Discussion on uAdmin - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on uAdmin - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

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Hi Pixelcave, i already purchase uadmin. but there is issue about data table is not working, what should i do ? thank you

Hi, many thanks for choosing uAdmin for your project! Unfortunately, this template is no longer supported, so you might need to apply some customizations to the DataTables init code if you would like to use its latest version. In the default example, DataTables work as expected, so be sure to get started from that example.

I Liked your template & wishing to buy. Your change-log shows “v2.1 (January 15, 2015)” version 2.1 was released in 2015 & its 2017. Do u have any plan for new update or any alternative of this template ? Thanks for your nice work.

Hi, thank you for your interest in uAdmin! :-)

Unfortunately, uAdmin is no longer supported and no new updates are planned for the future. Of course, you can purchase a license and use it if you like it but you might also want to have a look at our latest projects as well, OneUI and Codebase! ;-)

hello hope you are fine

Kindly tell me about uadmin that that package contain the html files etc

can you send me the details on my email id?

Hi, thank you for your interest in uAdmin :-)

Yes, in the package you will find the HTML version with the .html files of each page presented at the online preview. If you would like any further info please send us a message through our profile’s contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible ;-)

Hi Your Template looks awsome!

So I purshased it and fooloing arround a litte bit with the template and I have a question, how can I connect my database with the web page and how can I edit this data in the same webpage?


Hi, thank you very much for your purchase, I’m very glad you like uAdmin! :-)

Please have a look at your inbox, I just replied to your email! ;-)

where do i change the tittle “uAdmin – Professional, Responsive and Flat Admin Template”

Hi, thank you very much for your purchase! :-)

Please have a look at your inbox, I just replied to your email! ;-)

pixlecave, I bought this and want to implement the user security, which you have sign-up,sign-in forms. I assume I need a back-end db to handle this and write the crud code. I don’t see any code that restricts parts of the site based on user security? Any advice on how hot to handle? BTW – I’ve sent 2 requests to you through the ThemeForest contact owner form – guess you’re not getting them.. Kevin

Hi Kevin, thank you very much for your purchase :-)

Unfortunately, there was an issue with Themeforest’s contact form recently and I haven’t received a few support requests, I’m sorry about that. If you need any assistance in the future, please include your purchase code and contact me through the form at http://pixelcave.com/contact (I’m receiving support requests now but just to be sure).

You are correct, the pages are not protected and the PHP version is a boilerplate for your web application. Some of the following tutorials might come in handy for setting up such functionality:

1. https://daveismyname.com/login-and-registration-system-with-php-bp
2. http://tutorialzine.com/2013/08/simple-registration-system-php-mysql/

Hope that helps ;-)

Hi pixelcave, nice admin theme. I’ve a pre-sales question. On the editable datatable, the demo seem to be base the data from a html table. Is there a mysql demo?

Hi pageii, thank you for your interest in uAdmin :-)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mysql demo available, the extra functionality must be coded to connect with a database! If you need any further info, do not hesitate to contact me ;-)

Hi does your template support tasks for specific persons, and does it save chat history even recipient is offline? Also Can I install this on Joomla or Wordpress? Is it compatible with my phpscripts from StivaSoft (www.phpjabbers.com)?

Is it translatable too?

Hi and thank you for your interest in uAdmin! :-)

uAdmin is an abstract template and provides the UI elements for building custom applications/websites. It doesn’t work out of the box with CMS such as Joomla and WordPress and it needs custom coding for adding the functionality you want (eg saving chat history when offline or making the chat work). Hope that info helps ;-)

Hi, Your template is PHP or HTML I don’t see in Features I need HTML5 version

Hi and thank you for your interest in uAdmin :-)

In the uAdmin package you will find 2 versions, a PHP and an HTML5 one (for using it with any other server side language) ;-)

Hi. I have had this theme for over a year now and its absolutely awesome. Good work guys. I needed to know how I can set the navigation menu to be collapsed at all times. I do not want the sub list items to be hidden. Currently if an item on the navigation list menu has child items, the child items are initially hidden by default. They only appear after you have clicked on the parent item. I would like to have the child items shown at all times. Can you let me know where i can make the changes on the code.



Hi Arnold and thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comments, I’m very glad you like uAdmin :-)

Please send me a message through my Themeforest profile’s contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the required updates to the code ;-)

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to get back the left collapsible sidebar.

This is a screenshot of another template Josh, it’s not uAdmin :-)

Oh yeah, I just noticed that lol my bad.

No problem, happy coding ;-)

We’ve been using the uAdmin template for our project – it has been great for us so far! However, one issue: the data table with search capabilities that you have listed on the example page doesn’t seem to be working on my web page. After pasting the data table into our webpage, it looks very similar to the example. However, none of the searching or sorting seems to be working. I have included all the css/js files that come with the plugin, a long with the Javascript written on the bottom of that example page.

