Discussion on Oswald - Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on Oswald - Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

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I’ve purchased extended support and have reached out multiple times in the past two weeks for assistance and haven’t gotten a response. I’m unable to add any new portfolio items or blog posts without an error showing up at the top of the portfolio/blog pages.

When I’ve had questions in the past, I’ve gotten quick responses so to purchase extended support and not actually get any answers is extremely frustrating.

Hi there! There was an issue with the email delivery services. We did not get email notifications from Themeforest. Please update the theme and all required plugins to the latest version. It was recently released.

hello, how do I replace / change the pictures from within the sliders with my own? Update: nevermind, found it. Thanks.


rbep Purchased

Hello, i’m unable to disable and unable the lincense key on a new website, can anyone help me with this?

Hello! Please submit a support request and our team will check it.

Hi, I submitted a support request on an issue I need solving urgently. Still waiting on a response.

Hello! What is your ticket ID?

It was #299 and #301

Got it, our support rep. will get back to you.

I submitted a support ticket (310) and have not received a response.

Is not WordPress 5.6 ready yet?

Hello! It’s fully compatible with WP 5.7

You know I have mixed feelings about WPDaddy’s Oswald Theme. The theme itself is great! I own multiple licenses (14 I think). But my experience with support is lackluster. Let me support my comment. I put in a request ticket concerning an issue that rendered many of my sites inoperable (as a customer support person myself we call this a higher urgency ticket). I get a response back at 2 a.m my time (I understand that time zones may vary). But the responses seem short and uninformative. My requests are quite detailed. Then I respond, and another day or so passes before I get a request for techs to access the site (I got smart to that so I created a username and password for them in advance), when I finally get the ticket resolved, there is no explanation of what was done to correct the issue ( would be good to know so I can apply the fix to my many other licenses). I am not sure if their support system automatically queues responses for another 24 hours? So in summation great theme…the thing that could use work is the support for the theme. You would think that a customer with as many licenses as I have ( not that I am anything special), but really?

I just emailed Alex directly. As I was typing the email I got a call from another client and an email from the director saying they were having the same issue on their site. It is as if a pop-up screen (black) with an X at the top is preventing the site from working. The only way to close the black box window pop up is to hit the escape key on the keyboard. Is anyone else having this issue?

You have outdated theme version and required plugins. We’ve just answered to your ticket.

As a follow up to my previous. It appears that the theme files on Themeforest have been updated, as I reinstalled the theme on a couple of the sites and it resolved the issue. I had tried that previously, but at that time it did not have any effect. I will say that Alex has been very helpful and attentive to the situation since posting here, and I truly appreciate the customer service. Again, your theme is excellent and I enjoy using it. My guess is that anyone else experiencing this issue should reinstall the theme. Thank you for your help Alex. I will investigate the issue to see if any of my other sites are experiencing the same. In which case, I will update each site respectively with the updated files.