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Great LGLab!

Very very awesome theme!

I’ve a question: can i add more images in portfolio item? Now i can add ony one “data-largeImage”... I’d need more image in portfolio detail.

Thanks! Danilo


No the portfolio only supports one image, if you have lots of images you could create several portfolio pages using submenus.

Thanks, Greg

Very very awesome theme! Thanks! How can integrate video as a background … for example – about page Thanks! Anna


I suggest you google for “fullscreen video background” as there are quite a few plugins to achieve this.

Thanks, Greg

LOVE this theme but the nav isn’t responding to my samsung infuse smartphone.


Sorry for the delay, I’ll look into it but can’t guarantee anything as it seems to work fine on all my android devices so not sure what is wrong.

Thanks, Greg

Hi LGLab, A superb template – great work.

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to the following attribute in Portfolio?


Probably not feasible but it was worth asking.
Much appreciated.

Hi LGlab, please ignore this query, now resolved.

Hi there!!

I have one question: in portfolio, is it possible to go directly to the zoomed image by clicking on the thumbnail, like zooming in an image gallery. Because my client needs an image gallery, not portfolio.



I have replied to a similar question with a solution on the first page of the comments, look for the comment posted by the user named taeinkyun.

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg,

This solution partially works if the anchor is on the menu bar. In portfolio page it does not work when applied on a thumbnail.. To sum it up, I want a portfolio page to work as an image gallery, without title, date neither description…

Thank you for your concern…


Send me an email via my profile page and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Greg

grate work, good luck with sales;

Thanks :)


I am trying to get vimeo to be added to the social icon set and cant seem to be able to get the icon to appear. where do the icons get pulled from?

Rgs, Lex

Hi Lex,

Sorry about that there is a typo in the screen.css on line 477:

.socialIcons li.vimeo a:before, footer .footerIcons li.pinterest .icon:before { content: '\f194';}

Replace pinterest with vimeo so it looks like this:

.socialIcons li.vimeo a:before, footer .footerIcons li.vimeo .icon:before { content: '\f194';}

Thanks, Greg


I should have mentioned this earlier. The fix you mentioned earlier does not work by itself, you also need to update the fontawsome font as well as the included font does not have the vimeo icon.



There seems to be a slight bug in the CSS for the logo display in IE. In IE, the second time you load any page, the logo aligns itself to the extreme right. I have not been able to figure out why that happens. Its fine in the other browsers and its fine the first time the page loads up in IE too. It only happens the second time.

Would appreciate any assistance on this.

- Lex

The link to the “wordpress” version is not available. Do you have any wordpress version for this ??

Hello. Is it possible to add an Instagram feed to the blog page or about please?

Simple as using the instafeed.js. Just not sure where to put the code required to get the instagram thumbnails to veiw without mucking everything up.


Amel3 Purchased

Hello, the menu for the mobile version does not work in the preview or the files to download. regards

Something very special!