Any idea how I can solve this issue? I have e-mailed you (pixelcave) also, so I’d be happy with a response to either.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Tyler, please have a look at your inbox, I just replied to your email ;-)

Thanks for the great template! Been using it in one of my projects.

Question: Do you plan on adding multi-level dropdowns? That’d be a great feature I would love to see!!

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase, I’m glad you like it! :-)

I don’t currently have any plans including this feature in the main package but if you like, please send me a messsage through my profile’s contact form and I will send you back a CSS snippet for such functionality ;-)

Hi Pixelcave,

A while back ago, I purchased FlatAdmin! Well, what can I say? Just another great piece of work by you on Uadmin! Please keep up the great and hard work that you continually place into each and every one of your templates! You’ve turned me into a fan of your work!


Hi and thank you very much for your purchases and once again for your awesome and motivating comment! I’m happy you like my work and I really appreciate the time you took to let me know! I wish you all the best with your projects, happy coding and stay tuned ;-)

Hi, I purshased the template and I have a question, how can I connect my database with the web page and how can I edit this data in the same webpage?

Best regars and congratulations for the template, it is perfect! :)

HI Williams and thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comment, I’m glad you like it! :-)

Please have a look at your inbox, I just replied to your email ;-)

hi pixel i purchase uadmin 2 times mistakenly. thats y i lost $20 extra. will you return my extra $20

No worries! I’m sure Envato will get back to you soon with a refund for the extra sale ;-)

its 4 days now but still not responding. and didnt return my funds.. what i do

Hi Ridazh! Envato support usually responds in 24-48 hours but they seem to currently have many tickets to answer! From their Twitter account (a few minutes ago):

Apologies for the late response nevertheless. It’s usually 24-48 hrs but we have a huge backlog. We’re working on it! :)

I would suggest to mention them on Twitter https://twitter.com/envato_support with your ticket ID in case you don’t get an answer in the next 2 days (but I believe that you will) ;-)

The most recent update is from Feb 2014 ??? The change log history has the wrong year shown (2013).

Thank you very much for your purchase! I just corrected my mistake, thanks for pointing that out! ;-)

Such an amazing template!

I’ve been using this template for various reasons now with creating different websites (mainly for fun) and I must say it is very rich in features. This is the second template that I’ve bought form this site and pixelcave has surely wiped out the look of the original template (which has never been updated since I bought it, it’s a little old I guess). Pixelcave is surely dedicated to this project and I hope he continues with his great skills as a webpage designer.

On a side note, a few things that I’d like to see in future updates which would surely be amazing.
  • Email template when sending out welcome emails and such (big want).
  • Perhaps a few more color choices for themes, doesn’t really matter.
  • Smiley packs that can go along with the theme(s) instead of the plain glyphicons and such (again, not a big deal, just ideas).

Also, It would be nice to have sort of an update log so users know what they need to change in the html for their site to work with the new css/js files. I had a heck of a time figuring out why my login page was so messed up from the last update until I realized the css for it was different.

Otherwise, the theme is great and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for an administration theme or just any theme in general since it can tie in to about anything.

Hi and thank you very much for the time you took into writing your kind comments and suggestions! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you like working with uAdmin :-)

I try to keep updated all of my projects and implement most of the requested features I can! I kept notes of your suggestions and will try to implement them in the future!

A changelog can be found in the documentation with all the affected files. I rarely make structure-breaking changes but the issue with uAdmin was that it had to be updated from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3 version, which introduced huge HTML structure and CSS changes (this is why at first I just included a separate BS3 version of uAdmin). I will try to get in more detail about the important changes in the future and thanks for letting me know :-)

When would we be able to expect the next update? I’m looking forward to it and hoping to get an email template to use that incorporates the main parts of the theme wile cutting out all of the unneeded information from the CSS.

Right now I’m loading all of it so it has the same look but it gets too long and I get a truncated warning message because there was so much. I’m not in too big of a hurry yet but if you were planning on doing it then it would be great to have before I attempt to create my own version.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline for the next update yet but if you would like to create a simple HTML email for your project (and change colors to match with uAdmin), you could use one of the following templates:

1) http://htmlemailboilerplate.com/

2) https://github.com/leemunroe/html-email-template

Hope that helps :-)

Hello. I buy regular license 7 months ago. Can i download last version?

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase!

You just have to go to your downloads page http://themeforest.net/downloads and re-download uAdmin. You will get the latest version available :-)

Are you planning Select2 dropdown list styling? I know you have done Chosen styling, but I think Select2 is actually a more used dropdown list. It would definitely help me as I’m using it extensively in my app!

I do not have a specific date yet, but I am on it, so it will not take long! My best guess would be by the end of next week :-)

Excellent update, thanks a lot!

You’re welcome, I’m happy you like it!! Happy coding ;-)


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