Discussion on Podcaster - Multimedia WordPress Theme

Discussion on Podcaster - Multimedia WordPress Theme

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bcetina Purchased

how do it get the play button to play on my podcast thumbnails?

Just a heads-up, the support email you sent in has been responded to.

I updated from Podcaster 1.5 to Podcaster 2.6 (running Wordpress 6.1.1) and now there is no embedded media players in the headers on front page or separate pod pages even though I have that checkbox checked. Thankful for advice.

I found the changes. Audio file had to be set to Audio URL. Previously I used a custom field for the url.

Hello, happy to see you figured this out and it works for you.

Has this been tested with Wordpress 6.1.1? I’m considering buying this but wanted to make sure it will work with our WP installation. Thanks.

Hello, thank you for your interest in Podcaster. The tests are currently underway, I can let you know as soon as I have more information.

Good day. I’d like to buy your theme. But first, I’d like to find out if I can allow users to pay for membership in order to host their own sound on my site (like they do on soundcloud, spotify, etc.). Please advise.

Hello, thank you for your question. That kind of functionality would go beyond the features of a theme more generally. I recommend looking into plugin solutions for that. Good luck!


teddy74 Purchased

Hello, great theme! How can I remove the little monitor icon under the host image on the home page?

Hello, happy to hear you’re enjoying the theme! You should be able to edit the socials for the hosts in the WordPress User section. Please go to Users > Profile and leave the “Website” text field blank. Then save and the screen should be gone.


opovoo Purchased

I have the exact same problem. Can not get the list view to work. I am using the Podcaster theme – Green template option and want this layout https://demo.themestation.net/podcaster-green/season-2/ The podcast archive setting in the General settings is set to the right archive. Have a look of what mine looks and let me know how to solve the issue. Here is the link https://demo.themestation.net/podcaster-green/season-2/

Hello, just a heads up that your ticket is being replied to by email.


Akh7 Purchased

In the settings / Blog excerpts, when we select Image Overlay, by default, it is written on the blog photos that are displayed on the main page: Read our story. This sentence can not be changed and personalized. It would be great if instead of this sentence: Read our story, we could replace our favorite sentence

This will be added to the list of future updates, thank you for the feedback.


Akh7 Purchased

I bought this theme in 2018 and I am still using it. This theme is really great and updates are added regularly over the years. Dear Author, Thank you

Happy to hear that, you’re welcome!

I’m getting this message on the top of my website: Deprecated: Required parameter $parent follows optional parameter $field in /home4/zhanstat/public_html/wp-content/themes/podcaster/includes/custom-fields/typography-input/field_typography_input.php on line 27. How do I get rid of it? Thanks

Hello, this looks like it might be linked to your PHP version. I recommend using PHP 7.4 which is the current stable version for WordPress. The error should be resolved after that.

Thanks, how do I go about upgrading my PHP version to 7.4? Thanks

You should be able to do this via your hosting company cpanel. I would recommend getting in touch with them for more advice.

Can you please add Amazon Podcasts to the Social Media options? https://music.amazon.com/podcasts Thanks!

I’m not sure. The Amazon Music logo seems like it would be too big alongside the other icons. Perhaps the icon they use for podcasts? https://prnt.sc/5E4iM7SRjQWQ

You can see that image at https://music.amazon.com/podcasts

Thank you for the link!


pcx101 Purchased

I am also receiving the “Cannot load pt-one-click-demo-import.” after clicking Podcaster > Import Demo Data.

Is there a solution to this issue?

If you are receiving this message, it is likely that sever settings are in place that are blocking automatic imports.

I recommend either getting in touch with your hosting (some have resolved this by installing WordPress manually) or importing the demo manually. Instructions can be found in the documentation: http://themestation.co/documentation/podcaster/#manual-import

Let me know if this helps!

culas Purchased

Great template. I do miss the option to use the podcast custom post type. So when I use the plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting and the Podcast Importer SecondLine to import my podcast rss to post.

The theme does not show the post’s in the podcast custom post type. It only works with the internal default wordpress post type.

Another thing, there seems to be no Right Sidebar Page template. (UPDATE: I see, the default template is a right sidebar page)

culas Purchased

Also since I’m using the podcast import plugin, WordPress / this theme does not show the audio player since the short code does not work on the homepage.

It show’s (example)

[audio src="anchor.fm/b2-b8a197525b9b.mp3"][/audio]

It does work on the post page.

culas Purchased

So I see. I need to set all automatic imported post to an audio post.

Yes, you can also set the default post format by going to Settings > Writing > “Default Post Format” and selecting audio from there.

As for featured players, those have to be embedded into each post manually.

Let me know if this helps!

Howdy. I sent a note via item support but haven’t heard back. The front end of my site is still working fine. But in the back end I’m having issues since my last set of plugin updates. On episodes, fonts are no longer displaying correctly on the edit page—just Times New Roman. And moving blocks around is now impossible. Everything is really sluggish and slow. Same on pages, althought fonts look right on pages. I’ve tried this in Firefox and Chrome. WP 5.9.1, Template Library and Redux Framework Version 4.3.10. CMB2 Version 2.10.1 Thanks!


looks like there was miscommunication, I’m really sorry about that. A reply to your support ticket was sent out last week, but I received a “Message Delivery Failure” reply. Not sure what might be wrong, but my reply bounced back. Below is the original reply sent back last week. Let me know if it helps:

Hello Kevin,

Welcome to Theme Station Support, I’ll get right to your question.

