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after update to version 2.8 the theme builder stop to work. Wen finished the 3 steps the HTML result is empty. I try several scenarios but all of this give me a incomplete HTML.


Thanks for your request! I no longer provide support via item comments but only on pre-sale questions.

Please open a new ticket on my knowledge base or try a search as your questions has maybe been answered already.

Thanks for understanding!

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I wonder what the difference is between two of your products: “skyline” and “Market” they look very similar.


They are two different templates (with similar functionality). Choose the one you like more!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

So poorly explained what to do after I download the files. I’ve been spending hours to figure out what is No response from the server! Would you like to check the configuration?

When I try to search on the so called knowledge based there is no relevant information and the developer is not providing answers to comments anymore. So many thousands of downloads for this product and you can’t create a simple guide on where on the server to put the images and in which format?

Hi there!

Please check out the docs on how to get started! If you have troubles with your server you can always us our service.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us via our profile.

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