Discussion on TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Discussion on TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

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Is there a way to get the TinyMCE text editor to pull in the typography styling options that were set from TheGem theme options? When I’m editing a page/post and go to type my text, in the dropdown option which allows you to select from Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc, the styles that show up do not match what was selected in TheGem’s Typography settings. On the front-end of the site it matches but I was hoping to get an actual representation of my font styles and colors while editing within TinyMCE as well. Just wondering if I was missing something…

Hi, replied in ticket


See the pricing table on this page? There’s a thin blue line underneath the title. I tried to change it with the following custom CSS in Customizer, but nothing yet.

.pricing-table-style-3 .pricing-row-title:after { background-color: #ff9900; }

Am I missing something here? Can you advise on a fix please?


I’d really like to change the light blue hover color for both the icon and the button on this page to #ff9900 – but I just cannot find where you have this setting. Please advise.

nvm….found it

Thank you for letting us know.

​Hello, I have successfully installed TheGem theme in my Wordpress site.

However, when I set featured images in Posts, it creates new image versions with following suffixes​ -thegem-blog-default.png​ -thegem-blog-timeline-large.png -thegem-portfolio-metro-medium.png -thegem-portfolio-metro.png -thegem-post-thumb-large.png​ -thegem-post-thumb-small.png

The problem is, I use W3 Total Cache plugin configured with S3 and AWS Cloudfront.

When I upload images via Wordpress Media, those images get perfectly synced with the S3 bucket and Cloudfront ( according to W3 total cache plugin)

But, when I choose an image which is already available in the media library as a featured image, New versions of images get created with above suffixes. But they are not getting updated in S3 and Cloudfront.

Also, even though I deleted the original image from Media library, these new image versions still exists in the server.

IS there a way to stop creating new image versions when setting Featured images for Posts ?

Or what is the solution for this ?

Hi, please contact us via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes and provide your URL and purchase code, we will check


YusMas Purchased

Hi there, I bought the theme today and every time i try to activate it ,it says “Activation failed. Please try again.”. can you solve this issue.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please provide your URL and purchase code via our support center at codexthemes.ticksy.com, thanx


YusMas Purchased

I opened a ticket in the support center

Hi Author,

I just purchased 6 months of extra support due to a problem I managed solving myself 1 minute after.. Any chance you can cancel and refund my support package? :(

Hi, please contact our support via codexthemes.ticksy.com and provide your purchase code

Interesting theme with many functions but the support seems very slow and without solving problems. I’ve been following him for a long time. :)

Hi, would you be so kind to provide your ticket number so we can check? Our support responses are very fast so just wondering why it seems to be slow for you, thanx