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Thanks fypixels.

Any plans for a wordpress version?

Sure, plans are there. But will not be able to give specific time frame. Thanks for your interest.


Like your template. Do I need PHP to use this template or is it pure HTML /CSS/JS/JQuery.

Hello, This is pure HTML /CSS/JS template, it is not a CMS template. PHP is used only for contact and subscribe form.

Thanks for your interest.


Great job!

One question: how can we use special characters such as á or ã? Is there any line code we can delete to make it work? I’m writing in Portuguese and French and instead of showing ã it shows “j”, etc.



If you remove cufon, all characters will work.

Or you can try to include those characters in cufon by generating new file for font.

To remove cufon…

  • Remove code for cufon from custom.js (right at the top).
  • Remove jqueries for cufon
  • Adjust font sizes, as per your choice.

How to remove cufon is explained in help file too (I’ve updated help file later, so if you are not getting it there, redownload).



Hello again,

I have tried this font with characters you have mentioned. It works for those too. So if you want to continue with the same font, mail me through profile page, I will send you new cufon js. You will need to just replace default js with new one.


nice template. before i buy, i wanna know if the slider can have fade effect. i only need fade effect for my project. also can u change the footer area to color burgundy for me? thirdly, does the subscribe button actually work? these are my only questions. thanks.


  • Template with nivo slider can have fade effect.
  • Header and footer background colors are changeable through CSS . I will change it for you.
  • Subscribe form works, it just sends email of subscriber to you email id. Instead you can incorporate mailchimp.
    Check mailchimp demo for one of my template … http://tanshcreative.com/mailchimp_eventus/index.html
  • Thanks,


thanks for quick reply tansh. will check the other template too.


I need to change this (This is title of vimeo video) I have looked into the main hml code, But I cannot see it what line of code is it ? or it a image ? I would also like to if you can run flv video that woudl be host on your website serverr ?

Anyway it’s a great website -:)

Thanks Flame19

Hello Flame19,

You can change title of your video in html only. You can find it at place below. Title of link will work as title of video.

<ul id="mycarousel" class="jcarousel-skin-tango"> <li> <div class="thumb"><a href="#"><img src="images/preview/thumb-4.jpg" width="200" height="125" alt="Image" /></a><a href="http://vimeo.com/7449107" data-rel="prettyPhoto[mixed]" title="This is title of vimeo video" class="play first_icon"></a> <a href="http://tanshcreative.com" target="_blank" class="link second_icon"></a></div> </li> </ul>

Regarding flv file support in prettyphoto, formats which prettyphoto support are listed at its documentation – http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/. It seems no straight forward support to flv (or I couldn’t found it…! )



Nice template, do you think I can change the color scheme. Is it easy. I wanted orange. Let me know. Nice theme by the way. _

Hello Giancarlo,

Yes, you can change the colors as per your choice easily. Colors for header, footer and buttons are through css gradients.

You can drop me mail through profile page if need any assistance for color change.



Hello Tansh, I have edited the features page and inserted the prettyPhoto content in one of the image box. but the hover icons are not aligned center. Where I have to fix them. Please refer the sceenshot provided.


You can edit it in “custom.js” at place

 $(this).find(".first_icon").animate({left: '80px'}, 300);   $(this).find(".second_icon").animate({left: '115px'}, 500);

Sorry but the thing I’ve noticed, no buyers badge and purchase tag, and it seems that you have joined just 2-3 hrs. before. Still I believe in you, and replied to save the time of yours, as that account could be of client’s. Please next time if any query, drop me a mail or comment through the account u used to purchase a theme, at least for one time. Hope u understand.

Thanks, Tansh

Thanks a lot Tansh, Thanks for your support, as I am running a web designing firm. One of my client came to my office and asked me to fix some problems. This one is one of them. You are right, I am not the buyer, but only provide supports to those who are unable to find the solution at their own.

Hope you understand. :)

Do you have plans to make/convert it to WordPress?! ? I Want buy & Convert to WordPress Please give me permission.

Hello sreenu-bfa, I’m working on wordpress, no plans to tie up with someone else. Thanks for your interest.


nice template, compliments …... I would need a page with a photo gallery …. you can ‘insert? Thank you, Angelo

Do you need ‘filterable portfolio’ and with how many columns (3 or 4 images in a row)? Let me know, I will try to update as soon as possible.

Thanks, Tansh

will I need a gallery with 4 columns Filterable … congratulations for the work and for assistance …... thank

Will notify you when update is available for download. Thanks.

Portfolio page added.

Thanks, Tansh

Hello there..! I’m having problems with latin characters in the galleries and slides, mainly slides. In the HTML page itself it’s all displaying correctly.. Can you please give us some ideas..? Thank you in advance.

Att, Emerson

Hello elmoluz,

Cufon is not accepting latin characters, even if I include latin characters while generating cufon file. Same thing if I use some other font.

Latin characters are displayed in paragraph, which is without cufon.

Will have some more trials. Better if you could drop me mail through profile page, will reply you there.

Thanks, Tansh

After downloading this template and testing it in IE9, the homepage javascript slider does not function (it reverts to scroll bars). But it works fine in Chrome and Firefox. However, when I test the live preview version from Theme Forest in IE9 (or any of the other browsers), the homepage javascript slider works fine. What could be the problem?



Hi Chris,

Checked main file with IE9, working fine for me. Drop me your link through mail (profile page form). Will have a look. Thanks.

This only happens when testing offline, although I’m not sure why. I’ve just tested it online and it appears to be working fine, so I’m not concerned about it.

Thanks, Chris

Hi, I’m having problems with the install. Wordpress send an error message telling the “model” is missing, and that at least a ccs style is needed. I have tryed to install at the cyan directly from the FTP but still the same message appears.

Hi Mogeric,

It is a HTML template (as its name suggests and placed in site template category), not a WordPress. It can not be installed as such with WordPress. Thanks.

How do you make the contact /support form work to send emails to my email.


1. Give path of “submit-form.php” as form action (in contact.html)


If any difficulty in finding path for php, simply take out the ‘submit-form.php’ from folder named as ‘php’ and place it in root folder (i.e. where all HTML pages like index.html, contact.html are placed).

In this case form action can be written as :
<form  id="contactform" method="post" action="submit-form.php">

2. Provide your email id in ‘submit-form.php’.

3. Upload folder, form will work fine.

For more details, you can refer help document provided with the template.

Thanks, Tansh

Hi Tansh,

How can add a logo with original size without changing the menu size? Looks: http://i.imgur.com/QgEF4Xu.png

Hello, If you want to adjust menu with vertical centre to the logo, then give top margin.