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Aniika Purchased

Hi, I found a question in an old comment about the possibility to remove the tags from the front page, and the answer was 1) to change a line of code and 2) that you would try to add this option to the regular theme options. It doesn’t seem that 2) is possible though? (comment > 1 y). Could you please explain 1) a bit more in detail – I am not skilled enough to try something without further explanation :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, just so I know, do you mean the front page template or the blog page? I’ll be happy to take a look at what you mean if you send me a screenshot showing what you would like to hide. You can send it to:

To follow up on jbreezy’s comment above that says, “For some reason it says ”comments have been closed” under all my blog posts” and on my podcast posts. I have the same issue and would like to “activate comments” on my site.

Under wpSettings > Discussion I have selected to enable “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

Hi, you can activate your comments in the theme options. Please go to Theme Options > Comment Section and select “On”. This should open up the comment section again.

Thank you. I don’t know what happened. But, I already had the Comments Section radio in Theme Options > Blog turned on before, and now it’s working. Good to know that’s where I can turn comments on.


cthood Purchased

Hi. So I have version 1.6 of the theme that I just installed. I have a static page front page set, and I have the front page set for the front page. I have Header Content set to Featured, and it is showing the test content “Episode 5:” on the homepage now. So, all of that seems to be working.

But, I do not see the Featured Post box in the specific posts. If I go to edit the post, there is no option to turn that on or off. In the documentation, it shows what the featured post box looks like, but I can not find it anywhere.

So, how do you turn on the featured post box in the posts section? Or where do I access it so that I can define which posts I want to appear in the featured section on the front page?

Answered your email :)

How do I reduce the size of the Featured Header slider? I’ve removed the Next Time On.. and also the Subscribe buttons as I’m using the theme for a podcast network site, so have multiple podcasts. Anyway, I removed those two sections from the Featured Header slider and there’s a heap of empty space at the bottom now. How do I reduce that empty space? Can I add some code somewhere?

Thanks, love the theme!

Hi there, I’ll get right to the second question then. If you choose the Newest setting, that is exactly what will be displayed in the slideshow. If you wish to display selected posts only (and avoid duplicates) you can choose featured instead and mark the posts to display. The posts below will always display the newest posts though. I hope this answers your question.

Ok thanks! Thirdly, can I remove the Featured Header on Single Pages? Or on all pages using the Full Width template? I’m keen to create pages that use the logo and navigation, and then below that are just big empty full width pages I can design using HTML.

You should be able to use custom CSS to hide the headers. Let me know if you need pointers.


gimbha Purchased

Hi there! I’ve just discovered that my RSS feed isn’t working for some reason… I can’t figure out what the problem is as it all seems to be aligned in the settings of the site. Can you please advise?

Hi there, sorry to hear about that- May I ask what plugins you’re using to create your RSS feed?


gimbha Purchased

Hi there!

I have not activated or installed any plugins specifically for RSS feed.

Perhaps that’s the issue?? I had not idea that was even a thing!

Hi there, I responded to your email, hope you received it!

Having an issue with my search button not working properly. Right now it’s linking to a # page.

URL is

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Just took a look at your site and it seems like none of your javascript files are being loaded. Do you know why this could be? Are you perhaps using a plugin to manage scripts? Just let me know, I’d be happy to help. But I can let you know this is the reason the search link isn’t working.

I personally haven’t done anything to purposefully stop those files from being loaded BUT I’m assuming it could be a plugin that I have currently interfering. Would that be your thought as well?

Hey there, yes. A caching plugin could do this. I recommend turning off plugins one by one and checking which one might be doing it. If possible please let me know so I can look into it on my end as well.

Just purchased this, and F-Secure antivirus found 2 instances of a malware trojan in it! Trojan.Script.656296 (virus)

In: ReduxCore\inc\fields\button_set\field_button_set.min.js

Hey there, thanks for the heads up! That seems to be coming from the third party plugin (not developed by me, distributed by the WordPress plugin depository). Never seen or heard of anything like this before.

For now, you could open a bug request on the developer’s Github page directly so they can look into it: They’re usually quick with responses.

Thanks for the info. They mentioned that the version you’ve incorporated was copyright 2014, which might be why. I found a post on their forums about malware detections but that was back a couple of years ago and they rectified. it.

