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Fantastic Theme but i have some problems.. 1) Google Maps not function 2) Hot to insert social network in the footer bar? 3) Widget doesnt align right and social dont appear 4) Background image when i upload doesnt appear

My website:



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Designesia, the mobile button in sarafi is showing as white, where do I change the colour of this button ?

What safari version did you use? For desktop or mobile?

Mobile on IOS 9.3

Any more information ?

Hi, I need four important answers:

1. how is possible to edit html page of succesfully sent booking ?

2. How prevent that mail signed as spam by provider…at the moment every mail sent goto the spam and it become marked like a phishing mail…how to solve it ?

3. Is possible to translate every mail according to the site language ?

4. How to translate form message with WPML plugin ? I need to change message like “Thanks for contact us, mail succesfully sent”

Thanks in advice

1) Yes it possible you can modify files below: page_reservation.php and single-room.php
2) It’s depend on your mail server, please ask your hosting provider
3) Sorry, it’s currently not possible
4) Form successfully message is already translated to Italian language.

3) Eventually use only two languages ita and english ? 4) I need to change words of message for every language

thanks for quick reply

Hi. Please, can you tell me if it’s possible to change color and transparency of the gray boxes used as background in the contacts form, in the pages and in the side columns? Thank you in advance. Best regards.


Yes it possible to change content background color. Navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

.page-inner, .sb.inner {

Change #555555 with any hex color value.

Ok, great!! Is it possible to change the color of the menu text, according to the color of the background image, to have it light if the background is dark and vice versa? Thank you very much :-)

Here is:

For first line code below is for content font color, the second line is for title font color.


Hi. Is it possible to add text/graphic contents under the Facilities/Price section and under the photo gallery, in the room details page? Thank you very much. Best regards.


It require some modification within theme source code.

Hello, When will tou have visual composer ? Because i love your theme but i only work with visual composer. Thanks a lot. phil

When will you have (sorry i’m french)


Thanks for your purchase! Hope it will available soon, we still works on theme update.

Hi, And If i buy visual composer, will it work with vierra? Thanks a lot phil


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Drag and Drop of menu not work with wp 4.5.3


Sorry for late reply. I will check for your reports.

Hi Designesia, I’m still waiting on help with changing the colour of the button on the menu for the mobile version of the site ? can you help ?


To change menu button color for mobile, insert code below in custom css:


Change #000000 and #FFFFFF with any hex color code

Hi there

I have been having some problems with spam coming through on my contact page made with the Vierra theme.

Please can you assist me with adding “captcha” or something to prevent spam ?

Or should I use a separate contact form ?

thank you


We have plan to add captcha feature for contact form on next update. Yes you can also use third party contact form.


seeburg Purchased

Where i can put my bookingwindow in the header??

<iframe style=”opacity:1;filter:alpha(opacity=100)” frameborder=”0” width=”160” height=”107” name=”template” id=”template” scrolling=”no” src=””></iframe>


Can you tell me how it would looks?


FutureHan Purchased

Dear author, I’ve purchased your web theme, but the booking and contact function has no response when click the botton, why?

357506cf-3001-44ca-8d5d-1506610ea1a9 – 21 Aug 2016 REGULAR LICENSE


Thanks for your purchase! :)
Can you send direct url to your page so i can inspect your issue?


FutureHan Purchased

both the booking and contact function is invalid it will tell you the booking/contact is successful however no any email is received in the pre-set email address. I can provide you the wp-admin account for further inspection (by email?)


FutureHan Purchased

Can I change the booking button to some certain page? I want only to show the telephone numbers and don’t use your booking email system.


Yes it possible to assign a different link for “Book Now” button by small modification within source code. Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Single Room.

Look code below (you can use CTRL + F to find)

<a href="#canvas" id="btn-book-now" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span><span class="off"><?php  echo __('Hide Booking Form','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Replace with:

<pre><a href="" class="btn-custom"><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a></pre>

Change “” with your url.

Then insert code below in custom css by navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.single-room .btn-custom{

seeburg Purchased

I have 2 different room categary but on the room page if i open the gallery (not the link for room details) i see the pictures of both category


FutureHan Purchased

Dear theme author, could you please tell me how to insert new GALLERY CATEGORIES to the menu? And how to insert sidebar to the foot area so that i can put further informations there