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Any chance you’ve given thought to porting the Notes/Tasks over to Angular from Backbone?

You can check the Note/Task app on Angulr


Love the theme and have used it extensively.

There is one issue with the datepicker – if you select a date and scroll down on the same window, the calendar moves too.

Is there way to correct this?

you can update to the new datepicker init function.

also looks like this one requires glyphicons

glyphicons are embed in the bootstrap.css. you just need copy the glyphicons fonts to the fonts folder. you can download the glyphicons from http://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/#download


i want to know if you are aware of a “bug” in the menu?, using Todo in desktop with a small screen (big enough to not get into mobile) and the menu containing maybe eight or more items, the menu starts to fail from the item in the screen ends, so the next items don’t have any background (but is possible to click).

Someone have asked about this? There is a fix or a get around? Are you planning to fix it?

I suggest rearrange your menus, put it in the sub menu. thanks

What is the recommended way of reading the structure of the nested/drag drop tree lists?

Can I use todo template for job training without extend license, I am a PHP teacher of training school from chinese, Our college need a fresh backend template. I recommend your template, but Our college No plan for buying a template. I Want to use your template, Regular license can you accept?

If your college do not sell the end product to the end user. it’s ok for regular license.


Thank you, I really appreciate it.

How to compile css/js in one min file in todo template, I notice that complete in demo. I think that is prefer. can you tell how to do that or share script to me, thanks.

Hello. I’m going to use ToDo for my open-source application. Does license rules allows such usage?


It’s not the official answer, but i think you need a Extended license and do not include the source files in your open-source application.



I am not familiar with less. I tried to compile the less files with a compiler and it didn’t work (obviously, because you break the source files down to smaller pieces).

Is there a way to compile the less files online? I cannot install php on my computer to run the compiler pages you included in your less folder.


This file using the php to compile the less files. if you do not have the php. you can use other tools.

grunt https://github.com/gruntjs/grunt-contrib-less python https://github.com/lesscpy/lesscpy

Hi how r u

I m like to management panel ,but my project want to used The Executive Panel has prepared a project I want to use yours

You can use this panel style for your project. Thanks


We are testing this template, and if you update Select2 to version 4 isn’t display properly

Will you add support to this version of Select2?

Thanks, now works perfectly!

Great theme

hello, i’m trying to send a form post and i can’t send the html5 rich text editor field… any suggestion? i add the tag “name=’descrpcion’ in the input” but nothing… the others fields of the form functions ok… great theme, thanks!. licence: 60170a8a-7d42-4f24-ba7a-7e1d445c384e

You can upgrade the js/wysiwyg to the latest version https://github.com/steveathon/bootstrap-wysiwyg

then use a hidden textarea to saving the editor content.

<textarea id="editor-holder"  style="display:none;"></textarea>
$('#editor').wysiwyg().on('change', function(){

Hello, I’ve created a modal and I have a form inside that modal. The problem is at the date type inputs. The datepicker doesn’t show in modal. It’s behind the modal. How can I bring it in front of modal? Thank you

Use a custom css
  z-index: 1100;

Thank you for help ! Works great


bealers Purchased


I am a licenced user of your ToDo application theme.

I am using it to skin a server-side application that I am building and I have a number of modifications that I need to be made.

Before approaching other developers I figured I’d ask if you were interested in customising your theme for me? If so, what would be your hourly/daily rate for custom work please? Also, is this the best way to get hold of you?

If you are interested I will start to draw up a brief.

Busy on other projects. No time for custom work. Thanks


bealers Purchased

OK, thanks. Can you recommend other developers who you know have customised your work?

Do not know such developers. Sorry can not help you.


nghi Purchased

Hi, it’s me again. Just a quick question, hope you don’t mind. I’m stuck with ajaxModal. I want to prevent a modal from close if clicking outside. I can do that with a normal modal by adding data-backdrop=”static”, but it won’t work with ajaxModal. Can you give me a hint?

The ajaxModal is a custom function in app.js line 95, you can give a option in line 103 $modal.modal({backdrop:’static’}); to prevent backdrop closing modal.

This is a admin template. you can use it for front-end theme’s back-end style.


Hello. How can I take the value from the slider input?

thank you

Figured out how :) thank you anyway

Hello. Can the php RESTful api for notes also be user to access user data?

No, this is not a php RESTful api. it’s http://backbonejs.org/docs/backbone.localStorage.html

ac0a4afb-f449-4115-9174-561e56ce8a5e – 28 Oct 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Looking for whitepapers (instructions) on customizing