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Hello, how can I make left side, the sidebar, scroll-able? Thanks

The sidebar is scrollable unless it’s folded. Thanks


gijsm3 Purchased


I just bought your team but i wonder if it includes a feature i hoped to see. The feature to see the website on a small (mobile screen) and be able to swipe the screen to right to open the navigation menu.

If this is not an included feature can you send me some kind of link of an application which works good with your nicely made theme.

Thanks in advance.

There is no feature about swipe to open the menu.

but you can use the https://jquerymobile.com/ , there is a swipeleft / swiperight function.
$(document).swipeleft(function() {
          $('.navbar-header > a').first().trigger('click');

hi … how can edit the ??

hi my dear

am purchase the template but now i need configuration files for edit to my site . how can do that plz

Hi, This is a static html template and without configuration files.


Can I the main menu to the right ? and all page to right ?

Hi, You did a very good job thanks for the template. I would like to know how can I customise the intro page because right when I change the demo.js file and add a new step everything disappear.

Thanks for your help

You can read the document https://github.com/usablica/intro.js make sure your demo.js has no error. use chrome developer tool to see if there is error happening on the page.


Hi There, Greetings of the day.

Today I Visited through you theme named as “Notebook – Web App and Admin Template”, i like this theme, I want to purchase this theme but there is some thing modules which is available in other themes but not in yours for e.g

1. Top navigation menu bar 2. Chat pages as I look through on other theme which is “Se7en – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template” there is a page which named as Chat pages (http://andrewreifman.com/se7en/chat.html),

I want these two modules to be added in your theme before purchasing this. Could you please add this so that I purchase theme from you.

1. You can add other menus as “Activity” link on the top bar.
2. The chat module on widgets page http://flatfull.com/themes/note/widgets.html


Yeah I already look after this but what I want is not similar to that actually I want whatsappweb like left and right panel type chat page which is available in (http://andrewreifman.com/se7en/chat.html) please let me know if this module is possible to add

You can use the http://flatfull.com/themes/note/master.html# master page layout to put the left and right panel.


how to use two multiselect form field in same page using select2 option script

https://select2.github.io/examples.html. Please use the purchased account to ask question.


thank you information and i got design issue when index page switch project dropdown menu getting more words, its getting design issue,how to fix it

Please use your purchased account to ask question.


Hello. I want tu buy this template but i need to know if i can create a menu or menu bar horizontal in top of page. Or what do you recommend for a horizontal menu on top of a page. I would like to create a page with left column or left vbox, a menu up and a div/column in middle of page. Thank you

You can put the menu bar in the top navbar, same as the “Activity”, “Upgrade”.

Hello, does this theme come with landing page? what interest me most in buying is the landing page

Yes, with landing pages. Thanks

Hello, I would not work “formnovalidate” property when the form uses parsley.

Please your help soon.

http://parsleyjs.org/doc/index.html#psly-events-list seems parsley does not handle the “formnovalidate” property

Two questions about the menu: 1. Can i make it where if you hover over the menu it will automatically show up? 2. inside the menu if I put a textbox, once i click on the textbox the whole menu disappears, what can we do about that?

i will show on the right of the “Action” item.

This is what we’re experiencing: 1. once you highlight “Action”, the new sub menu shows all the way up top and not next to the item you highlight 2. The submenu shows on the bottom of the list as soon as you have over the main dropdown

change the top left position for your needs
.dropdown-menu li:hover .dropdown-menu{ 
  display: block; 

Hello, how can I edit the Statistics chart in the Dashboard v1 page? I want to edit both chart values as well as x, y axis values (chart data).

It’s flot chart, you can check the “js/charts/flot/demo.js”.

Hello, excellent theme. I have modified some code in the component page and now it doesn’t work with IE11, works fine in Chrome. You have written the template so this may be really straightforward for you to take a look and sort. Please could I email you the file so you can test?

Thanks, Rony

You can send the file to heyflat@gmail.com

Why hasn’t there been any updates to this in over a year?

No big update. Thanks

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: http://tweepsmap.com/ and http://sociograph.io/ and https://pro.iconosquare.com/) In this template(Notebook) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?


This is a static html template. no “data transfer” functions.


Hello .. I wanted to use this http://materializecss.com/about.html with Notebook, is this possible. I am a beginner trying to learn and develop websites. I am trying to use various materialize themes with this template. I only need the objects the materialize represents to integrate to the side bar and main content pages.

Did not test http://materializecss.com components in this template, But I think there is no conflict between bootstrap and materialize components.


Hi, do you have a angular js or angular 2 theme for the notebook theme, scale theme or your material theme (for material theme angular 2)

This theme does not have the angular version.

We are building the angular2 template. not ready yet.


Thanks Guys, any approximate idea when will it be ready? Thanks again