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Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

Congrats! You’ve done it again mate!

Hi I would Just like to say ive bought many many things from Envato and this is the best! Congratulations on a great product. Thanks Richard

Thanks so much richimie! Nice to here that!

I’m sure you’ve already voted this item!?

Thanks mate

Template builder isn’t working. It won’t generate HTML .


Did you upload all files to your server? Did you get any errors?


That’s one pretty awesome template ! And I’m using mailchimp, which renders the whole thing very tempting.

Thank you! Don’t forget to vote if you satisfied!

Amazing file – so easy to use!

One question – is it possible to have a single background image and make the content areas clear so the text/images just sit on top of the background image? Not a big one if it cant but always worth asking (sorry am still a beginner with stuff like this!).

Thanks again for the awesome file!

Read this article for background images in emails You have to remove the background color for the contenttbl class as well

Thank you so much – thought it would be possible. Will have fun building my emails.

p.s good luck with your designs

The design looks great. However it’s not Gmail compatible. Gmail disregards style tag :(

Hi hcancelik!

You have to inline the css for Gmail:

If you use Mailchimp or CM they will do it for you

All the best

*Posted on your support forum but no reply


I have uploaded the template builder and the checks all come back ok but I still get ‘couldn’t load HTML , loading demo’. Please help. If you have an email address I can send to I can send you the link to the builder.



Hi sweeps,

Sorry was abroad. I’ve answered your question at my support forum

i have iploaded this an so far so good into CM, but the footer doesnt appear at all. any ideas? I havent altered the HTML at all

Does the footer appear if you hit the preview button in the Template Builder?

Yes the footer is there in the review, but once it goes into CM its gone

hmm, strange…

I’m getting a strange look if I start new campaign, choose a template and change it after I’ve visited the editor. So always start a new campaign…

Is the footer missing if you watch the template in the template section too?

Please provide a screenshot! I’m really curious how this looks

Got it fixed, yes need to start new campaign..

Why does the extra text appear below the footer (this text.. This email was sent to matt@emailaddress.com. If you are no longer interested you can unsubscribe instantly.) It appears in the preview and the sent campaign

ok, great! I’ve all ready contacted CM about that issue. Their Editor is pretty new so some bugs can appear,

Feel free to contact me on further questions!

The footer comes from CM. It’s required cause of some legal stuff.

will this work with constant contact? Thanks!

As long they provide HTML emails it should work. The downside is that you probably have to edit the raw HTML instead of edit content via an editor like on CM or Mailchimp. If you would like to use the template builder check this option:

Hello – I’ve just purchased and am trying to get the mailchimp api to work in the ‘precise the template’ section. I keep getting the error code ‘Mailchimp API isn’t available at the moment’ – any thoughts on why?

Thanks for purchasing! This error occurs when the MC API is down or you tried to access it to often. Please be patient it should be available soon.

You can also copy and past the generated html into a newly made template at MC (start from scratch) and get the same result.

Hello First congratulations. It is a very nice product. One problem i get, though, is that it gives me a server configuration error ( No response from the server! Would you like to check the configuration? ) I contacted my hosting and they tell me this:


It looks like this script connects to another server when you use it, have you checked with the developer of the software regarding this error?

Thank you, Jason”

This is hosted at Hostmonster, I can send you the URL if you need it. Strangest thing is I already made one newsletter – end of december- and it all worked fine , but now i just cant!


This is strange of corse cause the one email newsletter template builder is exactly the same.

Please send me a link to your site via my profile page for further investigation!


Done!! Thanks


poy Purchased

Hi dear

I just purchased it but there is only one file for download (skyline-newsletter-with-template-builder.zip)

Where can I get your promised package at http://revaxarts-themes.com/one-year-anniversary/

Best regards,

Hi poy!

I’m sorry but this offer is only for the two items on that page. I hope I didn’t confuse you.

You may ask support for a refund or a change to one of those item!

All the best

Hello there.

I am a designer and think the email template is more than great but have some doubts as I am not good a programming.

Can I use it In group mail, Can I reestructure the template as I want, with more rows or change the order of the panels.

Can I integrated with facebook and twitter?

On the daily basis, Can I drop the pictures and thtas it or Should I resize everything everytime i want to attach a picture. Is it possible to upload the images from the URL .

Can I easily put like a crossed price tags…

Thank you very much

About to buy it… ;)

This is for a kind of shop company. So need you to tell me if this email template is good as a newsletter of featured products that can be purchased from the mail

Hi juanan!

You can use it as group mail, this depends on your email service provider (like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor).

You can change the Layout with the included Template Builder (watch the tour) and you can use modules more than once of course!

If you use CM or MC they can integrate it with twitter (tweetbutton, likebutton)

All images should have the same width but can have any height. All of them can be changed via MC’s or CM’s editors

Crossed price tags must be images and can be place within the text for sure)

Hope I could help you!

hey thanks for you quick reply,

This is for a client. I am a designer so I will have to customize it. I could count on a html programmer for everythinh I want to add or remove.

The cliente use this http://www.group-mail.com/?gclid=CI714NGO660CFcxofAodekbA4Q as a program to manage the newsletter so I don´t know if this is compatible.

So could I introduce social links as facebook and twitter with a programmer help.

Thank you very much and sorry for my ignorance

As far as I can see this service supports HTML Templates. You can use the Template Builder and copy and paste the output (HTML) into this application. I really don’t know if this can handle custom HTML email templates. You may ask their support!

Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!