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Hi Author, i want to showcase your theme to my visitors to buy on my blogging website. what is the best email address to get in touch?

Regards, Santosh Nagpal santosh.nagpal4@gmail.com

Hey, Santosh!

I’ve sent you an email :)

Hello, Thank you for the awesome theme, first! I am just playing around this and that and I have a couple of questions.

I would like to remove those 3 buttons – Like, Tweet, PIN under post. can you please let me know how to disable the buttons.

And without the featured image, it shows red background quite big under “You might also like….” with the previous title of my post. Is there any ways I can make it change from the big portion of section into just text of the title? or just remove the whole thing.

I tried to send an email via the contact us form but I couldn’t received the email to my email account, how should I set it up to receive it right?

Last, if I put some images the 3 buttons aligned right next to images. and the label of comment box is broken and aligned next to image to the right side. I just disabled the comment section. but Would you please advise me how to make those 3 buttons and comment box clearly placed at the bottom, aligned-left?

Thank you for your time on this matter in advance.

Hello, showcola!

The code to remove share buttons and red background boxes:

.share-buttons { display: none !important; }
.post-carousel { display: none !important; }

Go to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS and paste it there. And click “Save”.

The “contact us” form should be changed – it’s just a placeholder. Install the Contact Form 7 plugin create new contact form and copy the code from it to page Contacts, e.g.

[contact-form-7 id="123" title="Contact form 1"]

And the last one – I don’t quite understand where it’s located. But i will help you if you give me more details.

Thank you for this. but the id should be 123 in the following :

[contact-form-7 id=”123” title=”Contact form 1”] or can I just name it differently?

Not necessary, just copy and paste the code and the ID from there.

Hi I contacted you via the comments just over a month ago and you told me to email. I have emailed twice and still no reply. I’m quite disappointed as I paid for the support.

Two issues:

1) I’m finding that some of the page titles are centred (South Africa, Parents Only) and others are not (About, Get in touch) which looks a little untidy. You can see the site here: http://wideeyedworld.co.za/

2) I want to add certain category posts to their own page (for example a South AFrica page) at the moment there are two SA pages. I want to be able to add all South AFrican posts to the page but simply want the header to read “South Africa” and not “Category: South Africa”

Your urgent reply will be appreciated.


Hey, Lucy Corne!

I’m terribly sorry for the delay replying, but I simply didn’t receive your letters. I am very very sorry. I’m trying to answer all questions ASAP, but sometimes the google spam filter doing bad things. I will help you with all issues.

First you should intall and activate Norway Child Theme (it should be in archive with theme files).

2. Save this file in the child theme directory:



1. In the next update we will fix this, temporary you can add the code to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS:

body.page article {
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 770px;

I can do this for you, just send me an email at support@major-themes.com (this time i’ll make sure it will be delivered).


Just downloaded and am installing for wordpress. It’s installed but has no demo content. I really wanted to install it as viewed in the demo to make it easier to navigate the redesign. How do I install it with the demo content?

Hello, byollieb!

You can download demo file or use the ones that included in theme archive for pages and posts.

Here’s a link to the file: https://major-themes.com/files/norway-demo.xml

In WordPress dashboard navigate to Tools – Import – WordPress and upload the demo xml file.

Unfortunately images license does not allow me to put them into archive with theme. But you can use your own images and set them as featured in sidebar while editing posts.

To set up three featured posts you can edit post and mark the “Top Featured” in sidebar (right above Save/Publish button).

Theme archive also includes documentation file that helps with WordPress and Theme usage.

Hope this helps!

This didn’t work. It says that it all failed. I am trying to upload the theme and I need to select a ‘Zip’ file but the download from you is a folder. Even when compressing this and then uploading it doesnt work

Can you contact me at support@major-themes.com with access to your WordPress admin panel. I will help you install everything.

Thank you for a great theme – I’m new to Wordpress but am enjoying your theme so much! Sorry if this is a stupid beginner question but I am trying to change the font sizes for the headings as they appear way too big for my liking. I have tried adding this to the ‘extra css’: h1 { font-size:16px !important; } h2 { font-size:14px !important; } h3 { font-size:12px !important; } h4 { font-size:10px !important; } h5 { font-size:8px !important; } h6 { font-size:6px !important; }

That changed nothing. Is there a way for me to adjust the font sizes for the headings? Thank you very much in advance!

Hey, ealuisea!

Can you please try adding this to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS

If this won’t work please contact me at support@major-themes.com

That is exactly what I tried (sorry I referred to it as ‘extra css’ – my language is Danish). Will send you a mail now. Thanks!

Oh, sorry, didn’t know that it’s the same.

Contact me, i will help you on this!

This new layout is basically an entirely different theme than before. Any way to get the old style and layout?

Hey, youngCODE!

Yes, the default theme demo now looks different. Nevertheless, it is possible to customize the theme to look like the old layout.

But if you want the previous version of theme just send me a message at support@major-themes.com and i will send it for you!

Hello, I noticed that when I use an image for the logo it is not centered at mobile size. It seems to be left aligned. Is there a way to center the logo image?

Hello, afirst!

I am sorry for this issue – seems like it is some bug but it will be fixed in next version coming next week.

As a temporary solution you can add this code to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS:

header.header.header-main .logo-wrap h1.logo-image img {
    margin: 0 auto;

Just copy and paste the code there and click “Save”. This should help!

I have purchase code if need be.

How do I make header images include the parallax style? How do I customize each page to dictate display of header image / size / or leave empty? How do I move pages from displaying centered on desktop to stay pushed right?

Thank you for making an awesome theme!!

