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How can I make the height of the page title bar a lot smaller (a few pixels bigger then the size of the text). As it is now, it is huge. See below: Please note I have regular theme installed, not child theme. Thanks.

Thanks for the link, I just took a look around and the child theme seems to be set up properly. Please change the values within the child theme to:

.page .reg .heading, .podcast-archive .reg .heading, .search .reg .heading, .archive .reg .heading { padding: 10px 0; }

.page .reg .heading .title, .archive .reg .heading .title, .search .reg .heading .title { padding: 10px 0; }

I just tried using developer tools and it worked on my browser. It should work once to change the values within your child theme and save. Do keep in mind that if you’re running a caching plugin, the changes might take some time to be picked up.

As for the footer, add the following to your child theme:

footer .footer-widgets { padding-top: 50px; padding-bottom: 50px; }

This should do the job :)

this seemed to work!! thanks for all your help!!

Happy to hear it worked! :)


Love the theme! Just need a bit of help.

On my homepage in the blog section – is there a way to specify the categories that the Blog pulls in? Currently it just pulls in everything. I want to be able to specify the category it pulls in. Also, it currently only pulls in 4 posts – I want to be able to specify the number it pulls in if possible.

Also, I want to add some text to the home page above the podcast column (below the header image and buttons). Is there a way I can do that?

Many thanks, Rich

Hello Rich, I’m happy to hear you love the theme. As for your questions, there is no way of changing this within the theme options. But if you are comfortable with making edits to the code, I’d be happy to give you pointers on how to go about it. Just let me know.

Yes please, I can make edits to the code if you could give me pointers! Many thanks!

Ok, to make the changes to the homepage, please make a copy of the file called page-frontpage.php and paste it into the child theme. It’s in the sub-directory /page/ so make sure you create that sub-directory within the child theme as well. This will protect your changes from being overwritten during updates.

Depending on the style you chose for the blog, go to lines 326 and 328 (for columns) lines 389 and 391 (for columns ii) and lines 439 and 441 and increase posts_per_page to the desired number.

In those sames lines you will also find the “cat” setting which manages the categories shown in those sections. Currently it is set to simply show all posts minus the posts in your podcast category. You can change that setting to the categories you want listed there. Find out how to do that here:

Now as for adding a little bit of text between the header and the posts: Add the following to line 71 just after ”<div class=”row masonry-container”>”

<div class=”col-lg-12 col-md-3 col-sm-4 col-xs-6 col-xxs-12”> <?php the_content(); ?> </div>

Now the text you enter into the edit text field, will appear above your posts.

Do keep in mind that you will have to make these changes to the “page-frontpage-left.php” and “page-frontpage-right.php” as well if you are using any of the front page templates with sidebars.

Hope this works for you, do let me know if anything is unclear.

Hi! Is it possible to refer to external feed link podcasts like: If yes, does your beautiful player also support external feed links?

So I just tried it out, and yes, you will able to use an RSS feed, Seriously Simple Podcasting creates an feed with media enclosures that you can use. You can also link to (externally hosted) audio files and display audio players. I hope this answers your questions! :)

Thank you – sounds good! So by using Seriously Simple Podcasting we will be able to link to an externally audio file and play it with this themes media player? I am sorry for all the questions but we have bought several themes now, which does not support this feature :-)

Yes, exactly, you can link to the externally linked files while using the themes media player. No worries, I’m happy to answer your questions :)

Noticed a comment about load times… have you been able to get the load times down? As I am sure you know, load times are a critical SEO/usability challenge and I want to make sure we are good before I purchase. Expecting Page Load to be below 1 second…

Hello, Thanks for your question. Load times are being worked on, but do keep in mind that since Podcaster also has to load media files and embeds (if these are active) this massively impacts the load times as well, since those are usually large files.


