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I’m assistant of range_of_motion

The URL for the above/last query is

Also, buttons are not center aligned on the home page for the screen over 1024px


Oh that was answered in the reply to range_of_motion two days ago. I can post the reply here again:

“Hello, sorry about that. For the buttons, please add this to your custom CSS or child theme CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) { .single-post #mediainfo > .butn, .single-podcast #mediainfo > .butn { margin-right: 12px; } .single-post #mediainfo > .butn.sub-button-two, .single-podcast #mediainfo > .butn.sub-button-two { margin-left: 0; } }

I have tried this. This has fixed the issue on single post page but I’m talking about the buttons on the home page. The two subscribe buttons are left aligned on laptop screen.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry that was a misunderstanding in my end. The buttons will be fixed in the next update. But for now this should help:

.next-week .content.buttons { padding-left: 40px; padding-right: 40px; } .next-week .butn { width: calc(50% – 10px); }

Hello, pre-sale question here. I would like to know if the theme supports RSS imports from podcast hosting such as Buzzsprouts, Libsyn and will the podcast rss be updated automatically on the website every time i upload a new episode on Libsyn or Buzzsprouts?


Thanks for your interest in Podcaster. The Libsyn plugin for remote posting is supported, which means as long as the plugin is set up, you can make a post on Libsyn and it will be posted on your site as well. Unfortunately, it will be posted with a regular in-post audio player, not a featured audio player.

Buzzsprouts has not been tested as of now so I can’t say if it would work. But it sounds like worth looking into.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if anything is unclear. :)

Thanks for the podcaster theme. I have found set-up ‘fairly’ simple. My RSS feed comes from Anchor with embedded photos and summaries. When I import the podcast episodes from Blubrry I seem to get the url source code on the blog post yet no episode photo. When I upload from anchor instead of blubrry the photo is imported but a media player is not displayed on the home page. My site is and the anchor rss is I wouldn’t mind uploading the photos manually using blubrry, but I definitely need the urls removed from the posts. Can you help?

also when entering an email address in the email icon box on the social media theme option tab produces a link on the site when the envelope is clicked that opens a message to


To hide the URLs, please go to your Blubrry settings and open the “Website” tab. Then under “Display Media & Links” select “Disable”. This will hide the second player and hide the URL as well.

As for the email, this has been noted and will be included in the next update (within the next two days). If you feel comfortable changing the code, do let me know and I can tell you how to do this.


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The theme used to work perfectly, but after the last update the audio player disappeared from all my podcast posts. Where are they gone?

Thanks for the info. A fix is currently being worked on and should be out by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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IT’s fixed with the new update, thanks! But now I see another problem: On the homepage you see the read more ‘Lees verder’ directly after the summary, without a space behind it. Is this intetnional?

Happy to hear the update worked for you. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, it will be looked into.


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I tried the new WP Gutenberg editor but with your Podcaster theme it does not work. You can not skip to the theme’s audio file module. Will there be upgrades in the future? Thank you.

Fabio Crestale

Hello, thanks for your question. Podcaster is not yet Gutenberg ready, will be getting an update soon however. I’m unable to give a time estimation at the moment, but it will get an update soon.


The new version of Redux Framework came out a few hours ago (3.6.10), and it affects some of the settings with the Podcaster theme, including the display of header text and the buttons for RSS subscriptions. I rolled back to 3.6.9 until there’s a theme update, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Hey there, Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. They just pushed 3.6.11 in the last couple of hours and I am not able to see any of the things you described. Are you still dealing with this issue? If yes, could you send screenshots of what you are seeing to Thanks!

Looks like version 3.6.11 fixed those display issues. Thanks!

My site is up and running. Things are smooth and the site looks good. I am having trouble with color patterns though. On the actual podcast(blog) pages, the play button is white and very hard to see. How do I change that color? I can’t seem to locate it in colors, though I’m sure its an id10t error on my part.

Here is an example of the white play button on a post

Hey, to edit the color of the play buttons you can add the following custom CSS to you child theme:

.single.podcaster-theme .single-featured .mejs-controls .mejs-button button { color: #888888; }

Hope this helps!