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Awesome Theme Man, Really looks good and professional as well. That’s why I brought it. But, I am not a programmer, I know a little bit, not a lot but a little bit :)

I downloaded it, I have uploaded it to my site, it’s up and running but how do get things to work. Do I need to connect it up to a cms software to get it to work. Blondie here so need to spell it out to me, what I need to do now.


Hi I am using the datepicker but the text box default is mm/dd/yyyy. I just need to fix it as always dd/mm/yyyy instead, euro instead of yankee stylee!

I thought this would be an easy thing to find and change with a quick stackoverflow search but I’ve spent enough time trying I think its fair enough to ask now ;-) I think its all about defining the format like below but I can’t find which file or where to set the format in.

$(’.datepicker’).datepicker({format: ‘mm/dd/yyyy’})



You can change it in js/plugins.js line ~50. Let me know if you have questions or usggestions…

PS: ”...yankee stylee…” XD…

Thanks Aqvatarius, that what I though and had changed line 50 to:

if($(”.datepicker”).length > 0) $(”.datepicker”).datepicker({format: “dd/mm/yyyy”,nextText: ””, prevText: ””});

But no success still so I wondered if there was somewhere else overriding that like the language declaration (everything I have is set to “en” though.


Hello again,

There used jquery UI datepicker, so right to use:

dateFormat: "dd/mm/yyyy" 

I’m planning to buy it, does the author still maintaining this themes ?

Hello, yes… It’s supported, and new updates coming soon…

hello, please it’s posiible to align sidebar navigation to the right of the page ? thanks for reply

Sure you can. Just move parent div.col-md-2 after 2 div.col-md-5. Thats all. Contact me by email if you need help with it.

hello, please it’s posible to combine tabs with scrool content now its working only after resize windows … ?

Hi, is there any way to see this page? thanks

Hi Great theme. Any chance for menu on sidebar?

Hi, Can you tell me what i can do with this theme like – can i link a website and manage it from the admin or menu or what

hi, this looks good to me. Is this using Bootstrap SASS or LESS? And does it uses Grunt for building the theme? Thank you!

yeah, just came up quite later… You have any comments on “SASS/LESS files included” in your theme ?

Ok, i guess you don’t want or can’t answer this question. However, the absence of the source files make it quite useless. Or how would one integrate this then….

No, there is no SASS or LESS files. I didnt answered on you last question couse u asked it in the middle of the night for me. Sorry

Hi I love this Template very much but before purchasing I have few quires

Q1: I want create a new website in and I want to use your template is this work with C# code?

Q2: After purchasing the regular license is it free for life time or I have to pay yearly/monthly for that ?

Hi, it seems like the page is not correctly displayed on iPhone devices (it scales as if it is an iPad). Are you able to reproduce and fix it?

Kind regards Christopher

Hello, I was testing a demo, however when you’re looking for my cell phone, it does not scale, not even in the chrome F12 browser. It only gets really responsive when I resize the browser window.