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this theme is awsome i will buy it when my script is finish

Thank you!

Hi, is there a way to hide the switch project button? I tried to delete the whole header tag but resulting the first nav item hidden.

By the way, thanks for your work. I love the templates you produced.

You need remove the whole ”<header>” tag.


Hi, There is a problem in http://flatfull.com/themes/note/table-datagrid.html page. In the data-table when you start typing to search box the search button disappears.

For your reference: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-07Mp7O-0fQs/UtPIyPTUUMI/AAAAAAAABaU/3ev-pIOV4cc/w497-h202-no/Register049.png

Hi, Quick fix by change the js/fuelux/fuelux.js, replace the “icon-search” -> “fa fa-search” and “icon-remove” – >”fa fa-times”,


Hi flatfull, I am planning to buy this item, and i have a question about license. I am planning to make a client web app product like a messenger, and distribute it. In this case, extended license($1000) fee is OK? or Is there the another license policy? And, can i see the documentation for the item. Should i pay for 20$ to test it?

Extended license is ok, Docs here, Thanks

Hey there! are you able to provide PSD files to the images? Thanks!

No psd files. Thanks

Nice theme, there was a small issue with a less selector. That was erroring due to a /9

You mean when compile .less to css? i use less, i use http://leafo.net/lessphp/ , no error.


I purchased your all templates. I hope, we will see new templates.

Working hard on new one.


I’m considering purchase – looks like a awesome theme. Slightly concerned that the drag and drop calender items don’t seem to be working on any browser i test them in though. Strange because they work in your other themes. Any fix? Thanks.

Hi Flatfull, i have been reading about the json-api over the past couple of days. Have installed and activated it in WP. Ive never used WP or APIs before but seems pretty simple. But i really cant get my head around the API. Can you post, for example, how to pass user login data from notebook to WP, and then receive users name from WP back to notebook, just as an example. I think this will help others also. Thanks.

Or does it only work with notes? In which case could you show a practical example of how to use it? thanks.

You can read the documents of the http://wordpress.org/plugins/json-rest-api/ . and there is no example for wp rest api now.

The notes using the php slimframework for rest api.

Have noticed a fairly important issue that you may already be aware of: in safari on ipad, when using the menu toggled to reduced size/icons the layover part of the menu actually lays under much of the content in the main page so you cannot access the links unless you expand the menu to full size. Any fix for this (other than removing the toggle menu button and forcing users to use full menu)? Thanks.

In your real app, you can reorgnize the menus, so put it in second level. or change the height of the menu item height.(via the app.variables.less)


I’m getting some notification which says “Sofia sent you a mail”. How to get rid of that?

I do now what you exactly want to do. Thanks


Please check this out

You want to remove this notification? you can use the data-dismiss=”alert” bs components, http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#alerts

hi i am willing to buy this theme, but i have a question, when i am looking at source of this theme, its messed up and cluttered. is there any way we can get a proper organised coded theme ? ( because if you look at view source of this theme its all messed up, it will become pain for developer. )

Regards, Krishna Puranik

Purchased file has the source code that well organized. Demo html/css/js are compressed.



Are you able to convert your theme for Drupal 7.26.

Let me know.

No plan for this. Thanks

This theme is great and everything is looking good so far. One question thought is there a styled modal for this template?

I meant a popup sorry

nvm i found it lol

ilmondo mentions an issue with compiling less to CSS. Yes it works with the PHP file, but it would be very nice if it also worked with the standard command line (lessc) as this is more usable in larger environments with many less files (and automation). Could you consider adding that fix? Doubt there is much that needs to be changed.

Remove the ” background: @brand-primary \9;” line 62 in the app.plugin.css


Great job! Does the frontend preview theme come with this template?

Yes. included.


Following instructions in the docs for storing notes to SQL DB rather than using backbone makes the notepad itself (yellow lined area for typing notes) disappear. Any ideas why? I followed the instruction in docs carefully. Thanks.

Did you change the notes.js and switch to restfull api?

How do i enable scroll down/up on key press?

you can remove the custom ::-webkit-scrollbar related classes. to enable the scroll arrow up/down


I’d just like to say that this is great work, and I really like the look and feel of the pages that you have constructed.

I have noticed strange behaviour though on the List group page.

In IE (v 11.0.9600.16476) on the Windows desktop, “sortable list” and “nestable list” are BOTH sortable.

In Chrome (v 32.0.1700.102) on the Windows desktop, “sortable list” IS sortable and “nestable list” is NOT

In Chrome (v 32.0.1700.99) on mobile devices (Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Google Nexus 10), the “sortable list” is NOT sortable, whereas the “nestable list” IS sortable

The behaviour seems very inconsistent. Is there a fix for these inconsistencies?

Kind regards

Sortable list not work on mobile. the nestable works on mobile and desktop. Thanks

Awesome theme. I have one question.

I have 4 parent menu items in the sidebar and with their child items. How can I make the left sidebar menu parent items stay open all the time? I don’t want want a collapsable menu on the sidebar.

give a “.active” class on the “li” tag

I tried that already, but it does not work as expected. When we click around other items in menu, the menus keep collapsing.

Remove the // collapse nav js code in app.js


_XI Purchased

I bought this template because I saw documentation as “Well Documented” but I can’t find any documentation at all. My major problem with template is that the creator usually merge files you don’t probably need together and it’s time consuming to separate what you need from what you don’t. That’s what am facing here right now. :(

check the docs.html, you can include what you want when you need it. actually it locate under the js/ folder. you can include the components when you need it.