Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

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ciao Emanuele, ieri ho acquistato il tuo template VEGA, molto indicato per il mio progetto. Però non sono riuscito a capire come posso guardare la foto intera, da sola (magari con il titolo), cliccando sulla miniatura che si trova in WORKS. Infatti cliccandoci sopra mi ripresenta OUR PORTFOLIO. Potresti cortesemente aiutarmi? Grazie

Ciao! La foto deve puntare su una pagina specifica. Nell’esempio vedi che apre project.html che puo contenere qualsiasi cosa tu voglia. Se hai bisogno di assistenza puoi contattarmi tramite e-mail. :)

ciao Emanuele e grazie della tua risposta. Quindi, se non ho capito male, tu dici che dovendo io fare una galleria con (diciamo) 100 immagini, devo preparare 100 pagine con estensione .htm, ognuna che contiene una sola foto? Se così, non è troppo elaborata? E poi, le immagini quanto devono misurare? Buona giornata e grazie

Ciao. Il sito era pensato per accogliere ad ogni foto un progetto con una sua sotto galleria che si puo navigare dentro un carosello. Se ha esigenza di mostrare solo una foto per volta puo usare plugins per facilitare il compito o serializzatori per generare le pagine automaticamente. Le immagini possono essere di qualsiasi dimensioni a patto che sono ottimizzate per uso web.

Is it possible to deactivate the google map in the contact page as it is no more provided for free? Or ist it possible to simply replace the google map wit OSM?

You can get an API key for Google Maps here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

It is still free up to a certain threshold. It’s up to you to restrict it.

there is a problem with google maps. You can check it out at your contact page http://themes.flashedge.net/vega/#contact. May you fix it?

Thank you for reporting. It’s just a missing API key for google maps. You can get one here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Hello there,

Please let me know what I need to copy in a homepage to be able to use your player from the theme. I need this player, and is the reason why I’ve bought this theme. Best regards,


Hi Cristian, Thank you for buying my template. I’m afraid you’ll need to strip out quite some stuff to integrate only the player in the template it is integrated into pretty much the whole site and as you might see it pauses itself when videos are played and syncs.

It might require some coding on your part to extrapolate the player. If you have any issues with the process feel free to drop me a private message.


We purchaesed themeforest-6434590-fullscreen-photography-portfolio-html5-with-shop and are really happy with it. Thank you!

The images are not sizing down to an IPhone or narrow browser format. They are about twice as wide as they are supposed to be so only half appears on the screen (width wise). All other sizes and formats are perfect.

Can you help me get to the settings that will have the images size to the smallest format? Thank you!

Best, Michael

I’d be happy to assist you, but it seems like the issue relies on a third-party template. You might have a better chance to fix it by asking the original author. If you need me to look into this contact me privately.

everything works fine until I view it on the phone or tablet then the words are cut off. please advise.

Do you have this issue with any content?

yes. It happens whenever my text exceeds the placeholder text. On the laptop and desktop it’s all readable but when I view it through the phone and the tablet it only displays part of what I wrote

You might tweak the size of the text to be smaller and fit your needs. It uses a masking for the animation, but you can style it as you want.

Hello, in Vega HTML5 Responsive Template, in the tag, I’d like to put a video that is not in Youtube nor in Vimeo, but I have its mp4 file. Could you tell me how I could do that? Thank you. Regards;

You can either use a custom player and embed it inside an iframe or use a simple video tag that will create a native player for your video.

Hi, Im Pedro, from Mexico. Im using your Vega’s theme. And I have a problem width menu items, when I press it, the link is /vega/html/index.html#reel and don´t go to the page, what is the problem?, another thing, when I put an image on, <!- logo, can be text or an image, at your discretion -> the page do not work, Can you help me? Best regards.

It might be for a number of reasons, like missing or incorrect links or conflicts with other libraries. The best thing is to inspect your work and troubleshoot it. Feel free to send me privately your link and I’ll have a look.

Hi flashedge!. I’m having an issue with AJAX.
I disabled the wall ajax transitions because I have a multilanguage system so I made some changes to work with PHP. On project page (like http://themes.flashedge.net/vega/#project) when I close the project with the close button, the url add #index and goes to Homepage instead go back on the page where I have all the projects (like http://themes.flashedge.net/vega/#works)
I’ve found this code in net.flashedge.app.min.js
if(history.length&&$(".portfolio").attr("data-close")=="true"){$(".portfolio .orbit-slide").parent().parent().append('<div class="close">Close</div>');$(".close").click(function(){history.go(-1)})}
So it seems history.go(-1) doesn’t works.
What it can be?.
If I disable AJAX with target=”_self” it works but I lose the animation with title and description at the end of the page.
Thanks for any advice!

I solved with window.location.href=’’ if(history.length&&$(".portfolio").attr("data-close")=="true"){$(".portfolio .orbit-slide").parent().parent().append('<div class="close">Close</div>');$(".close").click(function(){window.location.href=''})}
tnx the same

Glad you managed to work it out! Thank you for using my template. :)

Lovely Design!

Thank you. :)

Lovely Design!

