Discussion on ONE - A multi-use responsive Shopify theme

Discussion on ONE - A multi-use responsive Shopify theme

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Hi, I tried to contact you many times without success. Could you please let me know if the icon for search, cart and login can be shown on the header in the MOBILE Version? At the moment these icons are shown in the menu, which does not look professional and easy to handle for the customer.

I hope you can help me and solve this issue. I like the theme very much :)

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

Ok, could you help us with that and provide us with the code? That would be very helpful! Thanks a lot!

Hi there, any news? Still waiting for a reply …

Hey idesignix, I can do the theme tweaks for you, however, I’d have to charge as it’s an additional request.

Feel free to email me at themes@sdjentertainment.com to get a quote.

Is this compatible with the latest version of Shopify?

Hey ahudson90,

Yep, this theme will work with the current version of Shopify.

Hope that helps!

Unfortunately, the support doesn’t answer my questions. I contacted them twice in the last 3 months and no answer till today. (1x via e-mail + 1x through Envato) It is a nice theme, but if you encounter a problem during the customization, you are on your own and no help from the developer.

Hey Trendpire,

Sorry, your having trouble contacting me. I double checked my email and one of my responses to you bounced back on Nov. 7th but it looks like your next email through Envato went through on Jan 9.

Are you still having trouble with the order.liquid template?

Thanks for your feedback. I solved the problems. Can you provide a Skype/Messenger or any IM contact where you can be reached in the future?

Hey trendpire,

Glad you fixed the issue.

At this time we do not provide any ‘chat’ support all our support inquiries either through these comment sections or you can email me at themes@sdjentertainment.com.

The text doesn’t show within the hero carousel in the mobile breakpoint. How do I fix this?

Hey igcorrec,

By default the text gets hidden as the majority of people were putting a lot of text over the image. With that said, all you have to do is remove the “hidden-xs” class in the snippets/carousel.liquid file in the theme. If you’re not comfortable, create a user account for “themes@sdjentertainment.com” and I can jump in and help you out.

Hope that helps

Hey man,

I really like your theme, as its my first time with shopify as well, I’d just like to know

1) Would it be possible to add a logo image instead of the name in writing on the home page?

2) After I’ve bought the theme and installed in on my Shopify store front page, can I still go ahead and add apps to it? Such as InstaShow and Hull Social Login etc etc?

Thanks man

Thanks juba2013,

1. Yep, you can upload your own logo through the “Customize Theme” section in the admin.

2. Yep, you can add on any apps you want. Some of theme might require a bit of code placed in the theme but if you have any trouble just let me know.

Hope that helps.

Hi i’m really like this theme and thinking getting for our e-commerce website. Have 2 questions: 1) My logo is very long (10 letters) compared to ONE in the DEMO. I wonder how big can it be ? 2) Slides on homepage : can the texts on Slides show on mobile as well? For the demo, it disappear from my mobile explorer. Kindly suggest. Many thanks!

Hey kikitomato,

Thanks for liking the theme…

1. With longer logos the nav will just get pushed to the right. The spacing between the logo and nav will remain the same. If it’s too large and have a lot of nav elements you might run into a few issues on smaller screens, if that’s the case I can help you out at that point.

2. This would be a simple CSS tweak, if you move forward with the theme, let me know and I can either send through instructions or I can quickly take care of it for you.

Thanks for the interest in the themes.


I’m assuming this is a content page, but just curious if it’s possible to create the “lookbook” that I see on some other themes? (I just like yours better!) Thanks!

What is the difference between buying a theme here or via the shopify theme catalog? Does your theme require manual updating or something. I’m new to shopify so I thought I would ask before buying.

Hey kspill,

There’s not really any difference. Shopify hand picks themes to feature in there theme store that they seem a good fit for the majority of there users. ThemeForest, is just another avenue to purchase Shopify Themes. They still go through regular testing by ThemeForest and I update the themes as new features come out on Shopify.

Thanks for the interest in the themes.

Ok, thanks

Hi, I have tried contacting you with no response.. some of the functionality is not working for me.

Hey mcdolton,

Did you send them to themes@sdjentertainment.com?

What functionality isn’t working for you?

When you add the collection buttons to the home page it leaves a space where the 1st image should be and then nudges the 1st image where the second should be.

I hope that makes sense?

