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I’m interested in buying this template but I’m missing some stuff I’d like. Can you tell me if it’s already done, or are you planning on adding?

1) Listing of notes (http://flatfull.com/themes/note/notebook.html#notes/1) pretty much a page with a listing of all the created notes (preferably with option to have something separating each set as if grouping the notes by week or month or status); 2) Do you have more CSS to show different styles of paper, or books, or something? 2) Do you have more styles of panels? More header elements, footer elements, etc… (some templates here have a page dedicated to examples of that sort). 3) Would be good to show different styles for the Sortable List you have. Instead of just one row, 2-3 rows (like a mini-card) to show the different variations your CSS/HTML template can create; 3) Are you going to add more styles of login/register? 4) Any more example pages? The only one I’d truly like is a sort of “welcome” one (instead of just dashboard with stats); 5) I didn’t see any page dedicated to Modals, Alerts (toastr, notify, ...), typography, etc… Did I miss it, or there isn’t?

Even though I wrote a big list the most important thing to me is to know what are your plans for features for the next few updates (and when are they going to be released).

1. This is sample page/code of the BackboneJS, no database. and this template is a html template. theme/style is the main focus. not the functions. 2. All the features are on the live demo. 3. No update for this template recently.


Hello, How do I make the header disappear when scrolling? I am unable to change the fixed position to static.

If you mean the landing.html, the header using data-spy=”affix” you can remove it.

Sorry should have clarified, I meant on the main admin template. Specifically I am working off of the blank.html. I am trying to make it to where the header will disappear when the user scrolls down. I would like the navigation to stay fixed though.

You can apply custom css to make the header display:none and move the section top:0. eg. apply .scrolled class on the body element.
.scrolled .header.navbar{
  display: none;
.scrolled .header.navbar + section{
  top: 0 !important;

Hi! :-)

We LOVE this template! Any chance for some updates to it? We love it, Happy to renew support or buy a new one. Is there a natural upgrade path i.e. another on of your themes?

This is bootstrap 3 app, we are focus on the Bootstrap 4 now. Thanks.


I have a problem with data-tables in notebook theme, in the live preview there is no horizontal scroll for the table, but it appears on the version I downloaded from the site in table-datatable.html. When I check the site source for the live preview I notice that code is different. When will you planning to release the latest version?

Forgive me if this is a silly question but does this provide some integration for server side saving of notes?

Hi there,

I know this is a static website, however, what do you recommend on using to create a back-end and database? Thank you

please help how to use 2 or more “select2” in one “form”

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My website is running on .NET and as soon as I added the <form runat=”server”></form> around the WHOLE site, the main window in the middle disappears, I have to put like a “height:800px” for it to show, which then breaks the scrolling.