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Hello you guys, I installed your template and did everything according to the explanations in the documentation here: https://promo-theme.com/olvi/docs/ After installation, what emerges is only text and scripts, and the main content is not formatted, but consists of text and scripts. How do a home page ‘split screen’ work? I only have text. I could not find anything about it. I’ll be glad to receive your help


What is the support link?

I’ve already installed it and the license has been activated … I have already done all this and yet it does not work. So I I turned to support

does your theme support slider revolution ?

Yes, you can use it, but We use our own slider :)

The 5.1

Do you have html version for this theme?

Hello! No, only WordPress version

I have a blog page, but the post dont take orden Asc, i try to select in VC the order and nothin happend, i order always is desc.

Hello! Please contact our support teram, they’ll help you :)


I’m having a problem with your slider, when i try to remove the letter mask from the slide normally the image in the background should be displayed all of it ! but instead a white background shows.

Is there a nother way to use the slides without those letters that are masking the images ?


It’s indexed by Seo robots, don’t worry. You can open it in the html code and check it.

Awesome ! thank you so much.


thank you for this awesome Theme. I really like it! Can you just tell my how to get a transparent menu on the split screen page? Currently it looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/263Sia2.png

Best Regards

Hello! Thank you :) You link is not available. Please asdk about our support team and attache your screenshot

Hi, i recently purchased and installed the theme, but i couldnt find where to customize the colours, tipography, etc. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks, i found it! I have installed the suggested plugins and voilá!


Ella_2015 Purchased

I need sidebar in post and proyect, is possible?

Hello! At the moment, We haven’t this feature, We’ll add it the next updates

Hi, i have 2 questions: 1) How can i take out the titles from the top of my pages? 2) How can i force the transparent navigation?

Hello! Please contact our support team, they’ll help you :)

Hello, I want to make these bottom banners to be full width just like the header banner >>>http://www.otricom.com/v2/agence/ I tried to put the banner elemtn in 2 split columns but the image got masked out.


now it’s working with these dimensions ! but why can’t we increase it ?

This is increased value with a correct header height.

Oh alright.

Hey guys, you just declined my refund request. I really thought was what I was looking for but that was wrong. So please accept the request. A bad rating for your theme at this point would really damage the overall rating.

Hello! Don’t try to manipulate us, it’s useless :)

This is no manipulation, this is helping you to make the right decision. Just calculate by yourself: Declining my refund request will lead to to an overall rating of 4.1 instead of 4.8. If you think, that this will not cost you any sale in the future, you probably have not understand customers on themeforest.

:D please do not disgrace yourself

Hello again :) Why does the slider text gets masked out in some slides take a look : http://www.otricom.com/v2/ See slide 9 & slide 10

+Slide9 the text is masked out while in the +slide10 the text is displayed full.

Can you explain to me what’s happening here or should i ask the support for it ?



I added a banner in the portfolio page, and i want it to stick to the top like the ones in the other pages !

Right now it’s right below the header.

Hello! Please contact our support team, they’ll answer you ;)

Hello . How can I enable coming soon mode ?

Hello! You need to install the demo content and after, select as Front Page the coming soon page. More info here: https://promo-theme.com/olvi/docs


eclectic3 Purchased

Hi, is there anyway of using the splitcreen mode without having a huge letter on one side. I’d prefer to put an image there. Look forward to your response.

Hello! Yes, you can disable or delete it in the splitscreen settings. https://s.mail.ru/F5yT/bX4swX8xX Download and install the latest version. Don’t forget to update all required plugins too


madondo Purchased


How do I change the website favicon?

Hello! Appereance->Customize->Site Identity


klimmeckl Purchased

Hi guys, nice theme, thanks a lot. But it seems like the stylesheet for the child theme (as included in package) is being loaded before parent which is not exactly what should happen…you can probably can figure that out faster ;)

Thank you :) Please contact our support team, they’ll help you


how to remove the webfont.js? I copied all google fonts to my server on using it as local files. This is the code i want to remove: /* You can add more configuration options to webfontloader by previously defining the WebFontConfig with your options */ if ( typeof WebFontConfig === "undefined" ) { WebFontConfig = new Object(); } WebFontConfig['google'] = {families: ['Open+Sans:300,400,600,700,800,300italic,400italic,600italic,700italic,800italic', 'Open+Sans+Condensed:300,700,300italic']}; (function() { var wf = document.createElement( 'script' ); wf.src = 'https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.5.3/webfont.js'; wf.type = 'text/javascript'; wf.async = 'true'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName( 'script' )[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore( wf, s ); })();

It seems that Redux has a setting for that. but I need some help to apply this setting.

Best regards

Hello! We use Redux for fonts change. You need to customize it or add your font in the function.php

How can I set the global argument ‘async_typography’ to false?


ypromo Author

Sorry, Theme customization is not included in our support :(