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I bought the Todo-web application and admin panel template. However, the download only included the admin panel without the front-page. please can you send me a file that include the front page. also it is supposed to be a php file.

It’s the landing.html file. no php file in this item. Thanks


On your UI Kits/Form (form.html), you have a form in a popup modal button.

In the modal popup, the styles for 3 social buttons are missing, so it does not show up (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus). This can be verified in the live preview as well.

Kindly fix this.

Never mind, I had my adblocker turned on, so that hides these buttons, maybe we can rename the styles.

Sorry about the message.

Will you upgrade it to Bootstrap 4?

No plan for this. Thanks

Hi sir,actually,,i am creating a php script to sell in codecanyon.net,but i have a some questions 1.if we purchase your admin template,,we can use in your php script or not 2.how to integrate our development code to your template 3.you will provide any source code sir.4.Is there any requirement 5.Will you give login page also


spenzer Purchased

Minor bug found.

On the components.html page, when you click on the “Popover on top” button the popup appears, if you press the same button it closes. However, if you open it up again, and you exit by pressing the exit button in the corner of the popup, you have to click on the “Popover on top” button twice to open it again (one to close it, even though it’s already closed, but JS code don’t know that) and once again to open it.

Another thing I noticed is that you load the modal from an external file, why is it done this way? Getting cross origin errors:

Failed to load file:///C:/wamp64/www/todo%20theme/modal.html: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https. send @ jquery.min.js:6 ajax @ jquery.min.js:6 x.fn.load @ jquery.min.js:6 (anonymous) @ app.js:104 dispatch @ jquery.min.js:5 v.handle @ jquery.min.js:5

Just wanted to let you know. All over I am very satisfied with the quality theme I got for the amount I paid.

Keep up the good work.


Can you provide implementation/development support of this dashboard/theme for me at a cost?

I have a multitab excel spreadsheet with inputs that have excel calculations on the back end. The resulting graphs and data are shown in excel today, but would want to have them in a secure portal.

I would have an admin able to see all the reports produced, and a user view to see only their specific profile/reports.

Is this something can support through your portal dashboard?

Thanks, Kevin

hi, does the template support RTL? I need to write on Hebrew

Sir , can buy this template to use my application which i gonna develop ERP application and upload codecanyon to use as instance based, please give me a genuine answer .


msgyhe Purchased

I buyed a “themeforest-5458827-todo-web-application-and-admin-panel-template” but I can’t install because error message appear “ style.css file isn’t this theme” why???

Bring down the price :D