Hi, is there anything what we can do while switching from http:// to https:// I’m always getting this error in browser on the “contact page” and losing my secure https connection on that page!? Can you please take a look. Thank you very much! Regards, Mateo

Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://business-english.at/#contact' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘http://www.google.com/mapfiles/marker.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.(anonymous function) util.js:7_.zz.m util.js:205(anonymous function) @ util.js:5

Ok..I found the bug without your help. The google links in js/jquery.plugins.js must be updated to https:// thanks anyway. Mateo

Hi Mateo, sorry for the late reply I was abroad. I’m glad you managed to get it working. If you want the browser to manage the protocols properly you can do so by just removing the whole thing and let ”//” this way the referring page will determine which protocol to use. Thanks for sharing your solution. Much appreciated! :)

the file does not work on Chrome please how?

The template works fine on my side. If you’ve done customizations keep sure all scripts are loading fine and that there isn’t any conflicting file.

HI, my client web site is very, very slow, probably a javascript problem from the theme, can you help me please, I send you a message with the link

Thank you !

You’re referring to the Wordpress version which was not made by me. The author was XiaoThemes and I didn’t hear back from him. Anyway I took the time to reply your inquiry with some hints to solve your issues. Best of luck! ;)

Hi, in the Contact Page is there any way to change to: 1- Make the Google Map higher on Desktop/Notebook device 2- Or Make the Google Map as a Background Image

Thanks in advance

The contact page might be tricky on some devices as it will calculate the height of the map by using the difference of the viewport height minus the content height in the bottom. So you’ll probably need to stick with the data-globalscroll set to true to avoid this kind of behavior and style your map as you wish.

Thank you for your answer. I understood how it works and I used a trick (adding a Padding to the Text). Now I have another question… How can I customize the Map? I can only modify the address and the zoom but I need to remove the zoom-control and the Satellinte option but if I add any parameters they are ignored.

You’ll need to edit the net.flashedge.app.js file for that. On line 834 you’ll find this:
$('#gMap').gMap({ address: a, zoom:z, mapTypeControl: true, latitude: "fit", longitude: "fit", zoomControl: true, panControl: true, scaleControl:false, streetViewControl:false,
                controlsStyle:[{mapType: google.maps.MapTypeControlStyle.HORIZONTAL_BAR, zoom:google.maps.ZoomControlStyle.SMALL }],
                markers:[{address: a}],
                onComplete: showMap});

Alter the values as you wish there. Once you’ve done save and either minify the file adding the min suffix or change the link in the document that refers to the script.

Is there any solution for this issue? My browser tells me this: 89356303?api=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&autoplay=true&player_id=vimeo_0:1 The devicemotion event is deprecated on insecure origins, and support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See https://goo.gl/rStTGz for more details. Besides that – I really love your template!

I guess either vimeo or youtube moved to https protocols. To get rid of this you need to buy a secure certificate and move your site to SSL. This way you can access their APIs with no issues.


I love your design.

I would like to know how to change the google map in the contact page from Melbourne to Montreal.

I tried different search but just cant find how to…

Thx Have a great day :)


Just replace the data-address value in the contact page with yours and the map will find the location automatically. Remember to be specific as you would when searching the location on Google Maps.

Hi there, the “prettyPhoto” option does not work on mobile devices. I tried on iPhone and on android. Please check it on your mobile under www.m.business-english.at/referenzen.html

It is very difficult to scroll. How can I fix it or add just the normal image for this page under these different categories? Thanks very much! Mateo

It has nothing to do with your iPhone. If I target the page directly it works just fine on both desktop and mobile. It’s the homepage that causes the issue whenever it loads the page through ajax.

I inspected your code and seems like the prettyPhoto stylesheet cannot be loaded in the index due a typo in your code:


There is an extra “t” in your domain, correct this and it should work fine.

About the scrolling you can just set the data-globalscroll attribute to true and use a traditional scrolling behavior for the whole site.

Ok great..thank you very much! it works..

Hi mate,

I saw your script: great work !

I have several questions about it: - when could you pass to ZF 6 ? - Is it possible to add a caption for each slide in the mais slider ? - Can MP3 player play some music by external link ? - Is it possible to add/manage easily a JS code or CSS code for main slider for translation ?


I don’t plan to migrate it to newer foundation versions or to rewrite the ajax routine just because there are better techniques now and needs to be redone from scratch at this point.

When I published the template version 2 came out and you can easily imagine how distant the versions are. ZURB switched to Zepto a while ago and then back to jQuery again. Most of the components like sliders and other things don’t work across each version. You can imagine the amount of work needed. Crafting it from scratch requires less time than adapting it.

This said the template works fine and does still its job. The mp3 player can play songs as long they’re in the same domain. You might try to load it externally, it might work depending on the browser sandbox policies. You can add captions, edit the css as you wish as long you keep the structure intact. If you plan to add javascripts you’ll need to execute them on every ajax call.

Hi there, My site isn’t responding well on mobile and tablet. Logo and men all over the place on iPad. On iPhone taking a while to download and some images are distorted www.jmcsweeneyphotography.co.uk

Are you sure you’re using the Vega Template? It seems like it’s completely different, also you don’t have any buyer’s badge.

Hi, yes, I don’t understand why I’m not showing up as having purchased. I can’t seem to add a photo, otherwise I could show you that I have Vega installed. I’m logged in here on theme forest. Is there another level of support I should have? thanks

If you have technical issues with the marketplace you should contact support on envato. For any other inquiry regarding the template feel free to contact me through my profile page.


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