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We bought this theme for it’s looks but still wanted to have a few things changed. The incedibly fast respons from the author made our blog just like we wanted it to be. Thanks once again.

You’re welcome, Marc!

Contact us anytime if you need any more help.

Hi, I really do like the theme. One thing: The “site description under logo” doesn’t show on mobile devices, only on desktops. How to fix this? Thanks much in advance, David (www.davidkorsten.de)

Hey, David!

Yes it’s possible to show description under logo at mobile.

Just paste the code below in Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS:

@media (max-width: 960px) {
  .wrapper > header .logo-wrap h1.logo.lead > div {
    display: block;

Don’t forget to click “Save”.

Hey, thanks fpr your quick reply. Still not working. Doesn’t seem to save. (yes, I clicked save :))

Can you send us access to WordPress admin panel at support@major-themes.com we will fix this!

Hey, one more thing: How can I make the logo link to home? I remmeber I did that with another theme, but maybe you could help refresh my memory. Cheers, David

That was fixed!

Seems like the plugin that was activated in your blog “Huge IT lightbox” it interacted with logo – tried to load logo image (but there was just a text).

Now when you click on logo it directs right on your home page.

hi, can you send a screenshot to see how the add new post editor looks? I just need a user friendly editor. I have been using Avada so far for my other website. Thanks

Hey, livediversified!

Here is the add new post editor: http://i.imgur.com/vcRRhS4.png

It’s the default WordPress editor, nothing more :)

Hi there,

We would like to localize our website, with a number of new languages. The Theme says that it is localization ready. Hence we installed WPML.

However, when activating the plugin: All pages disappear.

Could you please help us out and let me know whether the theme supports WPML? If not, how can we localize our theme?


Hey, grandt_ventures!

Although the theme does not officially support WPML and wasn’t tested with this plugin we would gladly help you.

Can you contact us at support@major-themes.com with access to your WordPress admin panel?

Hi, how can i activate Slide Show? thank you!

Hey, fabiofabio!

Edit the post or page you want to feature and click on “Top Featured”

Right here:

Hi, I’m really interested in your template but I have few questions before purchase : - Can I translate/rename widget titles ? - Can I integrate Facebook widget on right ? - Can I add google map widget ? - Can I customize right column ? Place my own pictures or choose the posts ? Thanks Best regards, Sonia

Hey, Sonia!

1. Yes, you can do this, every widget title can be renamed

2. The Google Map widget is not bundled in the theme, but you can embed map in default HTML widget or post/page directly

3. Yes, the right column can be edited it’s the widget area, you can put there any WordPress widget, custom images, videos or HTML code

Hope this helps and If we can help with anything else – feel free to contact us!

Hello Forgive me if my question is a bit basic but I’m new to Wordpress! I’ve recently installed your Norway theme and I love it! However I’m having trouble with a youtube video that I’ve embedded into a post and I can’t prevent it from showing related video options when the video ends. I’ve ensured that rel=0 is in the embed code. Given that I’ve tried everything I know (which isn’t much!) I wondered if the issue was connected with the theme at all? Any suggestions?

Hey, Richard!

I’m very happy that you love our theme!

And about your question – that is an interesting one. I think WordPress removes everything after video id, so no parameters are passed (thankfully not the theme issue, lol).

But I have an easy solution!

Install child theme of Norway and edit functions.php of the child theme and copy-paste the code below there:



Save it and this will make all YouTube videos without related. And updates to main theme won’t erase the changes to child theme’s functions.php.

If you don’t know how to do it just send a message with access to WordPress admin panel at support@major-themes.com I will do it for you.

Hi thank you for replying so promptly. I will have a go at doing this myself as I will learn in the process! If I get stuck I’m sure I’ll be in touch ! Richard