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Podcast Archive. How can I make it show more than just that like I put some text inside the podcast page. Can I make that show???

Hi there, just to be sure, you don’t seem to have purchased Podcaster using this account. Please log into the account you used to make the purchase so I can attend to this support request properly. Thanks!

Hello! I was hoping that there is a way to add a side bar or widgets to the home page. Is there a way to do that?

Other than that, I am LOVING the theme! After lots of searching for something that works for our shows, it’s great to have something that looks good and is easy to navigate.

Hi there, I’m happy you hear you’re loving the theme! As for the sidebar on the home page, there is no easy way of doing this at the moment, unfortunately. I’m looking to add an alternative template that comes with sidebars for the front page in the next update however. So stay tuned! :)

Thank you! This is a major thing for us. Can you give me a timeline for this update? We might need to switch themes in the meantime. We’ve seen major drops in subscribers to our podcast since we can’t add subscription buttons to the main page.

Hi there, there is an update lined up that should be out sometime today or early tomorrow. Two new templates have been included to support sidebars on the front page since this was a highly requested featured from others as well. This should give you the option to put widgets on the front page as well. Do keep in mind that you can display subscribe buttons on the featured header as well. :) I hope this helps!

I’ve asked a similar question to this one previously but on my post pages to the right side of the page is this message (This is your single post widget area. Please go to Appearance > Widgets to add new widgets). How do I get rid of it? On pages I have an option for “full width page”, this isn’t an option on the podcast page.

It worked great, thank you for the help.

So sorry to bother you again and too be honest it my ignorance but I created an app for the website. how do I put download and instructions on the main page?

Hey there, don’t worry about it! You could use the rich text area in the footer to add the links and download instructions. If the instructions are longer, you could create a separate page and link back to it from there. I hope this makes sense!


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Hello, and thanks for the awesome theme!

Quick question – I’m using “template preset N3”, is there a way to use an image with caption for the home page slider area instead of the latest episode? Similar to the “Classic” theme with image/text header.

Thanks again.

Hi there, happy to hear you’re enjoying Podcaster. As for the image with a caption header: you can do this by going to Theme Options > Front Page Header > Header Type and selecting “Text”. After that you can add text below and add an image by going to the “Backgrounds” sub-section. You can edit the padding there as well, to make the header bigger or smaller.

I hope this answers your question!

Hi guys

We’re using your theme and RSS plugin on our new podcast.

Everything’s running smoothly, except I noticed today that the feed is only showing the six latest podcasts. I can’t see any settings to change this, but I’m not sure why it’s happening.

This is using Version 1.4.1 of the Theme Station Podcasting Feed plugin.

Please can you help us resolve this issue?

Many thanks


Ah, I’ve found the source of the problem.

The Theme Station Podcasting Feed plugin reads from the wordpress Reading Settings. If your feed is being limited too, look at the “Syndication feeds show the most recent” option under Settings > Reading Settings. Ours was set to six. Change this to your preferred limit.

Alternatively, the plugin reads that number using the get_option(‘posts_per_rss’) function. In the thst-feed.php file, change line 266 and 272 from ”’posts_per_page’ => $rss_posts” to ”’posts_per_page’ => -1”. This will remove the limit regardless of what your Reading Settings are.

Hey there, I see you managed to figure out the issue. I’ll take it the question is answered and I can disregard your email. :)

Sounds good to me! :)