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Hi there, I’m trying to set a page as full width via the “Layout Option” setting. However, it always defaults to a page with a right hand sidebar even after I click on Update. Any thoughts?

Hi, I’ve replaced that exact code but the problem is still occurring. I still cannot change a page to full width.

Email me the WP Logins and URL from my profile page contact form on themeforest.

Thanks, I just sent them through now.


Here are some questions pre-purchase: I’d like to know if the navigation bar is able to be moved? Can we change the number of columns in the home page (4 columns: easy to use, easy to generate, creative idea’s, 24/7 365 day’s support), having two?

Thank you in advance. Sincerely,


You can move menu bar from theme options panel as we have 4 header styles so you can choose any one of them. You can have 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 depends on how many columns you want to present.

Yes I have looked at what your template however it offers no proposal that would fit my model. But I do not think it is a problem to change the location of the navigation bar.

Sincerely, Vanessa.


i have the same problem as thegreatdanton.

Any solution?

Update the theme to the latest version as i have fixed the issue.


I have a question about the subheader: for every page, the subheader title automatically changes depending on the page title (ex. on the FAQ page the subheader reads “FAQ”), except for on my posts page. There it reads “Blog” instead of the title I gave the page, “News”. Any idea how to change it from “Blog” to my own custom header? Love the theme, by the way.

It’s there in theme options panel under language tab


When will you be releasing a woocomerce page template for your theme? I created my own but after the recent theme update it no longer works, woocommerce pages are not showing at all now unless I delete the woocommerce template. Then the pages show but they are not working properly.

I have tested it and i will email you the woocommerce version to your email tomorrow before i release it on themeforest just to check if there’s anything missing in it.

Love the theme!!! Wheres the code to remove to the colored line that separates the header/menu from the where the sliders go?

Its in style.css file in headers section. Its the border bottom property


I need information as I work on your template. I would like to know where I have to go to change the names of the two buttons below the slider. The second thing that I wonder about is the presentation of your home page, the elements below the buttons. It’s up to me to create personal or elements are already predefined.

Otherwise super nice template to work and watch.

Sincerely, Vanessa.

Its in the theme options section under homepage -> teaser text. Regarding the presentation of the homepage is simple choose the shortcodes generator below your content editor and assign how you want to display the page.

Hi guys. How can i add a calendar that shows my future EVENTS.?? I have created the events with categories… but just dont know how to add a calendar… thanks a lot.

sorry calendar isn’t there but i will see if i can add it in future.


I have to because I have trouble with your template. I created a carousel event. From there all three events happens, I can switch events in events but as soon as I put four events, he spent more than an event to another. Instead he jumps. What do I need to change so that the carousel event takes into account all the events?

Thank you to you. Good day.

Email me the WP Logins and URL so that i can take a closer look at the issue.


I want to put up on my site employee photos with shortcode “Staff Box”. However, it makes possible to load an image because it asks me to try again later. I still try to edit the shortcode without photo but it does not.

Y Has a fix for its bugs?

Sincerely, Vanessa.

Email me the URL and WP Logins to take a closer look at the issue. Before that make sure you are using the latest version of the vaudora theme.

Hi there,

The website I’ve been working on is How do I make the logo at the top responsive like the rest of the website? When I open it in a smart phone, it’s all skewed. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

In theme options under custom css section add the following code

.logo img { width:auto; max-width:100%; height:auto; }

Thank you. Any idea why the responsive menu isn’t working?

We have updated the theme to the latest version which fixed version for the menu as well. kindly please update the theme to the latest version and it will be fixed i think.


obh Purchased


Please could you let me know how to added fields to the contact form on the contact page.


Hi there,

I have submitted a support request through your support site however, I have had no answer yet. I really need this issue resolved asap please.

Thanks in advance!

- Support Request as per below


The I’m using contact form widgets in my sidebars and footer and when they are submitted they show a success message of ‘undefined’. Now all the fields are correctly entered in, ie Title, Email, Success Message, yet they still all appear as ‘undefined’.

I’m looking through the contactform.php in the widgets folder and I can’t seem to place my finger on the problem. Could you please elaborate on this matter for me and help me solve it asap.



Great theme. However, the tabs shortcode is not working…..How do I fix this?

We will take a closer look at it and if its a bug we will make a quick fix for it.

Your support says bug fixed but the shortcodes are not working.

I see may be you have missed something or files not updated properly may be. If you can provide the FTP logins then we can help you out updating.


I bought this theme with high hopes, and it has a ton of great features. But, I want to use the Portfolio feature, which does not work.

1. Although I am a registered user and purchaser, I have no option to open a thread on the support forums.

2. There is a “Contact us via Skype” link that they recommend on their support page, but they are NEVER online even during the times they post.

3. I used their Contact Us form more than a month ago, and up to now, not a single reply.

The support for this author’s products is non-existent, and that is such a shame.

PS. I do not have any option to rate this theme, or I would give it 2 stars.. Perhaps others do not have that option, which is why it has so few reviews…..

You can contact us on support Now we are available now. We were off yesterday as it was holiday here.

I have gone online but you never reply to your online chat. I just finished waiting an hour for a reply, and even though it is within your posted support hours, still no reply. I have sent my request again on your support site contact form, but up to now, have never gotten the help I have requested for more than a month.

UPDATE – I was contacted by Maqk at Aivah Themes this weekend. He explained the issue with the delay and offered a very humble apology. He then spent more than 2 hours working with me on all of my questions, even going so far as to provide sample data into my site.

I am extremely satisfied, and after listening to what he had to say, I feel confident that there will be no support delays in the future. Even my issue with the support site was fully handled and in a very professional manner.

They have totally redeemed themselves in my book, and I will be purchasing their MusicPlay theme now, in fact. I love their products, and now they have equally good support.

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with my contact forms. They are not sending to the selected email address.

Is this a known issue?

- JackMagic

Can you please register at our dedicated support forum where our support team will help you out.

Sorry its not a known issue may be something is wrong. Can you please update the theme and wordpress and let me know if the problem still persist please register at our support forum and post your query in the relevant category..

Hi there,

I’m planning on developing a site for a none English speaking nation and I’m wondering if the use of UTF-8 will translate the English content to their Country’s native language?

you need to use WPML for translations i think as well as UTF-8

Hi AivahThemes, sorry about the late responsive, I’m just wondering if the theme is MutliLingual ready? If I install WPML, will it be compatible with the theme?

Yes it will be.

I can’t get the Page Slider option work in the Edit Page menu. I’ve added slides with in the Slider menu, but nothing appears in the drop down menu in the Edit Page menu.

Did you created the category? Kindly create the category and then assign in it. If you still have any issues please use our dedicated support forum where our dedicated support staff will take a closer look at it.

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