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Is it possible to make video gallery? I would put embed youtube videos, what is the best place to put it?

Yes you can create video galleries.

Hi the responsive for Mobile is not functioning well, the over is inactive, please send me a fix for this

for example look, the over in the image and buttons in responsive mode is not functioning well look here please:

the slider deactivate it is fixed. I can check other pages right now and I hope so today we will update this template on ThemeForest.



There is a bug with custom shortcodes.php. Line no. 2225 for custom_box.

’.$atts[‘btn_text’].’ should be ’.$atts[‘btn_text’].’

Yes it was for wordpress version.

Thanks for the feedback but I am not developer for wordpress version. Let me ask for developer.

Thanks again.

Thanks you for a great template. There is a bug when using sticky header in responsive menu (ie mobile), you cant scroll to check the entire menu.
Please provide a fix as soon as possible.


Hello thanks for the feedback.

Let me check what is wrong and we will update soon.


any update?

Yeah you will get an email soon about update.

Hey, thanks in advance… I just have a couple quick questions..

1) In the main header on my page, how do I set the social media icon links to open on a new tab.. (ie. target=”_blank” ..where do I modify this??

2) Where would I be able to remove the beige background from the top of my “services, about us, contact us” pages.. can I remove it using the CRM or do I have to go into the css..and where??

3) How can I remove the “breadcrumbs” from the same beige background area.. (ie. Home > services ..etc.) ??

4) How do I remove the “read more” links from the services page? ..where in the code can I remove it or modify the destination of the link?



Thanks for contact us. Did you purchased our work? If yes I didn’t see your PURCHASE badge. Please send me verify code, I will answer your questions.


Hi, in the last update why did you get rid off megamenu to take bootstrap menu 3


because so many bugs on the megamenu. So right now we are working Bootstrap 3.0 megamenu just give us 1-2 days we will update soon.


I gave it a 5 Star rating! Gr8 Quality, Gr8 Features, Gr8 Coding and Gr8 Support!

Good luck with the sales & keep up the good work!!

Cheers! :-)

Thanks you CreativeMedia!

Hi. I have tried to go to the support forum, but is not working.

My question is that I want to get a thumbnail in the slider of the video slider. I have read the mightySlider documentation. It says that you have to set a thumbnail image for use with the tumbnail controls:


I have tried, but doesn’t works. What am I doing wrong?


First thanks for feedback about our forum. Its fixed.

Please send me an email I’ll send you full mighty slider files and you check how is it work.

For second question : Yeah it is a bug I hope so we will update soon.

Also we will include a mega drop down menu to this template please follow us.


Thank you. I’ll send you my email in a while.

I don’t know if that is going to help you, but I setup the navbar-default “float:right;” and it works… the logo is always there… the problem is the “compact” menu (you know what I’m saying? in a small resolution) which floats to right also.


Your email answered.

Also thanks for the feedback about menu. I hope so today we will update this template with new mega menu plugin :

I hope so you like it.

Regards. Filiz.


1) The dark black version looks absolutely Fantastic! :-)

2) I found two small bugs in the original download file:

FILE NAME: home-1.html The top slider doesn’t work, (it just shows a blank space)

FILE NAME: home-3.html The Portfolio area, the left side images don’t show after you click on the thumbnail. (only the text on the right shows but no image on the left, it’s just blank)

3) In the download file the main navigation menu is “mouse-over” for the drop down menu but in the demo you “have to click” on the main category (Home, sliders, portfolio) to see the sub links drop-down.

Can you please send me the version that you have online (Click to drop down without the mouse-over)

4) When can we expect the new bootstrap 3 megamenu version available for download?

Thank you and keep up the good work :-)

Best regards,

Hello Steve,

Please forgive me for late answer we are not online last 2 days.

1. I am glad If you like the dark version.

2. The home-1.html slider working perfectly check here : The Portfolio area, the left side images shows great for me. I dont udnerstand what is wrong? Did you delete any jQuery files from to the your folder? or you have edit custom.js or application.js ?

