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PH2015 Purchased

are you still going to update this theme?

Yes sure, we are planning to release a new update soon.

Hi, I installed Learndash plugin in order to propose online courses. However, there’s one major bug with your theme. The bloc editor is not displayed in order to create lessons. It’s not possible to add the main lesson title as well. It does not work as well with the “Classic editor” plugin. I checked possible conflicts with others plugins. Still does not work. I switched to another theme (Twenty Seventy nine) and this time, all is perfect. So the issue comes from Superfine. Is it possible that this is due to the fact this theme has not been updated for more than 1 year or just a compatibility issue ? Thank you. Regards.

You welcome anytime!!

Hi.. Just installed the new Superfine update (2.0). Learndash plugin is working ok now so far. However, got some issues with the theme settings (will be my next post). Regards.

Hi again,

Great that the plugin worked.

If you have any issues, please contact us via support form to check with you.

Hi, how can we solve the Google Maps API problem/error? Thanks


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Google Maps is no longer free. You have to associate a credit card so that you can get billed if your site has requests that exceed the $200 credit they give you monthly for free. That is why you get the watermarked maps.

For more information, see: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/

Hope that help.

Oh my god ...

I just upgraded Wordpress to 5.2, and nothing in the backend of Superfine works anymore … That’s a bummy.

I understand that the theme has outdated core files :(


Thanks for using our theme,

Seems you didn’t purchase the item, so we don’t know what is your issue,

If you need support you have to purchase the item to complete the support process.


omws Purchased


This theme has not been updated for more than a year here

Will you release an update soon please, like all quality authors on Themeforest do ?



Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Yes we are planning to update all our themes, but we are just making some internal changes in our process and systems and once we finish, we’ll update and you will be notified with the upcoming releases.

Thanks for your expected patience.

Hi. Will you be updating this theme soon? I’ve moved it to another site where it works better but I see you haven’t updated it in almost a year. Are you planning an update or have you abandoned it? I don’t want to request a refund as we now are charged for every transaction by Envato. And I got this when it was on sale so to buy another theme will be twice what I paid for this and I like this one. But I don’t want to build my site on it only to find you guys have abandoned it for your other themes. If you (or any developer) aren’t planning to update a theme at least once a year, I think you should just pull it from Envato. Hope you are planning an update in the upcoming months.


Also, your portfolio pages aren’t showing in the demo. It’s been like this for awhile. Please fix it as I can’t see how they’re supposed to look. Thanks.


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

The last theme update was in June 2018 not a year ago :)

We are planning to update the theme, we are still supporting it.

About the portfolio, we’ll check this and fix, thank for your help.

Hi! is there any modal pop up in the theme? Thank you!


Thanks for interesting in our theme,

Unfortunately this feature is not implemented in the theme.

Hi. I think there are few people who appreciate good design more than I do. I was about to buy another theme just for the great design, but I decided to do some more research and I have to say, this theme is SLICK! Makes other themes seem so boring. Beautiful design. Only problem is I’m getting a 404 error on many of the pages and would really like to see the Pricing Tables, Creative layouts, About Us page, etc. Could you get those working? Definitely plan to buy. Thanks!

Hi again mate,

I agree with you, Yes there are some missing features but this can be added in future but the problem is that we are having too many other planned tasks and this can’t be performed this time.

About the page size, this depends on your content size (images, media, etc…) and you can optimize the content.

can you please contact us via support form to discuss ?

Yeah, like it doesn’t make sense that there are 7 styling options for logo text when it’s 2019. Who uses text for a logo these days? And the only other option is the logo image. I can tweak CSS so it’s not a problem to just that but that’s the kind of stuff that seems so outdated.

The page size I’m talking about is your demo page. 7MB. That’s a huge load size. I’ll compress the images, add some caching, etc. and try to reduce the load time.

I’ll go through the support forum but there’s so much to address, I have to make a list. Going to spend a little more time getting used to it and figure out how much I can tweak on my own.

One thing that is absolutely essential is having two logos – one for a transparent menu and one for the sticky menu. And also a mobile logo is good.


Hi again mate

I agree we have other themes that do all what you mentioned starting from OCTA and if this will take so much time from your side I suggest you choose a new one and request a refund and we’ll appreciate that it didn’t fit your needs this is why we asked you to contact us via support form:)

Hello, i’ve a pre-purchase question: Your plugin is compatible with WP 5.0? And Gutenberg? If no, there is a new update of your theme soon? Thanks.


Thanks for interesting in our theme,

Yes the theme is compatible with WP 5 and also Gutenberg Editor :)

Very nice! And with the update of theme? There is an update soon or nothing? For WPBakery builder and Rev Slider security update

They are already updated when you install them from the required plugins installation message in the theme, but they are not included yet, We’ll include them very soon.

