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Does this theme support woocommerce? I just purchased and would love to be able to add products for sale natively

Hi there, as of now Podcaster is unfortunately not optimized to work with WooCommerce. Sorry about that.


debo00z Purchased

The audio player on the slideshow looks screwy. I tried a couple of CSS hacks, but nothing works. What’s up?

Also, I can’t get players to show up elsewhere on the front. I use PowerPress. Is that just the way it is? Can I force it?

On a related note to the first question, will the slideshow be automated in the future?

Hi there, could you send me a URL so I can take a look at what you’re seeing on your end? Thanks. I’ll get back to the other questions you emailed as well.

Please check my test site: – there are three slides set up – two show excerpts while the most recent does not. It seems to me it would be better if all three showed excerpts. Am I doing something wrong? Also, from an SEO perspective, the post title should be in H1 not H2 (so I’ve been told) therefore I’ve changed that. There are other SEO issues as well, such as the front page not having any actual text in it…this makes the excerpts a bit more important to me.

Hi there, are you sure you activated the excerpt within the post. Check the “Featured Post” box when creating the post and make sure “Display Excerpt” is ticked.

As for the SEO information, thanks for the feedback, I’ll see how these can be worked into the theme.

That was entirely it! Thanks for your help.


kauheg Purchased

Hi there! How can I post some podcast on my site? I have tried but I could not..


kauheg Purchased

Please help me.. I bought this theme and I wanna know what plugins shoud I download?


kauheg Purchased

When I bought this theme a message appeared saying that is possible change the languages for this theme, How can I do that?

Hi I answered your email about translation. About posting podcast, simply create a post and add an audio file to your post to get started. You can find all the other information you need in the theme documentation. I hope this answers your question :)

So I see in comments that you know Powerpress overrides the existing audio meta boxes. So does this mean I have to manually add the URL to the podcasts? Or is there some other way to submit the RSS feed to iTunes? Even if manually but give me a link to the podcasts rss feed

Hi there, could you send me the URL to your blog as well as your RSS feed so I can take a closer look at it? If you are using Powerpress, you should be able to use feed generated by that plugin, but if I take a closer look at your feed I might be able to answer this question better. You can send it in by email, too:


I was wondering if there is a way to apply affiliates to this theme like Ad Junkie. If there is a way can you explain as to how I can do it?

Thank you, Cliff

Hi Cliff, Thanks for getting in touch. Have you tried pasting the affiliate code you received into a text widget? I’m not sure where you want this link to appear, if you let me know I might be able to help.


I would like to have affiliates on the podcast and blog pages. What widget would I need or plugin to have them show up on my site? Whatever suggestions you may have to help me with this, I am open for advise.

Thank you, Cliff

Hey There – I’m not seeing the “Featured Post” options within the posts as it shows in the documentation. I’m on WP 4.5.3 running theme version 1.5.5. Any idea why I might not be seeing that?

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. The newest version of Podcaster is 1.5.9 so you might want to perform an update to get it. As for the featured post, please make sure you have created a static front page and selected the “Front Page” template. You can find out more about that in the documentation. If you send me your URL I can take a closer look at what you’re seeing on your end.


I would like to have affiliates on the homepage, podcast and blog pages. What widget would I need or plugin to have them show up on my site? Whatever suggestions you may have to help me with this, I am open for advise.

Thank you, Cliff

Hi there! The front page does not have any widget areas unfortunately. You would have to make use of the child theme and customize the file called “page-frontpage.php” found in the “page” subdirectory. Alternatively you cold try to get the code into the footer area by using the theme options. Go to Theme Options > Footer and paste your code into the editor. As for the blog and pages, simply paste the affiliate code you got into a text widget and it should appear in the sidebar. That should do the trick :)

Hi, great theme – how do I add my website logo to the site bar at the top of the page, I don’t want it to be text but my site logo, how do I do this?

Hi, sorry but I can’t find any logo option to do that. I have been trying to go through the select a theme option and then customising it. I have tried every option from the side bar and no logo option is there. I can’t see a ‘Theme Options’, where about is this?

Thanks, Ian

Hi there, have you installed the required plugins? Make sure Redux Framework is installed and active. After that you should be able to access the theme options.You can find out more about this in the documentation:

Thank you! That has sorted it out for me! Much appreciated!

How do I make the header image for the posts page extend upward into the logo and menu area like it does for the Front page template or the podcast archive template?

Closing this thread since you opened two :)

On the homepage of, the header image stops just below the logo and menu bar. If you click on the podcast archive button in the menu, you will see that the header image extends all the way through the logo and menu area.

How do I make the header image extend through the logo and menu area for my current homepage?

Hi there, This is probably a bug and is currently being looked into, thanks for the feedback. A fix will be out soon.

Hi guys, I’m really willing to buy this theme, but I wonder if the player in the home page featured posts can use the same file from SoundCloud (for statistics purposes) or if I would need to re-upload the same file in my website server in order to make it to be “playable” in the featured section.