Thank you

Under Bootstrap overrides (lines 17-18 of style.css.liquid) there is the option to crop the background image on the home page by changing the height %. Is there a way to crop from the bottom of the image only? Thanks.

Thanks Simon. I did this but unfortunately the image is still getting cropped from the bottom.

Do you have a link to your site where I can take a look.

marcheelm.ca – thanks.

Hi, is it possible to change the background with a bg image instead of just a colour?

Hey unrulymisfit,

It is possible however it would take a bit of code. to get up and running. First in your admin go Online Store – Themes – ”...” – Edit HTML/CSS. From there you’d have up upload your new asset in the Assets folder. Once you’ve done that, find the “style.css.liquid” file, also in the Assets folder and replace
background-color: {{ settings.body_bg }};
background: {{ 'NAME-OF-FILE-UPLOADED.JPG' | asset_url  }} top left repeat;

You can change up ” top left repeat” to whatever settings suits your background image. Hope that helps.


Hi, I’m having an issue with the adding/editing/deleting customer addresses. The add address form doesn’t become visible. Not sure how to fix. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey mindonthegrid, Thanks for pointing this out. I’m currently looking into the issue for you.

I see in the comments that to auto-rotate the banner, you need to add $(’.carousel’).carousel(); to the script.js file in the Assets. How do I accelerate the rotation?

Hey marcheelm,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. In order to change the speed of the rotation you’d need something like the following, which is in milliseconds.

  interval: 2000

Hope that helps


Thanks Simon – worked like a charm. Is there a way to show the carousel on mobile?

No worries, the carousel should be working on mobile. If it isn’t, can you send me a link to your site and I can take a look.

Is it possible to add the recent photos from my store’s instagram on the homepage?

Hey unrulymisfit,

Currently that’s not built into the theme. However you do have full access to the source files of the theme, so if you know a little bit about code you could add on something like http://instafeedjs.com/ or see if there is a app in the shopify app store that does the trick.

Hope that helps.


Hope you’re well is there a sort of dummy content that we can import with the same data you have on your demo site (with images or placeholders it doesn’t matter)

thanks UOU

No worries.

With Shopify you can transfer a few things, but things like collections, pages, etc. have to be created manually. You can have a read athttps://docs.shopify.com/support/other/general-information/how-do-i-duplicate-my-store

I’m interested in helping you guys with a Shopify theme, feel free to send the details to themes@sdjentertainment.com and I’ll take a look over things.

Hope that helps.

Hi, sorry to bother we just dropped you a mail about the issue we’re facing would appreciate your help Cheers UOU

Hey uouapps, Just sent you email. Hope it helps.

Hi, I’m almost set to buy your theme however products require user to select a size and color option…is this supported by your theme?

Hey mindofthegrind,

Yep it’s supported. You can see and example of a product with one variant at http://one-theme.myshopify.com/collections/mens/products/button-coat?variant=935765047 If the product has different variants, more drop downs just get added below.

Hope that helps!

Perfect!, thanks for the speedy response! looking forward to using your theme.

I received this error after trying to upload the new theme i just purchased zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

Hey Dukedagod1,

That error usually occurs when you upload the wrong .zip file. Unzip the folder you download from ThemeForest, inside that folder you should see a zip folder. It’s that zip file you want to upload to Shopify.

Hope that helps.

Hi. Forgot to ask my question :-)

I was wondering if you could share config.json that bootstrap customizer generates ? I need to change @grid-float-breakpoint – my navbar breaks on medium screens.

Is that possible?

Thank you

Hey konung,

I don’t actually use the config.json file as I just use all the base settings from Bootstrap. You can probably create your config.json file and add it the theme. I haven’t tested it, but most likely be able to be dropped in the Theme or Assets folder.

Hope that helps

Hi. Great template. Got it a week ago and for the most part easy to use and modify.

Thank you

Thanks for picking up the theme and glad you’re liking it konung.

Hi Simon, I did see somewhere in the comments that you can put a video in the slider and for a fee you’d show/configure this for us, can you give me some more information/quote on that please? Also, is there any way you can set the slider to automatically rotate through the slides?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Ryanbowlerhat,

Yeah, you would be able to a video, however it would require a bit of custom coding to get up and running. Drop me an email at themes@sdjentertainment.com and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

As for auto-rotate with the banner. Just add the following snippet at the bottom of the script.js file in the Assets.


Hope that helps.


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