Hi, Just viewed my site and noticed Google Maps is not loading correctly as it has the grayed out map.


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Google Maps is no longer free. You have to associate a credit card so that you can get billed.

For more information, see: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/user-guide/

Hello, I have purchased the Theme in 2016, but due to health issue have not used it until now. I have uploaded the latest version, as well as uploaded all plugins, but I still get an error message “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with Alias main-home-slider not found”. I have uploaded the latest Revolution slider plugin and activated it, but still this message is there.

And when I click “Edit with WP Bakery” it is loading and then the page is just white with baker’s hat in the middle (again, theme is updated and plugin also updated from the zip files you provided).

So basically, currently the Theme I purchased and did not touch is not usable :(


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

About the Rev. Slider, please follow the documentation instructions to import the sliders as this message means that the home slider is missing and you didn’t import it.

About the WP Backery issue, please contact us via support form to check with you this issue.

Please be informed that the theme you purchased is usable and working with all of our buyers, there seems to be an issue with your server settings or limitations.

Heya… When editing the pages (import data) that you made with the back-end editing feature from bakery, any edited block will skip down the page. Each and every time a block (i.e. Heading 2) is edited, it will
further down the page and I find it impossible to move it back up… I ran out of “Support” and am not able to renew it now (can’t pay), but I find it ridiculous that I could not find a free answer after having paid 50 Euros for it. Sorry mate, hope you can reply or point me to a video or so. Cheers

by “further down the page”, I mean, it will bump the section down on each and every edit… Hope that clarifies that


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

We provide support for theme broken functionality and bug fixes and this is your case so don’t worry we are ready to support :)

About your issue, can you please make sure you are using the latest versions from the theme and the WPBackery and SuperFine Shortcodes plugin ?

If yes and the issue still exist, please contact us via support and we’ll check with you in action.

Please be informed that we are on vacation and will be back within 4 days so your patience is highly appreciated :)

Hello! I’m having a problem filling out the product pages. The description of the item (not a short description) is missing in the entry editor. How can I insert a description of the product? Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/jtwyrj


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Please contact us via support form to check with you, and please be informed that your support period has been expired, so kindly please extend it to complete the support process.

Can I use another Font instead of Google Web Fonts? Thanks!


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Email replied please check :)

Hi, this is a second account of hooligans92 (the comment up to this). Thanks for the reply, i purchased the theme. I waiting for the update. Now i’m testing the GDPR plugin by CookieBot.

Hi again,

Thanks for purchasing our theme, hope you enjoy working with it.

We are working on the updates you can keep working on the theme as there are no big diffeences between the existing plugins and the latest releases :)

Hello, pre-purchase question: Your theme have compatibility with WP 4.9.6 and GDPR plugin? If not, when u update your theme?


Thanks for interesting in our theme,

Yes the theme is compatible with WP 4.9.x, But Unfortunately we didn’t test the theme on the GDPR plugin.

We’ll update the theme soon, as there is no urgent need to do updates for the latest included plugins as there are no huge differences.

Hi, when are you planning upgrade to Font Awesome 5? there are already many plugins that are using new JS for FA5 and we can’t use them with your beautiful theme :(

Hi again,

Unfortunately we tried our best to include the new font awesone update but the problem is that we are using the one from the WPBackery Visual composer library and we just are waiting for the update from their side.

About the Sale, We are planning to make a new sale for all of our items and will be very soon :)

Great news – thank you, so I’ll wait for SALE and update :)

Thanks for understanding :), The Sale will be very soon, Just follow us to stay updated with it :)

Hello, Faced many problems and errors in the template! Sliders are not installed correctly, you can not configure the Blog, WPBakery Page Builder does not work on the blog page and on the product pages. These are the problems that confronted only today ….


Thanks for purchasing our theme,

Please follow the documentation to easily import the demo sliders.

About the blog, please enable it from the WPBakery Page builder > Role Manager > Post types and choose what you want.

If you still facing any issues, please contact us via support form to check with you.

Disconnected as you said, but nothing has changed Look at the screenshots: 1. http://prntscr.com/jap2h6 2. http://prntscr.com/jap1d1 3. http://prntscr.com/jap0s5 4. http://prntscr.com/jap0aj 5. http://prntscr.com/jaozx0 6. http://prntscr.com/jaozke

it should not be!

Please contact us via support form to check with you

hi, I have problem with some font-awesome icons display. I have WordPress 4.7.10. Is upgrading to Wordpress 4.9.5 save?


The icons are working fine and I checked them with all WP versions,

Please contact us via support form to check with you in action.

You were completely right, it was W3 Total Cache that was converting my icons into svg. Thank you again :)

You welcome anytime mate :)