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I’m using your theme along with the plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting to post my podcast. As of now, I only have one podcast posted, and I’d like to display it in the header, as a featured item (it works), and I’d ALSO like it to be displayed below in a “normal” post like in the demo, like this :

As I’m using Seriously Simple Podcasting, I don’t have to create “Article” to publish a podcast, I created a “Podcast”, that I put in a “Serie”, and set this Serie as the Category in the settings :

How can I make the podcast appear below the header like in the first image ? (Please don’t tell me that I have to create a Category and an Article, I don’t want to have to create a Podcast AND an Article for each post).

Thanks !

Have you only posted one post so far? If yes, then everything looks fine. The posts below will fill up as you post more. If you post episode 2, episode 1 will be displayed below and so on.

Yes I only have one post.

As I said : ” I only have one podcast posted, and I’d like to display it in the header, as a featured item (it works), and I’d ALSO like it to be displayed below in a “normal” post like in the demo”

But perhaps is it impossible ?

Hey there, sorry about that, I now get what you mean. You can achieve that by selecting “Featured” instead of “Newest” in the Front Page Header section of the theme options. Then depending on whether you have selected the “Static Posts” or “Slideshow” mode make sure you also tick the “Feature Post” in each individual post. That should do it :)

Hi there, I’ve added to the header nav so that there is a submenu with 7 or 8 items in the menu. Whenever I mouseover the area on the page where that menu WOULD dropdown to if it was expanded, the menu appears. It’s covering up any content underneath it.

How can I fix this? Unfortunately removing the submenu is not an option as this was promised in a design to a client.

The newest version of Podcaster is 1.6.5, but you’re currently running 1.6. Both issues should be resolved by updating, since there have been updates to both the logo and navigation since then.

If you have made changes to the theme code directly, keep in mind that these would be overwritten during an update. To save your changes, I recommend making a copy of them and pasting them into a child theme instead. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.

Hi there, I updated to the latest version but the menu issue has not been fixed. The retina logo has though, which is great!

Hey there, just a heads up that I’m looking into what could be causing the menu issue. Did you by any chance make any CSS customizations to the theme (even if it wasn’t to the menu directly)

Hi! I’m looking to buy your theme and have some questions! I’ve been burned by podcast themes before and want to be sure this will work!

1) It looks like the podcasts are put up by regular posts, and then the main page selects a specific category to display. Is this correct?

2) We use PowerPress for our podcasts, and we have multiple RSS feeds for different shows. Can all be displayed on the main page of the site? They each have to be labeled with a specific category for PowerPress to work, can they still show up on the main page if we add an overall category or tag for them? Will they be playable like the demo?

3) Can images be assigned by tag?

Thanks! Really excited and hope this will work for us!

Sorry to have so many questions! My site can be viewed here:

I can’t seem to get it to look like the demo. I imported the demo and that helped, but it still looks really different.

Big goals: - Media player and image in the header - Thinner posts on the main page that look like your demo (play bars in these? This would be nice but isn’t a must)

Just a heads up, that this is being looked into. You should be able to display players for both feeds, though. I’ll get back to you when I have all the answers. :)

Replied to your email :)

Hi – on the front page of my site four blog posts have excerpts and imagery. Usually the images are all the same size and it looks neat. The most recent post seems to have a much larger image for some reason making it look odd. Site is

Hi there, the square images are cropped 400 * 400 px, it seems like the image you used for your blog was on the smaller side (only 318 in width) so it made up for that by making it larger. Just make sure the thumbnail you use it 400 * 400 px or larger and that won’t happen. :)

Great, thanks!

Hi, there!

I’m starting a channel that will feature several different podcasts on many subjects and I want a theme where I can group them on the same spot.

I would have individual pages for each podcast and a homepage featuring all or a set of them.

Can I do that with this theme? That is, host multiple podcasts?

