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lyder Purchased

Hi i have an issue with the “read more”-button in the post grid. The first 3 posts links correct. the next will link to the frontpage… her’s the site: its the last 3 post at the bottom of the page on the frontpage (Læs mere) i tryed with 9 and the last 6 links to the root domain…

Hey there, thanks for using Reload. It seems that you have modified the theme, right?

We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support Forum for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments.We’d be glad to help you.


Great theme! Nice, clean and fast with lots of handy extras, just one query, the google maps plugin shows the map on my page, but where the pin should be, there is a ‘reload’ message. I’ve refreshed the page but it makes no difference. A small issue, but everything else runs and looks fine. Thanks.

Hey there,

Thanks for your kind words :)

This is the predefined marker which you can replace from the map element or/and the feature map options. Besides that, you can replace it under images/markers. Please open a ticket on our Support Forum if you need further help as we provide support only there. Our team will be glad to help you :)

Best Regards.

All good, thanks. :-)

Cheers :)

Hi, before buy this theme can create 2 sidebar in one page ?

Hello cetrobo56,

First of all, thanks for your interest in Reload. :)

You can add as many sidebars as you wish within a page via the Widgetised Sidebar element of Visual Composer.

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vballas Purchased

Hello, I would like to ask where I can have users enrol to the site and be able to access personalised pages ? Example: A user purchases a service and a page is created for him to upload the results of that service (e.g. a document or a report). Would that be possible ?

Also how to I opt for the commerce variant ?

Hey there,

Thanks for your message and for your interest :)

About the content visibility you can have what WordPress provides by default. Please check this article. Without being so sure of your needs in the comment area, you can enable/disable them or maybe use an erternal plugin.

Hope this makes sense!

Best Regards.

Dear Customers,

We let you know that all of our Themes are fully compatible with WP version 4.5 and each one of them carries the latest versions of the bundled plugins.

We strive to provide the highest quality and security standards for you :)

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Greatives Team

hello, the content after the slider is disappeared, i dont know what happened,also how do i reduce the size of the slider Text?

Hello thakarpratik,

I am almost sure that you have updated the WP without updating the theme first. So, please update the theme and its required plugins and you will have no issues.

For anything else, please use our Support Forum as we provide support only there.

Best Regards.

thanks, thats exactly what it was, i tried to use the support forum but it says my support has expired and you cant help, is that so? i just need help with one or two small fixes, nothing major,i cant afford to pay fees to extend the support

Hi again :)

Firstly, we are glad you sorted the main issue with the theme update. Have in mind that you must always stay updated. About your other issues, it has nothing to do with your support expiration but with the fact that we do not provide support in the TF comment area. It is also worth noting that we did not decide it so please be reasonable. Last but not least, there is no chance to start providing support here because of these fees. This area is only for presale questions for us. Hope this is clear enough :)

For now, please send us an email at and be sure that we will check your issues.

Best Regards.

hello there, thank you for the great theme

Was wondering where is the option to add category filters in the posts page like your demo?

Thank you

Hey! We are glad you like our theme :)

Could you please point us the related page from our demo in a new ticket on our Support Forum as we provide support only there? Thanks in advance!

Best Regards.

Thank you for your reply. Ticket opened.

Thanks! Cheers :)

Hi, I just bought the theme and i’m getting the next error while trying to intall it Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello jjenkins816,

Firstly, thanks for purchasing Reload :)

I think that you are trying to install the download package instead of the file. Check this article to see what I mean.

Please use our Support Forum for any kind of support you may need as we provide support only there. Thanks!

Best Regards.

Will you be updating the visual composer plugin recently released as part of the theme?

Hello InvestinYork,

Sure will do so! However, have in mind that we always test this plugin before. Please read this article. Hope this makes sense :)

Best Regards.

Great and appreciate that it’s tested first!

You are welcome. Cheers :)


msia Purchased

Ho all, I bought that ..nice work. but that is not 100% Responsive.

Hey there,

Thanks for purchasing our theme :)

Of course it is 100% Responsive as anyone can see on our demo. Please use our Support Forum to help you further as we provide support only there. By the way, our team has just answered you there. Thanks!

Best Regards.


tepui Purchased

Hi, is the latest version (april) ready for Woocommerce 2.6? if not, do you have a date for the release? Thanks

Hey there,

Thanks for your message! There will be a new theme release in the next week so it is better to wait for this.

Best Regards.


tepui Purchased

Great thanks!

You are welcome :)


We have your latest theme version installed and all our plugins and wordpress are the latest updates, but now VC is not working in the backend dashboard!?

Does not show any content for editing? Can you please supply the latest version.


Hello there,

Hope you are fine! I think that you are missing something here as in Reload is included the latest VC version and, mainly, there are no issues. Please check this article on how to update theme and required plugins. The changelog file of Reload is here.

Last but not least, please use our Support Forum if you need further help as we provide support only there.

Best Regards.


msia Purchased

Hi All.

I want to upgrade to WP 6. will Them work?

Hey there,

You can use the latest Reload version with the latest WP version with no issues.

Best Regards.

Hi, I changed on my wp settings my website url adding the “www”, and when I look at the website with www the font-awsome icons stop showing, I used the inspect element on my browser between the <head> area where it links to the font-awesome file, its not showing the “www” in the url, if I add it, it works. Where can I edit this? I tried adding it to the header.php file but it didn’t work. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Hello there,

Thanks for your message! We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support Forum for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments as our support agents are located only there. Our team will glad to help you even though it does not seem to be a theme related issue :)

Best Regards.

Hello, what is exactly the “portfolio fields” function? Can be displayed anywhere and be of any use? Thank you so much

Hello there!

The portfolio fields are simple text fields that you can have in each one of your portfolio items with a specific style. You can see these on our demo, for example , check the sidebar info (Designer, Info).

We would greatly appreciate it if you use our Support Forum for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments as we provide support only there. Thanks in advance :)

Best Regards.


arekactiv Purchased

Thanks for keeping themes update:) I recommend everyone this theme, I take it from the beginning

Thank you so much for your comment :)

Be sure that we will keep updating each one of our themes. By the way, take a look to our our latest theme, Movedo, if you need something more powerful than Reload.

Best Regards.