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Hi,DD When i add a new category to admin it does not show in the category menu bar?/ I have checked the box in admin to display top parent category and still no show :(

Sorted it, for some reason i had to log off and the sign back in then re enter category for it to show??

Hi DD Facebook share does not show product image, i have tried this: http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/vanityoc/tut-images.txt

but it corrupts the page. I am using 1.5.6 Cheers

hi DD Both do not work. If i replace the phantom product tpl with default tpl it corrupts page. The default on its own does not show facebook image on facebook either


Opencart just doesn’t work with Facebook so I can’t help you in this case.

OK DD, thanks anyway. I have decided to download VQMOD to opencart and upload an extention as there seems to be a few out there some are even free :)

Hi Diabolique,

Fantastic job on such a great theme. I just wanted to know if it is possible to place the Categories Menu under the Logo Centre?

I managed to centre the log which I did very crudely by using the padding-left and 45% as shown below:-

logo { padding-left: 45%; padding-top: 1%; overflow:hidden; float:left; }

I know this is not the best code for the centre log but it kind of worked.

Any help you can offer on Centring the Categories under the log would be great.



Open stylesheet.css file, increase:

#header-container, #logo { height:50px; }
and reaplace
#categories { margin:25px 15px 0 0; float:right; }


#categories { margin:25px 15px 0 0; float:left; }

Sorry for the late reply as i was traveling. I have just tried this and it work great. Many thanks Diabolique.

Hi, i just bought your theme, great theme, but i have a question, how can i change the view of the product photo when i am in category and inside the product? it looks like mosaic, it repeats itself, i see the picture is repeated within the frame, and i dont know where to change it. There is was something similar in FAQ but it did not work. Can you help me please?


Check in documentation – 3) Go to System -> Settings -> Edit -> Image and you can setup following sizes:

it worked, thank you


I would like to change the languages on my site, but i can’t find the switcher for languages… Is it in admin, or i should change smth in the files…?

Thank U)


Open template/common/header.tpl and paste it

<?php echo $language; ?>


<?php echo $cart; ?>

Hi, appreciate the design and pricing of the theme. I was checking for education courses selling themes under ecommerce scripts. None is available in themeforest. I request you to come up with ecommerce theme for selling educational courses. Your badges shows you are one of the maestro in designing and development. Currently 2 educational courses themes are available in Wordpress (in which one I bought) and templatemoster is also having few collection for selling courses. But many people from third world countries prefer to buy from themeforest due to the best pricing it offers. Tons of thanks to themeforest and developers like you for empowering many people lives.


I see many educational themes here – http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/education They are working with Woocommerce.

I bought one WP theme from there. But there is no course selling themes in famous ecommerce scripts like OS class here in theme forest. Such scripts will helpful to create websites like edukart.com. Its a request to themeforest and designers.

Well, I’m create Wordpress themes only right now :(


You will give us an update for OpenCart 2?



No, there is no such plan.


Please update this theme for Opencart 3.x, this theme was amazing at its time.



Unfortunately there is no plans for Opencart 3.x