Discussion on Preface: A WordPress Theme for Authors

Discussion on Preface: A WordPress Theme for Authors

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Sjoeal Purchased


Within this website I experience two display problems: - on the homepage, in the ‘Callout’ section, when I add an image, it is always doubled on the page - in the blogs there is always a dark grey squara at the bottom of the page, which is hovering over the information, WITH AN INCORRECT DATE. See: https://www.learningmessiah.com/kesher-interview-with-edjan-westerman/ How can I solve these issues? Hope to hear from you!

Purchase Key: 0773c31f-0b68-4e2b-be37-f00ab48ef7eb

website: https://www.learningmessiah.com

info@sjoeal.nl Sybe

Hi there,

It looks like the issue is caused by the “related post” plugin you are using. We will add support for it in our next theme update scheduled to be released later this week.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to open a ticket at https://www.meanthemes.com/support/


Joachim from MeanThemes


Sjoeal Purchased

Hi Evato team

Thanks for your reply, I’ll wait for it. But what about the doubling of images in the Call Out section on the homepage: - on the homepage, in the ‘Callout’ section, when I add an image, it is always doubled on the page See https://www.learningmessiah.com (I have added an image of the book).

Thanks Sybe de Vos

Hi Sybe,

I sent you a copy of the updated theme to your email address and more details to troubleshoot the duplicated images.

Please use the email support ticket and avoid sharing credential or purchase key in the public comments.

Cheers, Joachim from MeanThemes

How do i re-order home page items? Your support page will not let me submit.

Nevermind… just change the publish date

I have bought this theme and I think this is my biggest mistake. I have submitted the ticket but no response to me or resolve my issue. Theme demo and slider issue.


Thanks for pointing that out! We recently moved to a different hosting and the redirection was not updated properly. The demo is available at https://preface.mtdemo.meanthemes.com/ :)

Have reached out to your support last week but have not heard back. I sent another message today. Then saw “If you don’t hear from us within those 48 hours – we definitely haven’t received your request, contact us via the marketplace that your bought the theme from and we’ll get everything sorted for you” I am reaching out here to confirm you received these ticket requests. thank you!

After updating to the latest version of wordpress, your theme Preface seems to have lost the short code editor. I can’t find it and none of the shortcodes are working. Neither is the link in the footer. I uploaded your theme all over again but that didn’t help. http://stevensandor.com/

A number of themes have been broken by this latest wordpress update, this one included.

Question: Is this theme customizable in the theme customizer or does it require third party plugins to customize it? If the latter, do these third party plugins require payment for premium offerings? Is there a learning curve to customize the theme and how difficult would you say it is to customize? Thank you.

Hi there,

Yes, we are using WordPress theme Customizer for all theme settings and have created a custom post type for books in a separate plugin that comes with this theme (just in case you want to keep the books if you install another theme later). There is no third party plugin required.

You can build your Homepage quickly with our simple Homepage Items.

The theme ships with its full documentation PDF. But if you need help with anything, we’re always there to help at www.meanthemes.com/support/ ;)


Joachim from MeanThemes

What size are the covers on the slide show?

Thanks for your query. You can create a ticket at meanthemes.com/support and our support staff will be able to assist you. Thanks.

Hello I want to purchase your theme, but I have two questions. 1. I wanted to add a section on the top of the homepage, ie the featured books you already have would be the second panel on the Homepage. 2. Can you add background images to the plain panels that you have?

Regards Anthony

Hi Anthony,

Please find our response in this document—> http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02783575061417469656


Hello, Interested in using your theme. On the demo it shows the book on the right hand side. Is it possible to change to the left? Thanks for your time. Great theme.

Hi, Where can i change the copyright at the bottom of this theme? also where is the Option to change the size of the fount of the name of the website?

Hi Chris Comments are for pre-sales questions and generic comments. We provide support through our ticket system as it is convenient for us and also secure for you to share the website details and credentials through private messages.

Thanks MeanThemes Support Team

Hi Thanks for your replay, but you ticket system does not work, and I feel this is a simple thing to ask that you can tell me here, also you said it is in the “theme documentation” if it is there please just tell me here, dont understand the prob with telling me.

Hi Chris,

Can you let me know the issues you are facing on the ticket system. I had a conversation with our technical support team and they stated that the font can be changed in the Theme Customizer. Check this screenshot—> http://prntscr.com/f06snd (Documentation – Page 8 Section 3.6)

Additionally for Footer Credits, You can modify them in the Custom text – Footer tagline. Check this screenshot—> http://prntscr.com/f06unr (Documentation – Page 11 Section 3.9)

Thanks MeanThemes Support Team

Hello! I’m wondering how you can get the buttons on the book pages below the cover? There doesn’t seem to be an option to set those up – where should I look? Thank you!

