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How can I test the site locally with Chrome?

The template uses AJAX to load pages. In order to allow Chrome to execute scripts locally you’ll need to append the following string to your shortcut.

The MP3 player doesn’t work in local execution inside Firefox. Why?

Firefox falls back to Flash to play those files. You’d need to change your sandbox settings or test it on a webserver like MAMP. It will run fine online, though.

I’d like to add more fields to the contact form. How can I do this?

The form is a very simple script that does not support multiple instances. This means it’s unique and cannot work along other forms. You can add as many fields you like, but you need to adapt the php processor and also the net.flashedge.app javascript.

In the js file, around line 699 you’ll find the following:
 type: "POST", url: path, data: "name=" + name + "&email=" + email + "&message=" + message, dataType: "html",
Add your custom fields to that line, like this:
type: "POST", url: path, data: "name=" + name + "&email=" + email + "&message=" + message, + "&phone=" + phone, dataType: "html",

Once you edited it, minify the js file and add a min suffix like the existing one. Keep sure you have the new fields parsed also in the php file by adding them in the code.

IE8 does not display any scrollbar! Why?

In some cases the native scrollbar is not triggered in older versions of Internet Explorer. You can force it by using the following custom stylesheet:
body { overflow:auto; }

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