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Aniika Purchased

Hi, I found a question in an old comment about the possibility to remove the tags from the front page, and the answer was 1) to change a line of code and 2) that you would try to add this option to the regular theme options. It doesn’t seem that 2) is possible though? (comment > 1 y). Could you please explain 1) a bit more in detail – I am not skilled enough to try something without further explanation :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, just so I know, do you mean the front page template or the blog page? I’ll be happy to take a look at what you mean if you send me a screenshot showing what you would like to hide. You can send it to:


jacobeth Purchased

To follow up on jbreezy’s comment above that says, “For some reason it says ”comments have been closed” under all my blog posts” and on my podcast posts. I have the same issue and would like to “activate comments” on my site.

Under wpSettings > Discussion I have selected to enable “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

Hi, you can activate your comments in the theme options. Please go to Theme Options > Comment Section and select “On”. This should open up the comment section again.


jacobeth Purchased

Thank you. I don’t know what happened. But, I already had the Comments Section radio in Theme Options > Blog turned on before, and now it’s working. Good to know that’s where I can turn comments on.


cthood Purchased

Hi. So I have version 1.6 of the theme that I just installed. I have a static page front page set, and I have the front page set for the front page. I have Header Content set to Featured, and it is showing the test content “Episode 5:” on the homepage now. So, all of that seems to be working.

But, I do not see the Featured Post box in the specific posts. If I go to edit the post, there is no option to turn that on or off. In the documentation, it shows what the featured post box looks like, but I can not find it anywhere.

So, how do you turn on the featured post box in the posts section? Or where do I access it so that I can define which posts I want to appear in the featured section on the front page?

Answered your email :)

How do I reduce the size of the Featured Header slider? I’ve removed the Next Time On.. and also the Subscribe buttons as I’m using the theme for a podcast network site, so have multiple podcasts. Anyway, I removed those two sections from the Featured Header slider and there’s a heap of empty space at the bottom now. How do I reduce that empty space? Can I add some code somewhere?

Thanks, love the theme!

Hi there, I’ll get right to the second question then. If you choose the Newest setting, that is exactly what will be displayed in the slideshow. If you wish to display selected posts only (and avoid duplicates) you can choose featured instead and mark the posts to display. The posts below will always display the newest posts though. I hope this answers your question.

Ok thanks! Thirdly, can I remove the Featured Header on Single Pages? Or on all pages using the Full Width template? I’m keen to create pages that use the logo and navigation, and then below that are just big empty full width pages I can design using HTML.

You should be able to use custom CSS to hide the headers. Let me know if you need pointers.


gimbha Purchased

Hi there! I’ve just discovered that my RSS feed isn’t working for some reason… I can’t figure out what the problem is as it all seems to be aligned in the settings of the site. Can you please advise?

Hi there, sorry to hear about that- May I ask what plugins you’re using to create your RSS feed?


gimbha Purchased

Hi there!

I have not activated or installed any plugins specifically for RSS feed.

Perhaps that’s the issue?? I had not idea that was even a thing!

Hi there, I responded to your email, hope you received it!

Having an issue with my search button not working properly. Right now it’s linking to a # page.

URL is

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just a heads up that this is being looked into!