Not sure what might be happening here, but I can look into it for you. Could you send me screenshot of your plugins page, just so I have an overview of what is currently active? Thank you.

Another question: are you able to access the Podcaster > Theme Options page? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Kind regards, Theme Station Support

On 18.02.22 21:00, Envato Market wrote: > Howdy. I recently updated the plugins on our site, and while everything looks normal on the live site, in the admin area, like on an episode, all my fonts for the titles, paragraph blocks, heading, blocks, etc. look like Times New Roman. > > I currently have the plugin “Extendify” version 0.4.0 and “Template Library and Redux Framework” (also by Etendify) updated to version 4.3.10. I think I may have wrongly installed a new plugin. I don’t remember which of these originally came with the theme. > > Please advise on a fix for the font issue. Thanks! > Kevin > > - > > This email was sent through your item support contact form on Envato Market. > > Item: Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme > Sender: perfectword


Thank you for getting in touch and for the miscommunication, I’m not sure why the email replies are not getting through to you, perhaps a strong spam filter. If you can supply me with another email address, I would be happy to use that one instead. If yes, just open another ticket and include it in there, I should be able to receive that one and reply to it.

A reply was already been posted to the comment you left at Themeforest, it was posted 2 days ago. I’ll include a link to the comment here: https://themeforest.net/item/podcaster-multimedia-wordpress-theme/6804946/comments?page=31&filter=all#comment_27977694

Hopefully this get’s through to you, I’ll post it in the comment thread as well just to be sure.

Kind regards, Theme Station Support

On 03.03.22 14:36, Envato Market wrote: > Hi. If you replied to my last message, I did not receive it. I received a notice from Envato just this morning that was sent to *, so I know my email is working. > > Please reply to my last comment from user “perfectword” if you continue to “Message Delivery Failure” messages. Or try emailing me directly outside the Envato system. > > Thank you!

Hi, for Demo Cooking, can I change the color theme to green?

Yes, Podcaster comes with theme options that allow the changing of colors. You can install that theme and change it to green. If you have questions on how to do this, please drop a support ticket. :)


Great theme.

I sent an email via the support function a week or so ago but didn’t receive a response so thought I would leave a comment instead incase the email didn’t reach you.

I’ve resolved the issue I was having, but I have a separate question

I tried to create a read more tag within the excerpt but it didn’t work, I thought that would be the case and wondered if you could offer any advice.

Ideally I would like the text I’ve currently got on my home page to be a drop down when you press a “read more” button – is it possible to get any help with that? or do you know anyway I can do that?

I’ve very comfortable with CSS, HTML and very very basic PHP.


Thanks very much

Please ignore this request. I have resolved the issue myself. Thanks

Happy to see you figured it out. Thanks for the information.

Hi I sent a theme support question a few days ago and havent heard back. I need to find out how to remove the volume button on the episode block on the home page. It gets in the way of the text on desktop browers

Hello, really sorry about that, I couldn’t find any ticket from your account in the inbox. Not sure what happened there.

About the volume button, the easiest way to go about hiding it, is using CSS. Please go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

Then try adding the following:

.front-page-header .mejs-container.mejs-audio .mejs-controls .pod-mejs-controls-inner .mejs-button.mejs-volume-button { display: none; }

This will hide the volume button in the default audio player displayed on the front page header. Let me know if it helps.

An addition: I just took a closer look at the inbox, and a ticket of yours was replied to several days ago. Please check your spam folder, unfortunately replies sometimes do get lost there. I can also paste the reply here, just let me know.

Hi, Maybe a weird question but is there also a possibility to use this Wordpress theme to generate a RSS feed which I can submit to the podcast platforms? I really would like to keep the hosting of the podcast in-house.

Hello, not a weird question at all, no worries. There are two plugins that can be used to generate an RSS feed in WordPress, Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting. I would look into them to see if they offer what you need, but a feed is included. They both work with Podcaster. Hope that helps! :)

Sen3 Purchased

Whenever I enable Redux on my sight it slows it way down. I even bought pro to try to fix but I lose all theme functionality when I disable standard and enable pro

Hello, could you send in a support ticket about this? Please include any info you have as well as your URL. I’ll look into this for you. Ticket can be sent in here: https://themeforest.net/item/podcaster-multimedia-wordpress-theme/6804946/support

Hi, when I go to update copy on a theme category page, I am getting a 500 internal server error when I try to submit the text edit. This never happened before I fully updated the theme and plugins yesterday. What could be causing this?

Hello, just letting you know, your email was replied to.

It will be nice to know how large theme files are and how many plug ins!

Hello, sure thing:

- installable theme file: ~19MB

- all files: ~ 24MB

The theme needs 6 plugins, of which: 2 are required, 1 is recommended, 3 are optional

I hope this helps and answers your question.


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