Hi there, thanks for your question! As it stands, Podcaster is meant to feature just one podcast at the time. Currently, works are under way to at start supporting the PowerPress custom channel feature, but there is only room for one podcast archive page at the moment. I’m working on fully supporting more than one podcast at a time, but it won’t be out for some time.

If you let me know what podcasting plugin you are planning to use, I can give a more exact answer.

I’m at the very start of this project, so I’m still doing research to find out what’s the best solution for me. I’m open to any possibility right now and will check back into your theme before making a decision.


Okay, feel free to drop a comment then :)

Hi, another query please. :-) I’m using the podcaster recent posts widget that comes with the theme. I’ve noticed on some pages it shows featured image crops and on others it doesn’t. I was hoping you’d take a look in case it’s something my end. Here’s where it does appear correctly: Here’s one where it is without images:

Hi there, sorry to the delay in replying. Looks to me like the image is being hidden by a file called custom.css. Might want to check it, maybe you made some changes to the theme? :) Check for this: ”.single-post .wp-post-image” in the CSS file.

Again, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks!

Sure, you’re welcome :)

Hi, I keep getting an error message when I try to change quite a few of the settings, it says I need to try again or come back later. Is this an issue with the theme?

My site is

Can I have the post featured image show in the home page, so you see the guests image and the title along with the post on the home page?

Also, I am struggling to get a banner to show underneath my main meu on the homepage, how do I get this to show? I have tried what the guide says and it won’t work.

Thanks, Ian

Hi Ian, sorry for the late reply. I’m currently looking into what might be causing this as others. Does the message only appear within the theme options or in other situations as well, such as saving posts/pages or other settings?

As for the homepage, it looks like you are not using the static front page. If you want the set up like it looks within the demos, you will have to do that. You can find the instructions within the documentation under “Getting Started > Static Front Page & Blog Page”

I’m having the same issue as iandawsonmackay after updating the other day. Whenever I try to save a change to the settings I get the error “There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page.”

Hi there, I’m sorry about this and the delay in getting back to you. I’m currently looking into this and have some questions: are you only getting this message when trying to make changes to the theme options? Or when editing posts/pages or other settings as well? Thanks:)

Thanks, it is happening only with changes to theme options. Changing anything else on the site (pages/posts/other site settings/etc) has been working just fine.

Just a heads up that this is being looked into.

Hello, I have installed the podcaster theme and demo xml file but I can’t get it to look like your live preview. The image isn’t as large as your live preview, and I can’t figure out how to get the transparent grey menu bar, or how to get the podcasts to show with the featured image on them like in your live preview.

yes i followed those instructions, and I tried all the presets and none match the live demo. our website is

Thanks for your reply. Which demo exactly were you trying to re-produce. I can tell you how to go about it from where you are.

got it figured out, thanks!!

I can’t figure out why the media player and links are showing up twice on the single post page and also on the archive page. I’m using the PowerPress plugin. Any idea on how to fix? One the post, I’ve chosen the format “audio”. Thanks for the help!

Single Post Example –

Podcast Archive page example –

Sorry about, could you send me a screenshot of the “Blog Posts and Pages” within the settings section, just so I can see what options you’ve activated.

Here you go! (this is the live page where the player displays twice

Does only changing the setting under “Display Media & Links” to “Disable” hide all players? Even when you leave the checkbox for “Media Player” checked? Could you send me a message to if this still doesn’t work for you. Thank you.

Hi there, Pre-sale question. Planning to start a podcast. Is there a particular audio host you’d recommend using? I was planning to use libsyn, but was curious to know how simply your theme worked with it, as there’s no mention of it in your documentation? Ideally I’d like to publish posts to the website from libsyn.

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I see that you have already purchased Podcaster. You should be able to publish from Libsyn, do let me know if you run into any issues.


denkijin Purchased

Things (author name in single post) floating and custom widgets

Hi there, do you have a URL so I can take a closer look at what you are seeing on your end? Thanks!