3. I’ll update this template 1-2 days later to the new version with Bootstrap 3.0 mega drop down menu please check here :

4. I hope so tomorrow :)


Hey, nice template

I am very interested in buying this for the dark version but I can’t find the dark version demo?

Please post the demo link to the dark version. Thank you

Hello dotPSD,

Yeah the new version coming with Bootstrap 3 mega menu (coded from me).

Also the dark version coming Bootstrap 3 mega menu.


ok, thank you

Not a problem. Tomorrow it will be ready on ThemeForest.

Hello, We want the dark version also, is it included in the download?

Hello, I hope so tomorrow it will be ready for download.



Thank you for your reply, WOW It’s Gr8 to see that your releasing the dark version :-) with the new Bootstrap 3 megamenu!!! Good luck with the sales!!

i re-downloaded the file and still I found the same two small bugs in the original download file:

Btw: We tested it in Chrome and IE11 and those two pages work fine with no problem. The problem is when we try to open those pages in Firefox 26.0

FILE NAME: home-1.html The top slider doesn’t work, (it just shows a blank space) in Firefox 26.0

FILE NAME: home-3.html The Portfolio area, the left side images don’t show after you click on the thumbnail. (only the text on the right shows but no image on the left, it’s just blank) in Firefox 26.0

Can you please send me the 1-2 version that you have online (I need the Click to view the drop down menu version without the mouse-over effect)

Good luck with the sales!!

Thank you and keep up the good work :-)

Best regards,

Hello my friend.

Tomorrow it will be ready to download on ThemeForest.

We will update new version of Nevermind with fixed all some problems, dark version of all files and with mega menu. Please allow few hrs.

Regards. Filiz.

To potential buyers

I just want to say i have recommended this authors templates to my clients and friends because they provided quality work and fantastic support.

They have helped me a great deal I definitely recommend purchasing this fantastic template for its lovely design, quality features and very clean code! :-)

To designingmedia

Thank you again, I really appreciate your great support :-)

Keep up the good work and good luck with the sales ;-)

Thanks you so much my friend.

I’ve send you an email about your question please check your email.

Hi. I have a question: how does the forms work? I have no idea… I don’t see any .php file or whatever.

Thank you so much.

We dosen’t support a php contact form its just html design

but you can get a great php contact form here : (very easy to integrate.)


it is not supported IE8 ? why

It is supported but some CSS3 effects dosen’t support for internet explorer 8 sorry.


Where is stored data-effect=”slide-bottom” ? I want to remove it from phones but i want to see js script or css.


If you asked for css of data effects please visit assets/css/bootstrap.min.css and search “slide-bottom”


src/css/mightyslider.css where is used?

How come the link does not work in the “panel” (as the in typography.html)? I know in the previous version you had a link with javascript by using onclick and point window.location to the destination. But it is quite cumbersome. And then you removed the link in the new version. Why can’t normal link work? Is there a way to make it work??

Great. When you need help please ask here 24/7 regards.

I have another question. If I put a button (css class “btn”) in the home page banner (the slide show), it won’t scale like other elements in the banner. Here is an example—

So, when I view the page on smart phones, the buttons is displaying way too big. Can you advise how to solve this issue?

Here is 2 answer for this problem :)

1. Disable buttons on mobile devices. For responsiveness please use like this :

@media (max-width: 767px) {
.yourslidecaption .btn {

2. Use standard revolution buttons. For buttons check documentation of slider

Hello! I have a problem with portfolio.

please check here:

The pictures not shown correctly until i press on a filter name.

Sorry. I found the error and now is ok.

Not work…this is error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: getColumnNumber is not defined


Checked this page with Firefox and Google Chrome everything is fine for me. But In Google Chrome Console module with a problem;

event.returnValue is deprecated.

Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

If I already purchased the light version of this theme, do I have to pay for the dark? Or is there a download for that?

You no need to purchase the light and dark comes only one package. I have added light and dark you didn’t get?

where do I find the dark one?

I have updated this template. You should re-download again from Your ThemeForest dashboard.