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Hello. I’m happy about your nice template. I tried to embed a youtube video in the slider. Unfortunately it does not work. In the example code you are using a video from Can you describe to me how I can embed an youtube video? I just replaced the link in <iframesrc=””...

I found the solution. You have to write: <iframe src=’

Hi I loved your theme to work on. Just had these issues if you can me fixing them. the link I am working on is Now, the “view project” here is not working I mean PORTFOLIO.I would like you to know that I am using the PORTFOLIO 2 times for PROJECTS & PRESS. Both should work with their contents respectively. Also when I go to THE TEAM, PRESS, NEWS, the PROJECTS is continuous highlighted/shows active in navigation and not the related menu item. Please help me with your expertise. Thanks

Hi, this doesn’t look like any of my templates sorry. :D


Sorry but it isn’t my work also there isn’t a ‘purchased’ badge beside your name.

Hello. How can I translate the “All” link in the “Galery Two” page?


Hi there, I think I’ve found it in the js file. Could you let me know what you would like to replace it with and I can email you the new file. Please contact me through my profile page. Many thanks, Jo

Hello. I’ve found it in dzsportfolio.js. I changed ”...allspark active”>All…” and ””+c;”All”==c&&...”. That’s works perfectly. Many thanks.

that’s it! :D

Hi. Can you help me again? The site is almost ready. I have had this test on different devices. Unfortunately, Parallax does not work on the iPad. At the point of the image only a gray stripe is visible. What could be the problem?


hello, thanks for your work please can you help me with the time of sliders I don’t know how i can to change the time of appear/disapear of sliders Can You help me please ? sorry for my English

At the foot of the page > slider settings > delay:9000, change the number to a higher or lower number depending on what you require… Hope this helps.

Hello I’ve updated my email in the mail.php but when I test a form submission I get the error message filling the top area above the contact form

Hi, please check that you have the files in the correct place.