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Realy clear! Congratulation! :P


Thank you!

Great work, Flatfull! :)

Thanks :)

Looks wonderlicious, congrats!

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Very nice! Found some hover issues. When you hover the navigation side bar the whole content in the main screens moves 2px or so. Same for if you hover the reply icon in the mail part. Using safari on mac

EDIT: sorry, it’s the scroll bar popping in ;)

fixed the landing.html on mobile. Thanks

yw. I really love this theme so I’ll be going through it in detail so I can buy it ;) Any hints on future additions?

will add some widgets, Thanks

Awesome Template :)

Thank you!

The bug wevdberg mentioned above appears in Chrome for OS X, too. Also, I’ve noticed a similar behaviour when you hover on any chart (homepage or charts page).

when you mouse over a content which height is more than it can take, the scroll will show. default the scroll is hidden.

this is useful when you have multiple vbox contents on one page.

Hi again! I have attached a movie (to better understand what is happening): http://videobam.com/YsoeB

The idea is that when a user hovers a chart widget, while the mouse is on a specific “point” of that chart, the window scroll is showed. When the user is hovering the chart but is not over a specific “point” of that chart, the window scroll hides itself.

i will check this later. thanks

Beautiful and inspiring work! Congratulations!


Wow… Lovely stuff !!

Thank you!

LOVE IT!!! Will buy soon. P.S. Don’t forget to change your “You can get this theme at here” links.

Thank you! :)

Awesome design!!!! :)

Good luck with sales! ;)


ix Purchased

This is some quality work here. In fact for first version it looks really, really nice. The slider can be fixed so the content doesn’t move every time it’s being shown, but that’s not a big issue.


Are you planning to add a blog section as a future update?

added in the todo list. Thanks

Bought your first theme, loved it. Bought this one, love it even more.

I have a feeling that this one will become more popular than your first!

Thanks! :)

Wow very good work! :)


Amazing!! I’m speechless!! Congratulations!


Beautiful theme, and I’ll likely purchase it soon. Would you consider adding a photo and video gallery module/page using masonry or isotope?

add masonry on the todo list. Thanks

Some considerations … I think you should have more examples to form components, such as form validation, masks, etc.. Another point is that it should have an option to choose the color palette. And finally you can categorize your tasks? Divide by folders and move between them? and also do the same with the notes?

This is possible in this template, you can put examples?

the form & form wizard validation use parsley, more docs and example view http://parsleyjs.org/,

use the less file can build your own color palette.

add section for the task and note is good point. i will implement this when i get some time.