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Hi there,

I have a small issue with my podcast archive page.

I created a category in which I’m putting all my podcast as audio posts, but even if I indicate that category in the form (Theme Option > Podcast) the archive page results as just a normal archive page (with widget sidebar on the right and the writing “Category: category_name on the top), while I was expecting something like this:

Can you tell where is my mistake here?


This is solved as well.

Happy to see you figured this out. I’ll close this thread for now :)


Is there a way to exclude some posts within the mail list in Front Page, for example the last podcast, which is usually already in the Front Page Header as featured post?

Ok, just a heads up, have you set your podcast archive category already? That should keep the posts limited to that category and exclude unwanted posts from other categories from appearing in the header. :)

Well, the problem is solved then! There’s a similar issue with the blog though: the last sticky post appears there even if is not in the blog category. So I see now what was your leading idea while designing the theme, however I’d like to receive info on those php functions in order to be able to edit them: can you please help?

The functions for the headers are all found in a file called featured-header.php. They are called pod_featured_header_text(); pod_featured_header_static(); pod_featured_header_static_posts(); and pod_featured_header_slideshow(); respectively. Depending on the setting you are using, you can copy and edit the function you need. I hope this helps.

Can we setup a featured video (latest episode) on the homepage? All demos show only audios on top?

Also are grids supported?

Thanks for showing interest in Podcaster. Yes, featured videos are supported as well.

Not sure what you mean with grids, could you elaborate? Thanks.

I need to 1) setup latest episode / or featured episode on top, on homepage. 2) Below it needs to be grid of previous episodes, preferably in 3 column layout.

Hey there, if you wish to make these changes to the theme yourself if you purchase it, you are more that welcome do to this. However, the theme is as presented within the demo. I hope this answers your question.

Hello there! Very interested in purchasing. I’ve read you were implementing RTL. Can you confirm this? Thanks!

Yes, Podcaster has supports RTL. The theme can be mirrored and is translation ready. Due to recent updates, there are some hard-coded strings that still need to be added to the translation files though. That will happen soon.


I had a problems with child template and I made a changes on bootstrap and CSS. Would be some problems with it?

Hey there, did you make the changes to the themes code directly? If yes, simply copy the files you made into your child theme. (Make sure to create directories if the files you edited were in sub-directories). Then get a fresh copy of the theme, and replace the files you edited in the parent theme. That way your changes will be safe within the child theme when an update rolls around and the parent files will be untouched. :)

I wanted to use the yellow sticky header preset but I believe I need to add the css file associated with this preset. It seems to do so, a child theme needed to be created, so I did so, but have no idea where to add the css file that is in the podcaster-child folder. I also might be skipping over a simple option, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have the Envato Market plugin installed and set up, you should receive an update notification on your WordPress Update page and should be able to install it right there. In case you haven’t set up the plugin yet, you can find out how to do it here:

Okay this seems to have fixed this issue, thanks a bunch! I was also wondering how to edit the Header text on the podcast archive page. For my page I titled it “Podcast” and it shows up on my background in black text which is fairly unreadable, is there a way to edit the color of this, or have it not show up entirely? Also did I setup the archive page correctly? I created a page and used the archive template, then I created a podcast category. I then added the podcast page into the menu system. Thanks for all your help so far. Here is the link to the page in question:

Just a heads up that this is being looked into. I’ll get back to you as soon as it’s resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience.

it would appear the update broke the nav my nested nav is now always open

I now know this to be the case my sandbox install is fine with a template that has not been updated

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about that. While it’s being looked into, adding the following hotfix to your child theme should help: #nav .thst-menu .sub-menu { opacity:0; }

thank you that worked