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mikelzab Purchased

Hi, is it possible to show layered navigation filters in front-end as they appear in the back-end?

In PS you can drag-and-drop filters and order them by position, no matter the ID. For example, in the back-end a filter “ALPHA” with ID=1 can be placed in POSITION=3, but in front-end the filter still appears in position 1, not in position 3 (as set in the back-end)...

Is this a PS or a Warehouse bug? Thanks for your kind help!

it is prestshop issue


mikelzab Purchased

Just for you to know, you can change filter orders from the control panel.


airconru Purchased

3.8.2. Huge options variety!!! Megamenu many features, homepage creator drag & drop, instant search with images, custom blocklayered (with stick central column), and more…. Settings flexibility!!! Excellent and fast support. Thanks a lot for the Author!

Hi, I cannot see anymore “Category Tree” inside Mega Menu Editor after upgrading from 3.6.x to 3.8.2. Altready tried to deactivate and activate module. All other features work as before, but category tree is not editable (box is empty). Any ideas what happened, please? I tried to upload again module, but nothing changed.

When I try to import settings I get this error:

Warning alla linea 569 nel file /var/www/vhosts/ [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Warning alla linea 533 nel file /var/www/vhosts/ [2] file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty

Warning alla linea 537 nel file /var/www/vhosts/ [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

it seems something wrong with latest update…


“Categories Trees” are not shown anymore in “IQITMEGAMENU – Advanced navigation drag and drop builder” module.

“Add tab” button does not work anymore.

Sorry, I solved… I had deactivated my website root category…not it is ok


vio89 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to disable the zoom in the products?

In bacoffice > preferences > images, disable jqzoom, then you may also need to manipulate with thicbox_default image size


androver Purchased

Hi this theme is awesome. I installed advance search 4 and not working corretly. Result page is only 2 product in one row. Please help


androver Purchased

okay sent

Hello, there are the differing Category views. I’m wondering, is there a way to do this in the back office? Or must one hard code the tpl? I’m asking because I’d like to take some elements from each style and mix them together. Thanks

Hello contact by

and please provide a littibit more detailed explanation becouse I’m not sure what you mean

Hello, on which demo can I see the size chart module in action ? Thks


dadashali Purchased

What’s new on 31 Aug 2016 update? I can’t find any log about that.

latest theme update is

WAREHOUSE 3.8.2 CHANGELOG 27.08.2016

IQITMEGAMENU - group access to tab - better multishop tabs association - possibility of duplicating columns - export/import – tabs

Revolutionslider - fix for multistore slider association

Hello, should the revo slider that comes with the theme work on php7? When I click configure i get only super long blue table with php 7 information instead of configure tab. Should it work on php 7 or do I have some other problem?

Error when add to cart:

Impossible to add the product to the cart. textStatus: ‘parsererror’ errorThrown: ‘SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data’ responseText:

Version theme: 3.8.2

it looks like not related to theme enable debug mode of ps and then check actual error in js console i can five you a tip by mail

i have couldn’t make admin panel turkish lang. i have sent you an email with login info for admin panel.

contacfted by mail