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Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

Its me again….. One last thing If I customize the template adding buttoms and so on… with a prgrammer help… Is this ok with the application builder?

I recommend some HTML knowledge to modify the templates but in general it’s possible.

Hello I finally bought the skyline template.

I need to generate the HTML . The template builder requires me the server. What do I have to do to generate the Html .

Its kind of urgent.. Thanks


If you own a server you can upload the files in a new folder. Check this video for an instruction.

If you don’t own a server you can use my newly service here:


Thats great. Can I change the butoms shape of buy now and read more, or at least put them in my language…

Thanks Juan

You have to open the sandbox.psd (or png) modify them and replace it later (with the MC Editor, CM Editor or with your own)

Looking at this…. I use Apple Mail & not looking to use MC or CM so is this easy to add into Apple Mail and send? Will it come with Tuts to show this?



I don’t think apple’s mail has a way to send html emails. This template isn’t made to send it through a mail client cause they often add different styles to the mail and it may get display wrong on other clients.

I recommend to use Mailchimp if you don’t have to many subscribers. They offer a free plan for 2000 subscribers and max 12000 mails/month

Thanks… Will look in to it.

Great product, very happy with outcome, easy to use and extremely versatile.

Useage of png files is a little annoying as pngs are not supported by older versions of Lotus Notes, hence worth removing to make the product even better!

I am looking to purchase, but wondering if this supported with Aweber?


Not directly (like Mailchimp or Campaignmonitor) but you can import the raw HTML from the template builder

I would say this is a good newsletter theme however there is one big issue with the design which makes it pretty much useless. If you are using Mailchimp, any time you add a URL link to one of your read more buttons, it throws out the whole design layout! It looks ok in the email that gets sent but as soon as someone looks at your newsletter online or visits your archive page, all divs are misaligned! I have tried to contact support about this and there are multiple discussions on the support forums highlighting the same issue but none with a solution! Such a fundamental issue needs to be fixed ASAP !

Love it! Is it possible to change the fonts? Can an iframe for a YouTube video be incorporated into the temp? Thank you!

Multiple people are getting broken newsletter templates when used with MailChimp. I use Skyline with the upload to Mailchimp feature. Please see these threads here:

http://support.revaxarts-themes.com/discussion/415/read-more-link-on-mailchimp#Item_4 http://support.revaxarts-themes.com/discussion/443/broken-design-in-html-view#Item_4 http://support.revaxarts-themes.com/discussion/320/divs-misaligned#Item_6

We really need a fix/solution to this issue as it is preventing me from sending out any newsletters currently. I’m holding off my review of this product to see what kind of support we receive on this pressing issue.


Great theme. I posted a topic in your support forum but haven’t received a reply so I thought I would check here.

I made some minor adjustments to the theme and uploaded it to mailchimp. For some reason I cannot easily edit the images under “headline number two goes here” and “headline number three goes here”.

You can view the html file here: http://ge.tt/6ciL4PH/v/0?c

I would really appreciate it if you could help me adjust the code so that you could easily change the images from inside of mailchimp.

Thank you.

Please, where do I find the code for Template Builder?

The whole Template Builder is located in the _templatebuilder directory!

Hello! I own this template, and am trying to find a “contact us” button, styled just like the “read more” buttons that are used.


Is this available?? Thanks!

Check the included psd_png.zip file, theres a sandbox.psd file included which contains the graphics for the button!

Do I need to edit these? Not sure how to do this :\

Edit in PS (psd) or Fireworks (png) and export them. Font is “lobster” which is not included but free to download. Just search for “lobster”

I don’t have either of these programs. :\

So what do you need?

Just a “contact us” button, that looks just like the “read more” button.

Here we go:

Oh, great – thanks so much!

Hi, first, could you please update the link to your support? They are all broken. Second, how to optimise for Windows mobile? The template does not work with it at all. I’ve dome windows mobile optimisation so it can be done, but will you please do it yourself as its getting more and more prominent? Thank u!

PS I mean hacks for Windows 7 that allow to read media queries. Simple resizing to fit screen is no good as text becomes invisible.