I solved it myself – turns out the page was bugging out and I had to refresh and the second text box appeared. Thanks for the great theme!

Good To hear that. For any future support, please feel free to create a ticket at meanthemes.ticksy.com Thanks

It looks as though several people has asked this. Note: I have purchased the theme. Your recommended “header image size” of 1600×410 is so large that it covers the menu. The menu needs to be lowered, or you need to give an accurate idea of what size the header should be. I’ve redone a graphic four times now and still cannot get it placed properly.

I attempted to go to your support ticket system, but it says it is down. This is an issue that you might want to fix and update the theme with.

Hi Christy,

Thanks for your feedback and Apologies for the delay. The background image is intended to be under the menu and the size we recommend is based on the same consideration. However, I can see that you also have a valid point and we are thinking of coming up with an alternative layout.

Regarding the ticket system…. Yes there were some issues with Ticksy in last 2 weeks but things are back to normal now. If you can create a support ticket, we can discuss further on the layout. I would prefer to take a collaborative approach and would like to through out the ideas for the theme users to discuss on.

Thanks MeanThemes Support Team

will do, thanks!

The theme is OK, but expect ZERO support. I’ve filed half a dozen support tickets over the last week and a half and NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS BEEN ANSWERED—despite the promise to respond in 48 hours. We’ve been left flailing around on our own trying to fix CSS bugs.

Hi Dennis, no need to post to Facebook and here. As we have just replied to you on Facebook – we’ll continue discussion there. We have no tickets outstanding on any of our themes and response time is currently under 12 hours. Your 3 tickets were all responded to within 12 hours and one was responded to in 3 minutes. I’m not sure what is going on but we’ll sort it out with you via Facebook and get you back on track.

Instead of buy links through WooCommerce, can I link to landing pages? For example, I want to use this theme as a central location to showcase a group of authors’ books, but want to send buyers to their sites, instead of managing transactions on this site.

Hey there, you could use our “Books” post type for that… http://preface.mtdemo.wpengine.com/preface/book/book-2/

If you look at the buttons under the book cover, these can go and say wherever and whatever you want.

You could send them to a landing page on the same site or an external site.

I have suggested PREFACE as new theme for a client who writes novels and plots/stories for comics.

He has these (pre-sales) questions:

>>> Also you can add more than one BUY HERE button, right? And customize them?

Some stuff will need a BUY IN PRINT and BUY DIGITAL BUTTONS, say, but at least one will be “READ THE WEBCOMIC” I guess? <<<

What do I tell him?

Thank you in advance.

Dennis Wilen

I’m not 100% sure what you mean so I’m going to guess a little…

If you mean can you add lots of buttons and change the text on the buttons that show on the “Books” custom post type, then yes you can.

If you also want to change the style of each button then you can to a degree. http://preface.mtdemo.wpengine.com/preface/book/book-2/ shows a green button. You can have these colours:

• grey • black • green • light-blue • blue • red • orange • purple

These colours can be seen on the buttons on this page: http://preface.mtdemo.wpengine.com/preface-shortcodes/

Perfect. We’ll be your newest customers!— Dennis in Los Angeles

Hi there, is it possible to set an image as front page header instead of grey (behind ‘preface’ title and menu)? Thanks!

Yes it is :)


Hi, I did not see instagram sharing on your theme. And will you store count of share for social media sharing?

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as an Instagram sharer. No there isn’t one and no there are no share counters. Of course you could use any of the many plugins that provide that ability.

Hi, Just to warn you that the theme does not support wordpress 4.6. I installed it yesterday and got a white screen (front and back).

Yes it does, but you probably have an old version. Please use the latest version (see other comments above this one also for reference).

I thought i had the latest version… my mistake. I works fine now thanks.

No worries, thanks for letting us know anyway :)

How easy is this to edit. I’m no webdesigner and don’t do codes. Just need to use a theme to show the book and offer downloads promised in the book..possibly with a link to amazon…How long will it take me to do all that and how many plug ins will I need? Thanks.

Preface is pretty simple to use and comes with documentation. We have a range of customers from developers to authors. You will need to do some reading up on WordPress and WooCommerce though to use any theme. How long is a piece of string really is the answer to your question. What may take 5 minutes for some may take an hour for others. What I can tell you is downloads are possible via WooCommerce or just directly using a link to a file and Amazon button can be achieved with a button short code.


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