Hey, tbalicki!

To add the parallax style to header image add this code to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS:
header.header.header-main {
    background-attachment: fixed;
Just copy and paste and click “Save”.

You can set up default header/image height in Appearance – Customize – Header – Header Height, but not every page separately, yet. But I will add this option to the next update and notify you when it will be available for download.

To move the page to the right side you can add this code to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS:
body.page .content {
    align-items: flex-end;
If you want the page to be moved to left side, you can use this code instead
body.page .content {
     align-items: flex-start;

Copy and paste and click “Save”. This will make all pages (but not posts) move to the right or left side.

If you want the pages to stick fully pushed to left or right side, use the code below:

Left side:
body.page .content {
    margin-left: 0;
Right side:
body.page .content {
     margin-right: 0;

Hope this helps!


First, thank you! I really like the theme, it is simple and easy to install.

Can you please tell me how to access the Full Width layout for a page/an article? I want to display some of the articles/pages without the right bar…

Thank you

Hey, luliaSt!

It’s only possible to use full-width layout for a page or disable it fully for all articles.

When editing page attributes – you should select page template to Full-width or Default Template – the sidebar will be hidden.

In the next update I will add option you could change the sidebar to visible / hidden for each article.

Hi, I am using your theme at http://makingourownway.com/temp/ 1. Is it possible to have the posts in grid format (when viewing on desktop browser) in 3 columns instead of 2? 2.Is it possible to have the featured image on the post page the same width as the boxed content instead of full width? Thanks so much Deb

Hey, Deb!

To add the 3 columns you can now do the following.

Go to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS and copy-paste this code there:
.blog_layout-grid .content .looper article:not( .sticky ) {
    flex-basis: 33%;
To add a different header cover on mobile you can do the following
@media (max-width: 700px) {
  header.header.header-main {
    background-image: url("https://LINKTOIMAGE");

We can help you with this, just send an email to support@major-themes.com

Thank you Thank you Thank you the mobile header works brilliantly! The three columns work on a browser but it does mess with the mobile version so I will play and see if I can fix it.Thanks again Deb

Hey, Deb!

A little update on columns code:

.blog_layout-grid .content .looper article:not( .sticky ) {
    flex-basis: 32%;
@media (max-width: 1100px) {
    .blog_layout-grid .content .looper article:not( .sticky ) {
    flex-basis: 48%;

This should fix the issue with moboile version!

Great theme guys! Was wondering: is it possible to (sometimes) overrule the Featured Image being shown at the top of a post and keeping the header there instead?

That is, having the header at the top of the page and the Featured Image shown just underneath the post title as per most other themes.

Thanks a lot

Hi again just checking on an update for this please: if I want to make the Featured Image for (for example) http://556.273.myftpupload.com/groove-week-44-squarepusher-iambic-9-poetry/ smaller and go under the headline (like a usual WordPress theme’s post) is it possible please? Thanks a lot :)

So the update when you set up Header Background Image and it is replaced by Featured Image in post is out. You can set this up in Appearance – Customize – Header – Header Background Image.

If you set your home page header background image the featured posts will not have the large featured image but they will replace the post image in header.

The next update will be at 17th of December and the requested feature will be added.


siwillmore Purchased

Thanks for the update about the update :) Looking forward to the 17th too! Cheers

Hello! I’ve just purchased the theme, and it looks great. But—the Instagram feed doesn’t seem to update for some reason. Any idea why? Thank you!

Awesome, thanks! (I’m still a beginner with all of this.) I uploaded the transient cleaner, cleared everything, and—sure enough—the feed updated. Just curious—is there some setting you’d recommend, or does just having it activated do the trick? Thanks again!

Actually once a day settings should work fine.

I know that this plugin can clear the cache instantly so newest Instagram images will appear on your website so i would personally disable this plugin on my blog, and if i post like supercool image on Instagram i enable this plugin, remove cache and then disable it again… If i post an average image on Instagram i’ll just wait till Instagram widget will clear the cache itself and won’t use this plugin.

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong thing to do, but that’s just my thoughts.

Thanks for the tip! Totally makes sense. Looking forward to building out my site! LOVE this theme.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I withdraw my refund claim. The theme is awesome, and since my client doesn’t like it, I kept it for my site (http://publicspace.gr). Sorry for any inconvenience I caused. ~Kostas

Hi. None of the three “Top Featured Layout” options appear at all. Is there a workaround? My site is http://publicspace.gr.

You can edit the post you want to feature and near the button “Save” mark the “Top Featured”. Add at least three posts so it will look good both in trio or carousel mode.

This should help.

If this won’t help you can send access to WordPress admin panel at support@major-themes.com and i will fix this for you.

Yes it helped. If no article is checked as Top Featured, is there a way for the theme to autoselect the 3 most recent?

Hey, Kostas!

Sometimes clients won’t use the featured articles option at all, so it was designed this way.

The only way is to manually include posts/pages in top featured.

Hello, 69 dollar for the theme; can we have an demo version to test in our site web ?

Hello, InterludePhotographique!

The Envato policy does not allow distributing theme via other means than selling on ThemeForest, unfortunately i can’t give you this theme for “test-drive”.

But I have an option – I can send another theme that has less functionality and other design but is currently not selling on any marketplace. You can contact me at support@major-themes.com with the subject “Free Theme Demo”.

“WP Mins To Read” reports wrong estimate. Maybe because of the main language (el_GR). Question. Is there a workaround or an alternative plugin? Or even better, how can I get rid of the “Mins To Read”?

You can disable it completely by turning off the plugin WP Mins To Read.

The minutes to read won’t be visible.