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Hi there, i’ve been using norway theme for while and almost finished the setup of my blog. Finally, i decided to add register/login widget and page via buddypress plugin. I attached the wigdet to the sidebar and it works well. I also i included a registration page, which is linked with registration widget. However, registration page doesn’t show the registration form and the registration page is blank. I checked all support forums and reinstalled the buddypress but the problem still continues. I think the Problem is somehow related with the template. Do you have any solution for this problem?

Hello, asonmezyildiz!

The theme does not support BuddyPress officially. BuddyPress was not tested with this theme and I did not guarantee that it will be working with this theme at all.

BuddyPress has some weird way of injecting it’s content into pages, to make it work go to Appearance – Editor – “content-page.php” and replace everything inside with this: https://hastebin.com/raw/ojubikevos

The content will be visible. I recommend also changing using the child theme for edits, because after next update all changes will be replaced.


Hi again, your previous comment solved my problem with buddypress on desktop and tablet versions. However, the registration form on mobile version mixes with footer picture and some part of the form cannot be seen on the screen when using mobile. Do you have any comment or solution for this problem?

Okay, I removed featured posts from main post loop and fixed the BuddyPress register form on mobile.

Great. Everything works very well. Thanks a lot

You’re welcome! :)


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The Norway theme is not working properly with IE 11. There are error messages when using the demo version and on my site the logo (.png, added via theme customiser) is not shown and the header background image is displayed distorted.

Will this be fixed and if yes, what is the timing?

Thank you!

Please contact me at support@major-themes.com with access to WordPress admin panel. I will make a temporary fix for the IE11.


Ece1 Purchased

Hi Max, we have already built a child theme and the first header issue is solved. However we still have the issue that the logo is not shown in the header. How would you fix this issue? Our developer will integrate it in our child theme accordingly.

Please also note that IE11 is still supported by MS. IE10 support has stopped 2 years ago, IE11 is a current Windows browser.

Unchecking the “Retina logo” in Appearance – Customize – Header solves the logo issue.

IE11 don’t support “srcset” for retina images:


Ece1 Purchased

Featured article images are not shown as featured image like in the demo but they are shown instead of the header image in posts. How can this be fixed?

Hello, Ece1!

This is a default behavior when you select the Header Background Image in Customizer. You can remove the Header Background Image and featured image will show up just like in demo.

It was made because the featured image after the header image ruins the aesthetics of theme design.

If you would still like the featured image to be under the header image you can go to Appearance – Editor select “Theme Header” (header.php) and replace file contents with this file: https://hastebin.com/raw/ruviruposu


Hey! Know my support has ended but there is a serious problem maybe regarding a few people using this theme. Theres a new law in europe (DSGVO) – we cant use google Fonts anymore. Whats the quickest and easiert way to remove the google fonts loading stuff in the background from these theme?

Thank you in advance!

Hello, Dominik!

Easiest way to do this is to choose standard fonts. The theme does not use any Google Fonts if they are not selected. Go to Appearance – Customize – Header – Logo Font and select one of the first 9 fonts – they are bundled into every operating system and won’t load any content from Google.

Repeat this for Appearance – Customize – Content – Heading Font and Body Font.

That’s it, you can check in network debugger or source code – the Google Fonts are not loading.


Hey Max.

Thank you. I wanna keep the Font Roboto Condensed, will try to load it straight from the webspace without using the google api anymore. Where can I find the Connection to google in the code? Its not in the funktions.php.

Theres no way to use another font because my logo (which I alredy purchased) uses the same font Roboto Condensed.

Thank you

Yes, you can replace /parts/styles.php the line 113:

$norway6_css .= '<link class="norway6-g-fonts" href="%URL%" rel="stylesheet" />';

Replace URL with the link to your CSS file.

By the way, if you renew the support i can do this for you :)

Hey! I wanna add a simple checkbox to the comment section. Which .php file is used for that? It’s not the comments.php in the norway5 Main Folder. And I dont want to use another plugin.

Would be awesome. Thank you

Hello, Dominik!

You can edit functions.php file and add the code there:

add_filter( 'comment_form_field_comment', 'my_comment_form_field_comment' );
function my_comment_form_field_comment( $comment_field ) {
    return $comment_field.'<label for="gdpr-privacy"><input type="checkbox" name="privacy" value="privacy-key" class="gdpr-privacy" id="gdpr-privacy" aria-req="true"> I accept new GDPR privacy policy</label>';

I also recommend installing norway version 6 it has many improvements :) You don’t need to remove previous version, they can be both installed.


Hey thanks Max. I now have a checkbox. But It doesnt do anything. I dont have to check it to write a comment? How Can I put the Label underneath the “email field” ? :D

Here is a code that will make a Required checkbox under “email” field:

add_filter('comment_form_defaults', 'change_comment_form_defaults');
function change_comment_form_defaults( $default ) {
    $commenter = wp_get_current_commenter();    
    $default['fields'][ 'email'] .= '<label for="gdpr-privacy"><input type="checkbox" name="privacy" value="privacy-key" class="gdpr-privacy" id="gdpr-privacy" aria-req="true" required> I accept new GDPR privacy policy</label>';
    return $default;


Hey Max! Where can i find the social icons as an image to place them whereever i want on my website? or use them in a newsletter? thanks!