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Can you please provide the psd files for mockup screens? We want to modify the insides of mobile and desktop.

psd files will be available in next update. Thanks

the PSD will be really helpful to us also if its possible….... thank you!

psd files will available in next update. Thanks

I really like the visual aspects of the theme. I just hate it’s code.

First of all, you seem to completely misunderstood new HTML5 tags. <section> tag is NOT a replacement for element. Second big issue – class naming convention. It’s terrible. LESS could be way better too.

Visually, it’s 5 stars, with code included I cannot give more than three stars. Anyway, I’m still recommending this item!


Some pages over used section tags. but you can change them to div as you like.

I want the class name to be simple and shorter. it’s usually what it’s properties mean. like m-r-lg means large margin right.

if you have any suggestions about the LESS, please send me a message via my profile page.


Its a great looking theme and I’m using it in quite a big project. I just wanted to say regarding the documentation, I’ve not used it nor do I intend to. If you’re a developer or seasoned in HTML & CSS you should have no issues in understanding the short codes such a m-r.

If you aren’t comfortable with short codes or understanding what’s going on, learn, rather than criticise the developer. It will make you a better developer and you’ll be able to develop better applications and websites and give your clients a better service because you’ll understand what’s going on.

It will also mean you can make the theme your own in terms of look and feel.


I think you have optimized scroll for touch devices. Is there any way I can disable it ?

remove the ::-webkit-scrollbar related classes.


While using the FuelUX’s datagrid, if user typed something, the CSS class of the search icon will change from fa fa-search to icon-search, how can I make it remind unchanged?

Thanks in advance!

Replace the “icon-search” and “icon-remove” to “fa fa-search” and “fa fa-times” in “js/fuelux/fuelux.js”


Congratulations on a great template!! Very easy to work with an intuitive. I would love to see more padding and color media target short codes in upcoming versions.

I’m having an issue on the sliding sidebar navigation on the android ICS stock browser (stock only – chrome and FF work perfectly). None of the links are clickable. Any ideas what this could be? The screenshot here show what happens on press. The orange is the entire screen highlighting on press. Also, you can see some of the same behavior on your SCALE template sidebar. On android ICS the sidebar is also not clickable, though it works on your TODO and Notebook demo’s.

yes, you are right, i will find a way to fix this.


We landed on Notebook as our template for our new admin tool because it’s the best looking in the forrest for our concept. One menu issue; When the top-level menu items exceeds 8 characters you get a scroll bar at the bottom of the element in FF and a darker 5px bar in chrome in minimized menu view. I would like an option where the menu title became the top element in the fly out menu on hover. Possible?

There is a width variables ”@nav-xs-width” in the less/app.variables.less, you can change it and regenerate the css file.

the fly out option is a good idea. will be available in future update.


Is this an application or just a template

It’s a template but with a php/mysql restful api note page.


Is it possible to have a horizontal navigation with this theme?

You can see there are some icons on the top, it’s horizontal, you can change them to text, and it’s default Bootstrap Navbar. you can put dropdown menu on it.


Hi, i’m going to do a start-up,we have no designer,so i bought the theme ,don’t know if this license is ok for us?and i also want know weather you can do custom design based on this theme for us?we will pay for the job!thanks:)

You can send me a message via my profile page.


Hi, great work on the template. I have a question about image placement. On the notebook.html layout, I want to display a user uploaded picture instead of the note. How can I make sure that the image resizes and displays properly with enough room at the bottom for a caption?


Put a ”.img-responsive” class on the img tag, http://getbootstrap.com/css/#images


On the notebook.html, the ‘notebook’ look disappears if the textarea is disabled; how can we make sure that it looks the same even if it is disabled?


Sent again. Thanks

I got the file but the problem persists

Check your email. Thanks

Hi there,

Great piece of work. After carefully choosing among many of admin templates, I have choosen this one..and another.

The other one(Keenthemes) brings out updates+addons at an amazing speed. This increases sales tremendously. You should do this too.

Please dont build in too much Backbone stuff. Cause I will rip it out anyways. I build my stuff on my won PHP framework and JS.

Anyways. Love the look and feel. Can’t wait to see more plugins being skinned.

Thanks for choosing us. more plugins and components will be added. :)

I really like this template but before I buy it I have a question regarding the license. I plan to create an app with PhoneGap for cell phones (iOS & android). The app will be available for free in both app stores. Which license do I have to choose for this? Is the regular license ok in this case?

Regular license is ok, if the app is free. Thanks

problem: Turbolink stacks animations opening and closing the menu.

I’m using your template on a rails app with turbolink. i added the finish() before slideup and slideDown in app.js, it might be useful for someone:

$active && $active.find(’> a’).toggleClass(‘active’) && $active.toggleClass(‘active’).find(’> ul:visible’).finish().slideUp(200); ($this.hasClass(‘active’) && $this.next().finish().slideUp(200)) || $this.next().finish().slideDown(200);


Hi, congratulations for the amazing work.

I think your template has a minor error, on forms, some inputs like “select2” and “markdown” has different border colors on focus.

i’m using Safari(Mac) version 7.0.3


Thanks for reporting this bug. will be fixed in next update. Thanks

I love this template and wanted to change the menu dropdown to be the same as “first” but the dropdown-menu class is behind the content id and i’m not able to make it comeout. i used z-index to change the layer but either i’m putting it at the wrong place or i dont know what i’m doing. can you help? if you email me i can send you the demo link so you can see what i’m talking about

thank you

if you want the dropdown-menu, you need use the layout-boxed.html or layout-fluid.html and also remove the “scrollable” class on the left container.


IE a lot of problems

Support IE8+, Thanks

Experiencing issues with latest version of IE11 (just downloaded) – ALL other IEs are fine. The main body of the page (not the nav) will disappear and then come back on clicking the left sidebar. Any thoughts as to why this might occur – i.e.a good place to look?

Tested on IE11[11.0.9600.17041], works fine. Thanks