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I want a page, there are several select2-option elements,how do?

would you send me document of modal? thanks.

ajax-modal. when click button,show the new page on modal.

Bootstrap Modal documents here http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals

The ajax-modal likes the modal “remote” option, but it does not need a .modal-content, you can define the content as you want.


Hi there,

Is there a simple way to load tab content via ajax (something like ajaxModal)?

Thank you.

I think the ajax and mouseover do work, but the tab class is not toggled, so it does not appear. Can you fix it?

Ok. Self-fixed. Hehe. Thanks.

$(document).on(‘mouseover’, ‘[data-tab-src]’, function(e){ var $this = $(this) , $target = $this.attr(‘href’) , $remote = $this.attr(‘data-tab-src’); });


you got!

I really like your designs. Reminds me a lot of the PROUI template on this site. Actually yours I believe are a little more pleasing to the eye but PROUI is a little more polished on functionality and links actually doing something. Great work though. I will keep an eye out for changes and hopefully would like to purchase your designs.

There are many jQuery plugins, Thanks

Hello, I like this admin template. And i want to use it for my business. Are you interested to make the templlate working for me?

Sent me a msg via my profile page and we discuss the details. Thanks

How do I connect Wysiwyg editor to html tag – textarea?

The html tag wrapped by a div, so you can use a js to get the inner html from the div and put it in a hidden textarea when you post the form.

i cant get the vertical wizard to work (the one shown on the live demo ‘components.html’ page).

notice it does not work in your demo either… something broken, cant figure out what though :(

This bug fixed on “Notebook”, i will update todo soon. but if you want fix it soon. you can send me msg via my profile page. Thanks

Just updated and fixed the bug.

cool thanks! ill check it out :)

Dear, We all ready purchase todo-web-application-and-admin-panel-template/5458827 Item Purchase Code: 6883104f-8a50-4a33-80ea-ec6079a9dd8b Purchase Date: 2014-07-15 08:43:23 UTC we checked this template in ie 8 from live preview from your site but your downloaded zip file is issue problem in ie 8. (Please Check blog.html from downloaded zip file and also check live preview from http://themeforest.net it’s work fine in ie 8) Please give send me final zip

you can download from your account->downloads. it’s the final zip. Thanks

Do you have some bower.json prepared with all resources you’re using in this template? Thanks!

No bower.json file, Thanks

Excellent Jobb :D I like your work :D Good Luck with sales


It’s me again. This times I’ve got stucked with calling WYSIWYG editor in an ajaxModal. Try to call every function there is but still can’t get Fonts, Sizes and Link button to work. Also there are Bootstrap and Jquery UI required as well.

Any advice on what to call when in an ajaxModal?


i think need calll the $(’.dropdown-toggle’).dropdown() http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#dropdowns

Yep. It worked perfectly. Thanks.

May I have your contact please? I like your work, it’s neat and well-written, I bought 2 of your recent items. I just want to follow you, just in case I find more things in common.

you can send msg on my profile page or follow me on Envato. Thanks

Can you have multiple sections in a vbox? Like so <section class=”vbox”> <header></header> <section></section> <section></section> <footer></section> </section>

This doesnt seem to work for me

only for one section in vbox. Thanks

That seems extremely limited – how do you suggest we do a complicated layout? I quote your documentation – “use .vbox(vertical box) and .hbox(horizontal box) to build the web application layout. you can build the complicated layout as you want.”

if you want to put multiple section in a vbox. you can use the flex .vbox, check the http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/tasks.html right side.


Hi, What is the best way to make footer bigger ? I want to put <textarea> in the footer however footer is too small for that. Much appreciated for any help

you need custom css, eg
.vbox > section.w-f-lg {bottom: 150px;}
.vbox > footer.f-lg {height: 150px;}

Move .btn-info CSS styling to come after .btn-white in app.css to fix button active styling on bootstrap wysiwyg editor.

Unsure if it breaks anything, but seems to work fine.

no breaks. Thanks

I’m trying to reproduce the “USD/GBP”-Dropdown Select from /form.html Please, which .js library makes this happen? Is there a .js sequence that I must to follow? Thank you very much for your great work.

You can see the code in the “js/app.js” line 107-139. you need put a “dropdown-select” class on the ul.dropdown-menu


Hy, is there any “easy” way to show site view on sm (max-width: 991px) like it is on xs (without sidebar). I have some items in header and it gets a bit messy when width is between 767 and 977 px. So I would like to remove sidebar and contents of header when it gets smaller then 991 and show them in dropdown like it is in max-width: 767px.


in the “less/app.layout.less”, change the @media (min-width: 768px) to @media (min-width: 992px) and regenerate the app.css file.

also need use the “hidden-sm” on the .nav-primary.


update ?

No update for new features. but will keep updating to latest Bootstrap.


Hi, thanks for template.

I try to use highcharts with, but I have some bugs. As you can see, it’s very annoying. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot.


EDIT: This bug seems appear only in Chrome…

Is anyway to see it online? need debug on live page. Thanks

Love all your themes and plan to purchase this one. Quick question on email layout. Like how the detail appears when list item clicked, however on mobile it is not noticed at bottom of list. Is there an elegant way to make this more obvious for mobile users? Or maybe I need to create distinct layout that toggle list view for mobile users.

Thanks for your assistance.

Show detail section when you click on the list. you can hide the list when detail shows.


hi how i can add the calendar event to sql ?

ie8 and ie9 not working…


I did not see any error on ie9. but got a js error on ie8.