slider. Maybe you can help me 2.a) When i resize browsers windon can happens following thing slider objects don’t recover their original size 2.b) How to keep distance between objects not to let them overlap on resize?

Thank you.

Sorry for bad description of problem. English not my native language.

About menu: It looks good with white background, but with other colors happens following thing: I can reproduce problem in last versions of FireFox and Chrome (also here:

About slider – never mind, i’ll try to find solution by myself.

Seems I can solve problem removing: margin-left: 11px; from style: header.fixed-top .jetmenu > li > a

Oh please forgive me late answer. I am very glad if your problem has been fixed.

Hi I bought you Wordpress version of this theme, but suddenly it got removed? What happened?



Thanks for contact us. The Nevermind WordPress version has been soft rejected. We need some bug fix. I hope so tomorrow it will be ready for download on ThemeForest.


I appreciate quick respond. Do I have to buy it again then?

Nope my friend, you dont need purchase again.