Hi there, if you mean embedding the Soundcloud player on the front page, that can be done. That is the only way you can make sure you statistics are covered as well. Linking to the raw file alone (whether it’s hosted on Soundcloud or re-uploaded) will not cover the statistics, I’m afraid.

I hope this answers your question and thanks for showing interest in the theme :)

Hi, thanks for the response. I meant the player in the center of the featured post in the home page, just like the player in the demo.

So if you’re using Soundcloud, you can only embed the soundcloud player, it will not look like the demo, instead the Soundcloud player will be displayed. I hope that makes sense :)

How do I use the podcast-compatible RSS feed? I don’t have the “Theme Station Podcasting Feed Plugin” and I can’t find it on your site.

Hi there, the plugin is currently going through an revamp, which is why it’s not listed. But you can download the last version here:


supdoc Purchased

Hey! I would like to add another podcast post to my front page but the maximum number is set to 36 and i’m about to post #37…how do I change that maximum number?


supdoc Purchased

Thanks! Appreciate the help. I created a new account for you and used that email address. Not sure if the email that was generated has the password or how I get that to you.


supdoc Purchased

Actually looks like I figured it out! Thanks for your help!

Happy to hear it worked out!

Hi – I bought this theme today, hoping to get my websiteup and running fairly quickly. However, I’ve run into a few problems. The first of those is the audio player visible in the slide show on the front page. I bought the theme thinking I would end up with those beautiful, streamlined audio players on your demo pages. What I end up with is just the player from AudioBoom, which is clunky and ugly. This happens whether I use the embed code or the URL. Apologies if this is a stupid question. I am a beginner at this. How do I get those great looking audio players? Bes wishes, Mike

Hi there, it’s a masonry grid, so it depends on the image sizes you use for it to look grid like or fill in the gaps automatically. I get what you’re saying though. This will be looked into. Thanks

As for your specific pages, you could use categories and use category pages. That sounds like what you’re trying to do and should get the job done.

Thanks for this answer. I now have another question: I uploaded my logo, which is square. It is within the required measurements and yet the top of it is cut off when I open the webpage using my Samsung Galaxy phone. What has gone wrong?

Wait – I just realised you must mean BLOG categories. I want to post several different podcasts under the same umbrella. Each podcast must have its own separate page / dedicated timeline. Can I do this?

WordPress 4.6 came out today, and it breaks how images are displayed in the theme (feature images, etc.). I rolled back to 4.5.3 until there’s a theme update, but YMMV.

Sorry for the delay in responding! What rmohan80 pointed out is what I meant. On the homepage and on other pages where images are used (feature images, etc.), they appear broken.

I’m hoping the new version of Podcaster will fix that, so I will update this weekend. Thanks for rolling out the quick update!

Updated Podcaster, and the problem still exists. What’s happening is that there’s a space being added in the URL for the featured images—that’s what’s causing them to break.

From what I can tell, it’s a WordPress problem, so I rolled back to 4.5.3 and the featured images on the homepage and on other pages show up perfectly.

Hey there, sorry to hear the issues wasn’t resolved with the update. Are you using any plugins to manage images or any caching plugins? I’ll try to re-create it on my end.


rmohan80 Purchased

Just to let you know that Wordpress 4.6 update breaks your theme. There are 2 files – functions.php and post/format-image.php that uses the function the_post_thumbnail_caption

This is now being used by Wordpress…so 2 options:

1) Don’t upgrade to 4.6 unless this issue is fixed and you update Podcaster theme

2) Update these files to change the_post_thumbnail_caption to somethingelse, maybe podcaster_the_post_thumbnail_caption

Hope this helps somebody…

Hi there, thanks for the feedback, an update is on the way!


rmohan80 Purchased

No worries, I did see an email regarding an update, but none available as a Wordpress admin update? Should I only manually update this?

Secondly, I have changed the 2 files as mentioned in my comment. Should I revert those changes or doesn’t matter and can update it directly?

If you have Envato Market installed and set up, you should be able to update from the dashboard. You can find more information about that in the theme documentation. You can update directly, since the issues has been resolved and the function has been renamed. That should work.

Hi Does the theme work with divi theme builder or visual composer? Thanks Paz

Hi there, Podcaster unfortunately does not support either of those plugins. Sorry about that.

Hi, I’m 99% convinced to buy, just have a few questions: How much customizability is there in the colours (for backgrounds, headers etc). – is it limited by the dark/light templates? Also, when I view the live preview on a mobile device it splits the podcast posts into two columns, making them virtually unreadable. Can that be changed in the theme? Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in Podcaster, I’ll get right to your questions: You can choose between a dark and light template. Accent colors and customization for headers and the footer is unlimited. Color pickers allow you to set any color you want. As for the responsive settings,they cannot be changed in the theme options. If you do wish to customize, you can always use the child theme to do this. Only recommended if you have CSS and some PHP knowledge though. I hope this answers your questions and you still feel like purchasing :)