alfmig Purchased

Hi all, it’s me again (sorry for all these requests!). I was checking my homepage and it seems some of the issues reported by an online checker could be solved by you:

a) Malformed Head – The <head> area appears to be malformed. This can be due to text or invalid tags in your <head>, or due to meta or link tags in your . One effect of this issue might be missing meta information This can cause misinterpretations (missing Canonical for instance) The w3c validator below might help you figure out the exact reason

b) css files – There is more than one CSS file which need to be loaded. From performance perspective it would be better to merge them into one file to improve page speed. The page loads 18 css files and uses 3 inline css blocks

c) JavaScript Files – There are quite a lot of JavaScript files which need to be loaded. From performance perspective it would be better to merge them into one file to improve page speed. The page loads 31 javascript files and uses 10 inline script blocks

d) Caching – It looks like the page does not provide browser caching. This would improve user experience! Only pages which have a rapidly changing content should disable browser caching.

Also, what is the standard way to create a sitemap while working with your environment?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, don’t worry about it, that is what I’m here for :) As to your questions:

a) Without actually taking a look at your HTML code, I cannot tell what may be causing this. Do keep in mind that your active plugins also add code to the <head> of your file, so they could be the ones causing this. If you send me your URL I’d be happy to take a closer look. You can also send it to

b) Again, I can only repeat what I said in a) plugins will load their own CSS files when needed, so not all those files are loaded by Podcaster. As for the ones that are, there are also reasons to load separate files, this makes updating them easier, especially if it is a 3rd party plugin and means the file will only be loaded if it is actually being used or is active. I will keep this in mind for future optimization, though.

c) Same as in a) and b) Do keep in mind that if you are using a customizable theme, it will tend to have many elements that can be plugged in and out and that will be loaded when active (be it CSS files or JS files.) If you set up a more static website, where customization and updating isn’t necessarily in the foreground, you can optimize much easier to suit your exact needs. I hope this makes sense.

d) Caching is usually kept out of theme code and using a plugin is advised. There are several caching plugins available in the plugin repository, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

e) Podcaster does not come with a sitemap function ready made, but if you let me know what structure you would like your sitemap to have, or can send me an example, I’ll see what I can do.

I’m interested in this theme, but my client wants to be able to see how many people have listened to an audio file – is this possible?

This depends on the plugin you are using, as statistics and the likes are kept out of theme code. If you let me know what plugin you are using, I’d be happy to let you know if it is compatible and to what extend it’s features are currently supported. :)


fabster74 Purchased

Hi there, love your theme but have 2 questions that I am struggling with at the moment: 1. Although I have updated the theme and wordpress to the newest version I cannot find the “featured post” box in the articles. There is just no such box like explained in your documentation ( Is it because I installed the German version of wordpress? What can I do to get posts/articles to be “featured” so that the newest featured article is displayed in the front page header?

2. Is there a way to include all categories in the posts displayed at the front page? At the moment only the ones from the podcast category are displayed. Or if this doesn’t work, how can I include the podcast category in the blog section? I want to have a blog style page with all categories being displayed, either on the front page (wold be my favorite) or at the blog section…

Cheers, Fabster


fabster74 Purchased

Sorry for the confusion. I figured out the translation part. So things that I didn’t figured out are question 1 from above and the way to include all categories on the front page..


Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll get right to your questions:

1. Under Theme Options > Front Page Header > Header Type make sure you’ve selected “Static (Posts)”. After doing that the Featured Post box should be available.

2. The front page only includes posts from your podcast category. You could create an overall category into which you file all your posts and set that as your podcast category. Keep in mind that will also influence your archive page as well.

I hope this answers your questions :)


fabster74 Purchased

Thank You! 1. I had “Static” ticked on and changed it to “Static (Posts)”. Now everything works fine. 2. Okay, if there is no other way, maybe I will go this way. But maybe it’s an idea for the next update ;-)


kaipowell Purchased

Hi, all! Does anyone know how, if it’s possible, to have audio play in the background of the homepage? It’s just my show intro, 16 seconds long. I can’t find where to possibly make that happen lol any help is appreciated!!

While Podcaster doesn’t offer this in it’s settings there are ways of simply adding an <audio> tag with your track to the HTML. Make use of the child theme, it should work that way.