Discussion on Warehouse - Prestashop 1.7 theme with elementor

Discussion on Warehouse - Prestashop 1.7 theme with elementor

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stickitgr Purchased

Pretashop . How I can install Elementor version which support setting explicit image width and height ? I cannot upgrade PrestaShop, some third party modules are not compatible

thank you

PixelMM Purchased

hi, all pagination canonicals are wrong: the google directive are clear, each page need a self canonical url while now all pages are referred to the same 1st page. this in SEO is wrong because it force a dupplicate content! We work on SEO for many years and this best practices is absolutely necessary to not compromise the SEO on the ecommerce.

Google best practices are here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/specialty/ecommerce/pagination-and-incremental-page-loading

PixelMM Purchased

there is a pagination bug. For example if a category contains 24 products and you show only 12 per page you have 2 pages and all works great. if you are in page 1 and choose to display 36 or all product all works displaying all the products in the category. if you move to page 2 and show to display 36 items per page or all items nothing will be shown. This is an annnoying bug! I’ve also opened a ticket #3180763

please help to fix it!


cdzwebdev Purchased

Hello and thanks again for the great work,

in Elementor when adding product list slider, it shows products from the selected category only, is there a way to display products from the category, and from it’s sub-categories also.

Thank You.

valy72ro Purchased

Hi, does anyone know where to change into the cart the color of the subtotal value (not the name of the products) and shippment cost value (not the name Shippment, but the value as number)? I’ve tried all the options, even load some templates that has this as white number but for me remains always dark gray instead of white.


rickiesee Purchased

When using Developer Tools in Firefox. I would really appreciate your expert opinion in how to fix this:

“Cookie “PrestaShop-6440739782a0f25713c78d676ba486e7” does not have a proper “SameSite” attribute value. Soon, cookies without the “SameSite” attribute or with an invalid value will be treated as “Lax”. This means that the cookie will no longer be sent in third-party contexts. If your application depends on this cookie being available in such contexts, please add the “SameSite=None“ attribute to it. “

Thank you.

not related to theme, theme have not imact on cookies cratition

yoyu can try to change settings in backoffice > advaned parenets > administrations -> * Cookie SameSite

Are you going to give a discount on your theme? For Black Friday best regards

yes there is discount, yes it is compatible, but you will have do disable load of swiper library from crative elementr module becosue it is alredy included in template

Hello, thank you, I want to use creative elementor because it is more customization, your themes are very old, can we modernize them as we want?

Hello, I asked if there is a discount, you said there is, there was only one day of discount on Friday, I thought I would buy it on the weekend, but there is no discount, I was very surprised

PixelMM Purchased

PS + latest theme v4.5.5: enabling in product list the brand (show) is not showing at all. is a bug? (inspecting is missing the div too.)

it is not issue of theme, it is issue of ps core facatedsearch module


PixelMM Purchased

this issue is known. What i mean is not present in product list page (category page) not in faceted search.

PixelMM Purchased

thanks i’ve solved

Hi, I purchased a license on April 10, 2018, which has not been used. How can I retrieve it and associate it with a domain? Thank you

it is under you download section in thmefrorest, there is no domain association

Hi, I see the license on themeforest -> download but I don’t understand how to associate it to a domain. Thank you

there is no domain association

PixelMM Purchased

Can you please add a full 4.3.9 zip version of the theme inside the folder 1.7.6.x like you did in the folder 1.7.7.x? Could be great to have a full theme to install with the blog fix too! thanks

PixelMM Purchased

can i do a request here? https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/

PixelMM Purchased

i opened a ticket thanks


NatMes Purchased

I am getting the following error while trying to install style json, how can I fix this? An error occurred The following error occcurred when processing the request: Problem with file

please send me sceenshot of error and accecss data by support platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/


I need to hide the Country form/field from checkout process and I don’t know how to do that. I tried different solutions, hiding it from International > Locations > Countries > Address format, but tells me that the country field it’s mandatory, and other solutions but nothing worked …please help! (PrestaShop latest version, Warehouse theme latest version)

.col-md-2 .col-form-label .required .field-id_country { display: none; }


/this hide only the form (the arrow it’s still there) not the entire section/ .custom-select2 select, .custom-select2 .form-control-select { display: none; }


/this code hides the arrow/ .custom-select2:after { display: none; }

here is a screenshot:


Hi, will you consider allowing the user to add pictures in the Review Module? Thanks

hello, sorry there is no such plans


gs2k Purchased


I can’t find how to disable the quick preview button in the settings.

Where should I look for it?

Regards Gregory


gs2k Purchased

OK thank you.

There’s just a horizontal white line left. When the cursor is hovered over.

Can it be removed somehow?

so you do not habe other icoes like compare and wishlist, in such case just go to themeditor > contente > product list and disable functional buttons completly


gs2k Purchased


Thank you for your help. Regards.


mabt11 Purchased

Hello, Do you already have a more precise date of when the new menu module will be released? Thanks!



mabt11 Purchased

Thanks! Will it be compatible with version 1.7.8 and 8.0? Or just with 8.0?

hello, upgrade will be realased when i finish both menu and ps compability wuth 8.0.

It will be not completly new module which is still under developmant and which will have not bacward compabiloty.

For now there will be relased new version of iqitmegamenu which will contain new mobile menu and it it will be compatible with both ps 1.7.8 and ps 8.x


JoMaeva Purchased

Hi there, i want to report a bug regarding the module IQITFREEDELIVERYCOUNT . The problem occur when you add a virtual product on the cart (the module count the price of the virutal product for the amount left for free shiping). But prestashop core count only physical products. So to adjust that, the module should remove virtual product prices when counting the free amount left.

Could you please advice if we can add a code on the template to quickly fix the issue

Thanks amd regards Jo

Hi, I have the serious issue, the loading of product list is very very slow. How to solved it? My template version is warehouse: 4.4.3. Prestashop Version: PHP version: 7.3. Thanks in advance.

When will it be compatible with PrestaShop 8.0, thanks.

Work is in still in progress

On category page when pagination is active, the canonical link for all the paginated pages is always pointing to the FIRST page when navigating from page to page. Only when the pages are refreshed the canonical link is correct. This is visible also on demo page here https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/demo5/en/5-tshirts

According to ahrefs "Paginated pages should not be canonicalized to the first paginated page in the series. Instead, self-referencing canonicals should be used on all paginated pages." Can you help us fix this?

hello there is nothing to fix, when you visti page and then go to second page, product list is loaded by ajax, thats why canonical tags in head tag are not refresehd and they do not need to be, becouse hwen you visit page 2 directly(as bots do) it is shoed corectly


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