If you updated to the current version of the framework that will probably fix it.

Thanks for the info, update is on the way!

Hi Google search console reports some missing hcard/hentry tags in the theme – can you advise if you are fixing this or how to fix this please? Specifically: Missing: author Missing: updated

Hey there, looking into this, thanks for the heads up!

Ok, looked into it. This isn’t a bug, but rather a feature that Podcaster doesn’t have, yet. I’m thinking about including microformats in a future update because this seems pretty useful. For now I’d recommend this article: as a guide on how to add what you need. I hope this helps for now.

So it looks like this new plugin thst-feed breaks the website. I put the old version back into place. Any ideas?

Thanks for your replies and sorry for the inconvenience. Update is on it’s way.

Excellent thanks! Do you have a place to download the new plugin so that we do not have to wait for it while a new update to the theme occurs?

Hi there, you should be able to download it here:

Hey guys, was wondering if this PODCASTER theme IS compatible with Visual Composer?

Hi there, unfortunately Podcaster is not compatible with Visual Composer. Sorry about that.

The same thing that happened to baskettcase happened to me. This was the error we received:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_plugin_data() in /homepages/22/d576746140/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Humanature5370/wp-content/plugins/thst-feed/admin/options-init.php on line 29

I also haven’t updated our WordPress theme to 4.7 because back in August when I updated to 4.6, because the Podcaster theme wasn’t compatible, it also broke the website. Before I updated WP, I need to be sure that this theme is up to date.

Hi there, sorry about that and thanks for the update. This is being looked into right now, I’ll get back to you once there is an update.

Hey I purchased the theme and I like it BUT I need a little help in setting it up.

1. I need to make it so that when posting through PowerPress its loads on the front screen and adds into the Library page 2. I want to know how to change the front page. The problem here is that there is no editing plugin like visual composer. I want to add a small about us section and make it so that only the most recent podcast appears on the homepage 3. I also was wondering how to make it so that the podcast player can be accessed without clicking on the podcast. Like having the ability to play the podcast from the homepage.

I am liking this template and I think you all will be able to answer these questions :)

Just sent you an email

Still awaiting the response to my email…

Hi there, sorry for the wait. I’m trying to see if this can be rolled into the upcoming update as an additional feature, so all you’ll have to do is change a setting within the theme options. :)


Oxcart Purchased

Hey all! I love this template so much. I’m hung up on only one thing it seems. Is there a way to integrate sponsors on the front page? This template is installed at I appreciate any advice!

Hi there, happy to hear you like the theme. As for the sponsors, you could add them to the footer area. To edit that, go to Theme Options > Footer > Footer Text. I hope this helps. :)


b612es Purchased

Hello, How can I reduce the height of the header image (Header background) so it doesn’t fill the complete homepage? Thanks!


b612es Purchased

Also, How can I remove from the footer the “From the blog” section which appears now after installing the template: Thanks again!

Hi there, you can change the size of your video embeds, by going to Theme Options > Front Page Header > Embeds. Under “Embed Widths” select a smaller size and the header will shrink along with the video.

You can hide the “Front the blog” section by going to Theme Options > Front Page. Under “Blog Excerpts Section” select “Hide”. I hope this answers all your questions. :)


maxrase Purchased

Great theme ! I have 2 feature requests though : 1) How can I integrate the speaker list in a podcast page ? (I’m using Seriously Simple Podcasting) – 2) How can I have the same template as a blog page for a single podcast page ? (grey background and white divisions for content and widget). Thank you :)

Hi there, happy to hear you like the theme. A few questions:1. What exactly do you mean by “speaker list” could you post a link or example? 2. It can be done, but would take a bit of CSS customization. This is not covered by support but I can give you some pointers on how to go about it if you like. :)


b612es Purchased

Hello! I’ve been searching for a while and I can’t change the backgrould color of a video post (Video URL – Upload/Self-Hosted). As youi can see it’s currently dark grey ( Thanks!


I have a client who want to have his podcast. I was looking at your demo and I have a few questions:

- Which of the two plugins in the description is the demo using? >> Can it have a “download” option? ( he wants users ro be able to download)

- what would be the best/recommended place to host the podcast? His own host, soundcloud, etc?

- I can change al colors of the theme, correct?

Thank you for your help!

- CD