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Hi, is there anything what we can do while switching from http:// to https:// I’m always getting this error in browser on the “contact page” and losing my secure https connection on that page!? Can you please take a look. Thank you very much! Regards, Mateo

Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://business-english.at/#contact' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘http://www.google.com/mapfiles/marker.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.(anonymous function) util.js:7_.zz.m util.js:205(anonymous function) @ util.js:5

Ok..I found the bug without your help. The google links in js/jquery.plugins.js must be updated to https:// thanks anyway. Mateo

Hi Mateo, sorry for the late reply I was abroad. I’m glad you managed to get it working. If you want the browser to manage the protocols properly you can do so by just removing the whole thing and let ”//” this way the referring page will determine which protocol to use. Thanks for sharing your solution. Much appreciated! :)

Lovely Design!

Lovely Design!

Thank you. :)

Hi flashedge!. I’m having an issue with AJAX.
I disabled the wall ajax transitions because I have a multilanguage system so I made some changes to work with PHP. On project page (like http://themes.flashedge.net/vega/#project) when I close the project with the close button, the url add #index and goes to Homepage instead go back on the page where I have all the projects (like http://themes.flashedge.net/vega/#works)
I’ve found this code in net.flashedge.app.min.js
if(history.length&&$(".portfolio").attr("data-close")=="true"){$(".portfolio .orbit-slide").parent().parent().append('<div class="close">Close</div>');$(".close").click(function(){history.go(-1)})}
So it seems history.go(-1) doesn’t works.
What it can be?.
If I disable AJAX with target=”_self” it works but I lose the animation with title and description at the end of the page.
Thanks for any advice!

I solved with window.location.href=’’ if(history.length&&$(".portfolio").attr("data-close")=="true"){$(".portfolio .orbit-slide").parent().parent().append('<div class="close">Close</div>');$(".close").click(function(){window.location.href=''})}
tnx the same

Glad you managed to work it out! Thank you for using my template. :)

Hi, Im Pedro, from Mexico. Im using your Vega’s theme. And I have a problem width menu items, when I press it, the link is /vega/html/index.html#reel and don´t go to the page, what is the problem?, another thing, when I put an image on, <!- logo, can be text or an image, at your discretion -> the page do not work, Can you help me? Best regards.

It might be for a number of reasons, like missing or incorrect links or conflicts with other libraries. The best thing is to inspect your work and troubleshoot it. Feel free to send me privately your link and I’ll have a look.

Hello, in Vega HTML5 Responsive Template, in the tag, I’d like to put a video that is not in Youtube nor in Vimeo, but I have its mp4 file. Could you tell me how I could do that? Thank you. Regards;

You can either use a custom player and embed it inside an iframe or use a simple video tag that will create a native player for your video.


Judah12 Purchased

everything works fine until I view it on the phone or tablet then the words are cut off. please advise.

Do you have this issue with any content?


Judah12 Purchased

yes. It happens whenever my text exceeds the placeholder text. On the laptop and desktop it’s all readable but when I view it through the phone and the tablet it only displays part of what I wrote

You might tweak the size of the text to be smaller and fit your needs. It uses a masking for the animation, but you can style it as you want.


We purchaesed themeforest-6434590-fullscreen-photography-portfolio-html5-with-shop and are really happy with it. Thank you!

The images are not sizing down to an IPhone or narrow browser format. They are about twice as wide as they are supposed to be so only half appears on the screen (width wise). All other sizes and formats are perfect.

Can you help me get to the settings that will have the images size to the smallest format? Thank you!

Best, Michael

I’d be happy to assist you, but it seems like the issue relies on a third-party template. You might have a better chance to fix it by asking the original author. If you need me to look into this contact me privately.

Hello there,

Please let me know what I need to copy in a homepage to be able to use your player from the theme. I need this player, and is the reason why I’ve bought this theme. Best regards,


Hi Cristian, Thank you for buying my template. I’m afraid you’ll need to strip out quite some stuff to integrate only the player in the template it is integrated into pretty much the whole site and as you might see it pauses itself when videos are played and syncs.

It might require some coding on your part to extrapolate the player. If you have any issues with the process feel free to drop me a private message.