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I have version 1.7.7 and Wordpress was just updated to 5.0.2. All my old posts look good but I don’t see the option to embed code (for the featured player). I manually post code for a Libsyn player.


are you currently using the old editor or Gutenberg?

I’ve done a little of both but mostly using classic.

Ok, Podcaster received a new update (1.7.9) and the metaboxes should be working now for both classic and Gutenberg. Please make sure to install the CMB2 plugin, because it’s not rolled into the theme anymore (new WordPress requirements). After the update and activating the plugin, you should be fine.

we don’t see it either. Very stressful to have this happen second time that we are on a release deadline.

Thank you and happy new year to you too! Update is on the way, still has to be approved by Themeforest staff. Sorry about the link, but you can always include the player within the post as a regular embedded player. This should work since it’s a Soundcloud player. Just so your post has a player at all.

I see that the latest update was January 2nd, but I don’t see the audio field still. Not when I create a new post in “audio” format, not in the previous posts where we only see the soundclound link in “custom” fields but it’s not editable.

Hello, Sorry about that. Are you using Gutenberg or the classic editor? Could you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing? support@themestation.net Thanks!

Hi, I recently updated the podcaster theme and wp to the newest version and now the audio post type wont save the url when i add it in featured audio. Any advice would be appreciated because I am trying to launch the site this week and my podcast section is now not working. Thanks

Actually, disregard, I found that when I imported my podcast entries that there was a space before and after the url and it wasnt working. So, as a note for anyone else, if you are having the same issue where the url either isnt saving in the featured Audio section or isnt showing on the page make sure there are no spaces before or after the url


Yes, small things like stray blank spaces can cause an issue, especially in URLs unfortunately. I’m glad you managed to figure it out.

Hello! I recently updated the theme and it’s messed with my homepage’s display of my posts. I’ve used the theme for years and it has worked beautifully with posts appearing just like your demo: http://demo.themestation.co/podcaster-dark/

After the recent update, my main page blog list is a mess. http://www.happyjacks.org/ – I’ve looked around to see if it’s a setting that went wrong in the update but I can’t find anything!

Please help!

No prob! I’m not 100% sure what version it was to be honest. I update regularly but it might have been a version or two behind if many updates have come out since WP 5 came out.

Yes, we have always had the side bar.

Actually no. The boxes weren’t loading at all and the info was loading as a block of text under the picture. That seems to have magically fix since last night.

The white boxes were a new thing too. It seems that having the full titles on (which was the case before the update I believe) was the issue. I turned on the setting to shorten the titles and it fixed the appearance. Maybe an option to make the font size of the titles smaller?

Thanks, as always, for your fast response!

Another question, is there an option or a setting to have a load more button for the front page? If not in the settings is there a plugin that you can recommend?

Another update: some of my team are reporting the site is buggy when it first loads on a browser. Upon refresh it clears up though and doesn’t happen again?

They say that the images are clear and layered over (like literally covering) the text on the post listed above it, similar to what I was seeing last night with the text in blocks under the images? I saw it for a brief moment earlier but didn’t get a picture of it. That was on Chrome. I looked on Safari and no such error.

Still trying to get a screen cap of it but I can’t get it to repeat on my computer.

Just a heads up that I am looking into this!


whiwo Purchased

Right now, I have to wait to re-design my site with the Podcaster theme, I just purchased. While I’m waiting, do you by any chance have a video tutorial I can view to get up and running?

I’m not adverse to reading the documentation, but I’ve already been through three themes until stumbling onto this one. One of those themes required me to make adjustments to my PHP, which sent my host into a tizzy because of CPU and Memory requirements were exceeded so they’ve got my site on lock down.

I just wanted to get up and running quickly as I also picked up the Essential Grid plugin which will be another learning curve as well. If not, I’ll live but it would be nice.


Unfortunately there is no video tutorial on how to set up Podcaster. But following the documentation (http://themestation.co/documentation/podcaster/) should help. The main things that need to be done:

- set up front page & blog page - select podcast category - make podcast archive

You shouldn’t have to make adjustments to your PHP unless you are importing data. Importing data can be needs more memory than other operations, although a good host should grant you enough memory to perform a basic demo by default. I have run into this issue a handful of times, though.

If you run into any issues while setting up, just let me know and I’d be happy to help. Either here, or even better, just send in a request: https://themeforest.net/item/podcaster-multimedia-wordpress-theme/6804946/support

And just a heads up, Podcaster isn’t compatible with Essential Grid out of the box. Not sure what you want to do with it, but if you let me know, I could give you some pointers.


whiwo Purchased

That’s fine; I’m just going down the list and making changes as I go along. I added my own CSS to make the necessary adjustments.

As for Essential Grid, I had to drop it. It’s a resource hog and slows my site down regardless of how well it’s optimized; including caching plugin and CDN. My last theme that’s been discontinued is a grid format and worked well but it’s no longer supported.

I have a 12 year old podcast, over 800 episodes and a wide variety of categories for my genres. Hence, I need to display a vast amount of content on the front page, which this theme makes a bit difficult to do. I’ll follow up with those questions later as I move along.

Right now, I wanted a larger logo centered and my category menu centered just below that. I’ve achieved that but how do I make the container larger so I can make the font a little larger for the categories? Right now, I have them set at 14px. Anything larger will force them to the 2nd line.

Also, no matter if I stick with your default template or not; the search in the header interferes with the categories. When you click on it, it overlaps one of the categories and you can’t type in it. Instead, you end up clicking on the category and it takes you to that page. If I can’t work that out, I’ll just add search to the sidebar that I will add to the front page shortly but it would be nice to have in the header and be functional.

Here’s my code (probably not great, but it works):

.above .logo.with-img img { max-width: 200%; max-height: 200%; margin-left: 100%; margin-top: 10px; }

nav#nav.toggle { width: 100%; }

nav {

z-index: 200; position: unset; }

nav .thst-menu {

list-style: none; margin-left: -350px; margin-top: -33px; margin-bottom: -20px; font-size: 14px; text-align: center; }

And here’s an image of what I’ve done so far: