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Hi, I want to completely hide the left column. I have already disable the default left column in the theme configuration. But there is still a left column on category pages which shows the information block (delivery, legal notice etc…)

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vio89 Purchased

Hello, there where some persons before me asking this: Its not possible tu use content editor on CMS.. Is it possible that you customize this for me? What does it cost?

Such feature is planned after ps 1.7 realase


Galliass Purchased

Hello, I was thinking about buying your Warehouse theme but then I saw your other theme Shoply. Can you tell me the differences that exist between these 2 and do you have an estimated release date (even a roughly one just to have an idea) for Shoply 1.0 ? Thank you

Diffrences are in desing, and shoply theme do not have advanded slider like revolution and do not have blog module yet, I will be working on that after ps 1.7 realase


Galliass Purchased

Thank you for you quick answer. I think I will go with Warehouse in that case. Keep up the good work ! ;-)


Your theme come with Images for demonstration effects? Translation to Portuguese is available?

best regards

You can use defult Prestashop Portuguese translation and then translate missing parts, for frontoffice it will be around one hour of work. Demonstration images are not part of package

Hello Team Is your theme compactible with P1.6.1.6 with php 7.0.6? Humble request to release infinite scroll feature!

it works fine with ps and php 7

Have mailed you for some assistance to setup the theme, kindly check! Is there any support ticket forum to contact easily? Urgently need to resolve regenerating images which is not working.

contacted by mail, regenerating images issues are not related to theme


suhot Purchased

hi i have used the revslider but have a problem. when i set it up via multistore the slider is visible on both sites. I want to use different slides per site but he is duplicating them. How to fix this?


sdots Purchased

I have been waiting for some support for a fair bit of time now regarding my installation of the theme. Every filter in the left hand column does not work. Please can I get a reply so that I can fix the website as at the moment it does not work. many thanks

I already replied you 7 days ago on mail, than I need ftp and backoffice access data, please check maybe reply is in spam

i repilied on your gmail mail sdots**

unique homepage creator layout issue in firefox and IE please check

screen shot :

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nickwe Purchased

Will this theme be upgraded to PS 1.7 when it comes out ?

Yes it will be upgraded, but it will be needed to rewrite many parts of theme from scratch becosue ps theme engine is diffrent. So it will take some time till it will be realased for ps 1.7.(i think up to 3 months from official ps 1.7 realase)


nickwe Purchased

Thanks a lot for the answer, time is not a problem as we won’t upgrade within three months when PS 1.7 will come out anyway.

I have a problem with Block Social Mod. It shows every social icon except by facebook and twitter. I have tried to reinstall it several times but still doesn’t work. Any idea?

hi, I’d like to buy Warehouse Prestashop template. May I know if I still have to purchase each theme or it’s all included in the price stated ($70). Thanks in advance.

all demos of warehouse template are included in price


koklic Purchased


I looking to buy your theme. I wanna know if you have One step chechout inside theme.

Can i do in predefin theme six, that picture sweter and camera( half is picture and half is product) are Caegory and on the right are prouct of this category. So when you click on this picture it goes to category? Because on your demo is just picture.

Also can you change product page? Can you add modules? Can you put picture for full widght and have add to cart and all info under the picture?

I looking to buy your theme. I wanna know if you have One step chechout inside theme. >> there is prestrashop opc

Also can you change product page? Can you add modules? Can you put picture for full widght and have add to cart and all info under the picture? >> yes you can add link to the picture

>> for full width image that you need custom css modifications, for modules, yes you can add modules


ebarolo Purchased

hi, iqitpopup module doesn’t support the mobile dive , and its’n show in that device. there is some workourd ??

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Hi, can I buying extend support to 12 months later, for example in 5 month after buying this theme?


cvalya Purchased

Hi. I used this theme. Today i buy module on addons with advanced search functional and i cant install it. Becouse “plugin Add” module already override some code. What can i do with it?

You need to join ovverides files of module with currently existing one

Hello, Is there a posibility to truncate the category title and also presented in two lines? Please help!

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davide69 Purchased

On next release it will be great if you will add “privacy acceptance” on custom contact form. In Italy and I guess in Europe it is a mandatory, tks

contact form is part of prestashop itself and it is not possible to add own fileds/checkbox without modifications of core ps files. Custom contact page in theme means that there is module which adds additional html content on that page + map

Hi, Is it possible to have vertical tabs /accordions tabs on the product pages ?

There is no such bulid in option

Good evening,

Is it possible to disable the header (search, account …) on the navigation of the smartphone?


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Hello, I have a problem I can not sub catégoriers images as thumbnails. Would you have a solution?

support is ony for verified custoemrs, contact using account which was used to buy a theme