Discussion on TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Discussion on TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Kat_Craig Purchased

Hi there, it looks like my support has expired, but I’m hoping there’s a quick fix for this. The fonts on the mobile version of my site aren’t matching the desktop. Is there somewhere I can go to fix this? Actually I’ll send a message with my credentials, thanks.


zainabubu Purchased

Hello, can I use the in a multi-store environment? In my case, I want to have a us.xyz.com with inventory linked directly to amazon’s fba while the store based in my country can continue to handle item request without conflicts with the limited items available internationally


1) Do the filters work together with “infinite scroll/standard pagination” or the filters only show posts that were already loaded?

2) Can I change the ADD TO CART button to an affiliate link?

3) Can I replace the text of each filter as I want? for example change “Brand” to “Type” ?


Hi, we can confirm that:

1. Filters work with all pagination types 2. yes 3. yes, sure, it depends on your own attributes and naming

Thank you

Posting a comment as the Support team are unable to help. Hoping someone else has had the same issue and fixed it. Basically, the element “Icon with Text” has stopped working. When I click on “select” to choose an icon, nothing happens. The support team logged in to my wp-admin but couldn’t replicate the issue – it worked fine for them. Bizarrely, I found a short term solution. I logged out of my own username and logged back in as a different user. Everything worked fine again – but only for 10 days. Now the Icon with Text functionality has stopped working again, suddenly. I cleared all caches, but no luck. I found one person who experienced the same with another theme and they were told it was a bug in the theme. But I’m reluctant to change the theme. Any ideas?

Hi, this sounds definitely as a cache issue. As we cannot find any support ticket from you in this concern, would you be so kind to share your ticket number?

Hi, when pagination go to another page it´s stay loading forever

Hi, please contact us via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes and provide your purchase code and your URL, thank you


srm1503 Purchased

Hello. How do I add menu labels such as ‘hot’ and ‘new’ as shown in demos?

Hi, please activate Mega Menu and add it in the item settings, take a look: https://prnt.sc/WCszUDLIiRcQ https://prnt.sc/ZK9WTeEBerZ0

wazitano Purchased

You have frequently explained for users how fonts can be self-hosted within the GEM theme settings.

However there does not appear to be any clear way of disabling the google font API call (and script load), even when every font (typography setting) throughout the entire theme settings has been changed to a local font.

Please confirm how fully removing this can be done. (e.g. for complete de-googled site security/privacy compliance, and optimum page performance)


Hi, if you have entirely changed all settings it should be working. Please be so kind to provide your website credentials via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes so we can check your settings?


wazitano Purchased

Thanks for your response. Yes I can confirm the local fonts do work on the front end (even though they do not actually appear in the preview pane for the backend type settings for some reason, but thats a minor issue I can ignore).

My main question related to how to stop the google font script being loaded across the site (there does not appear to be a settings to disable google font loading).

Are you suggesting that if I have definitely set all font settings to use local versions, then the google script should automatically stop loading by itself? (because I am pretty sure I have triple checked every single type setting and selected local, and yet the google script still loads)

- thanks for any confirmations of how it is intended to work

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, please kindly be informed, that we have replied and resolved. Please do not publish such kind of links in a public comments sections (sensitive personal content) you can always use our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes to share such details, thank you


gregofori Purchased

I would like to purchase this theme. I have one concern. I would like to develop on a staging site with a different domain name. Once i have completed staging and move to live, will i be able to use the licence on the new live site with a different domain name?

Hi, thank you for your request. Yes, absolutely: you can develop on the staging instance and transfer it to the live instance with different domain name using the same license.

hi my theme is not updating, it says An error occurred while updating TheGem Import: Purchase code verification failed. Activate TheGem

Hi, there is a license violation on your end: you run TheGem on multiple websites under the same license. Please contact us via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes for further details


Fatbond Purchased

my support service has expired, so I cannot open a ticket. On your activation manager page, only one site is registered in my account. However, I cannot activate a new site with my purchase code. why is this? thx!

Hi, please provide your URL and purchase code via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes so we can check

TWO WEEKS WAITING for a simple help with an issue about special characters. Maybe if I make this public, these people will react and take me seriously.

I think this is the worst support I ever had in more than 10 years in Envato.

PS: ticket opened in July, 10th in their support platform https://codexthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/3063069

UPD: already resolved via support ticket

Hi there. We have written several times to arrange a refund. As yet: nothing heard back at all. A bit worried as purchased a few weeks back. Please reply thanks.

Hi ,sorry for this delay, we have replied on your request


joell-22 Purchased

Hello, I have two questions.

1. How do I translate an individual header or footer with WPML? I can’t find it in the documentation.

2. Is there a way to duplicate an individual header or footer layout?

Thanx for your help! Joe

Hi, we have replied per mail, please check


bnodg Purchased

Hi, how do I change the hover color or portfolio items on Business Consulting 2 theme?

Hi, sorry for this delay, all hover colors can be changed via Theme Options – Colors – Hover Colors. Alternatively, you can also use custom css via “Custom CSS” field in Theme Options, here is an example:

body .gem-custom-portfolio-hover-bg .hover-circular .portfolio-item .image .overlay .overlay-circle {
background: rgba(255,108,48,0.7) !important;

Was my comment deleted ?? Urgent my site is down and I have a problem with licence activation – I can no longer activate it on my site and update the plugins ): it should be valid !

Hi, which comment do you mean? We have replied on your mail concerning this issue, please check (you have activated on too many instances)

Is there any option to show the team members in a carousel?

Hi, replied per mail


ArisonOG Purchased


today we wanted to update our TheGem Theme but the purchase code verification fails although it states that the purchase code is valid.

Is there a known error?

Hi, please be so kind to share your license via our contact form at https://themeforest.net/user/codexthemes

Good morning. I am interested in your theme and would like to know the following before purchasing: 1- Does the theme support multilanguage? If so, what multilanguage plugins does it support and where does the language selector place the theme? 2- Are the demos imported complete? 3- Is it necessary to pay separately to enable the google map on the contact page? 4- Elementor is activated or do I have to buy it separately?

Is possible/allowed to download the demos, build the site on my localhost and then upload it to the final hosting?

Is possible/allowed to download the demo, build the site on my localhost and then upload it to the final hosting and not have problems?

Hi, yes, sure. One license allows you to build the website on one localhost, one staging/development environment and transfer it to the final production environment.

Hi, Does anyone know how to change the footer to look like this demo? https://codex-themes.com/thegem/product-landing-3/

3 columns spaced evenly. Thank you in advance.

Hi, do you mean this https://prnt.sc/_KB-1eVmkN03 ?


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