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Hello. i need urgent assistance. I purchased your theme on adib8888 account but i forgot myy password. I want help with 2 things.

1. How do I disable the hover effect on my site navigation menu. 2. How do I change the position of the navigation bar, and its height and width, it is really giving me a hard time for days tring to fix it. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.


1) To disable effect on your menu, you can choose same color on hover so it looks like no effect.
2) Please wait for next update, we’ve made options to customize header.


tzoyby Purchased

Hello, this is a very nice theme, but i would like to know how can i translate fields in the email send when a reservation is sended. Like check-in date, check-out, persons… Now the reservation come with letters like this: Δωμάτιο The language is Greek Thanks!


Thanks for your purchase! :)

You can change charset for email on file below: “page_reservation.php, page_contact.php and single-room.php”. You can find code below, then change charset value.

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

Replace with below:

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-3' . "\r\n";

You can find more info about charset here


tzoyby Purchased

Thank you for the quik respont..

New Update Available: Vierra 3.0

Update list:
- latest WordPress compatibility check
- lighter and faster website load
- new one click install demo data
- new added reservation page with quick view
- template room 2 and 3 cols now show price
- new option to show/hide captcha
- new header height setting
- new header top position setting
- new option to use preloader
- new filters for room template
- new added shortcode room and title
- new popup plugin
- new smooth submenu animation
- form style enhanced
- style enhanced for some pages and elements
- typography enhanced
- fixes for default map not show


tikar Purchased

Hello, I adquired your theme Vierra. I don´t know much about editing and would like to edit it with Elementor but gives me the following error

" Add the the_content function the page template's code.

This is the line you need to add: <?php the_content(); ?>

If you are not familiar with where to place this code or how to add it to the page, please contact your website developer, so it can be implemented properly”

Could you let me know where to add this code? It is a fantastic theme, thank you very much. Beatriz


Thanks for your purchase! :)
Sorry but i never try this plugin before. For <?php the_content(); ?> is already on each page. I will try it anyway.


geonikon Purchased

Hi, I have some youtube videos on the gallery page. When I click on the video, the popup is too small, something like 500×400 px. How can I set the video to play on a bigger container (responsive)? Thank you


geonikon Purchased

Unfortunately not, I use the previous version. Because of the changes I have made, I’d rather not to do the update.

Did you have any modification within source code on prev version?


geonikon Purchased

Mostly just translations.

Code purchase: eef641d3-7441-425d-a091-112bdf5c68dd – 17 Nov 2016

Hi there.

Lately we had issues with the anti spam CAPTCHA in the booking form. It disapears constantly, and the users can`t send the form. How can we solve that?

Another question: We need to update the theme for the last version. How can we do that? Just download from envato and upload on my wordpress ? can you send documentation with the steps?

e-mail: adrianoambarbosa@gmail.cim


Adriano Barbosa


Sorry for late reply. On latest version has option to disable catpcha feature.

How to update theme via WordPress?

1) You need deactivate “Vierra” theme by navigate to “Appearance > Themes” then activate another theme. Once you activate other theme you can delete Lezzatos theme. Don’t worry you wouldn’t lost any of your settings or content.

2) Upload file you have downloaded from ThemeForest

3) Once it done, you can activate the theme. You’re done.


Last update with great features. The booking page with room preview is awesome!

But now i have another issue with default template pages (not Gallery page) with shortcode gallery. Before update the shortcode:[de_gallery category=”visitas-a-medida” count=”-1”] shows image, title and short description. Now only shows image.

How can i solve this?

Best regards


Thanks for your notice i will fix this issue asap.


Bernde Purchased

Hello I tried to transfer the new update with FTP. I have the file Vierra transferred into the WP content On Mobile it works, but on dektop it tries to load the page and loads but it does not find it. Where is my mistake can you help me.


Bernde Purchased

I tried to enable “demo data.” This is also not possible. Can be the problem here


It seems you use child theme, please try to use Vierra main theme and see if there still an issue.


Bernde Purchased

I am now very disappointed of their support. The advice is not worth the money. I have activated the haupt thems and not as from you claims the child thems. But this problem I solved now myself. The offender was a plugin. But my old problem still exists. I have a menu point Apartments, Which is not displayed on the mobile. The same goes for gallery. Mobile displays only pages and no categories or posts in the menu. My main menu is primary menu. Please finally get a concrete answer.

Hi there,

A couple of issues with the new update.

Room thumbnail action no longer works for me. With ‘open room details’ selected it still opens a pop up.

How can I remove the / night from the room page?



Thanks for your notice i will fix this issue asap. To hide /night you can insert code below in Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

.price > span{display:none;}

tzoyby Purchased

Hello, Can you tell me please how can i put bigger logo at homepage???

Thanks a lot for your time..

tzoyby user..


On latest update has option to set header height so you can add bigger logo.


sxmsushi Purchased

Hi, Why do I have 2 menus on my website? The reguler one + one in the middle of the page (vertical). Thanks


Can you send your website so i can inspect your issue? What theme version did you use? Please use latest one.