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linkeando Purchased

Hi In prestashop 1.7, when you have a product with combinations, on the select input, if you click on the arrow it doesn’t work, only works when you click on text. Can I modify something​ to make the arrow clickable? The users thinks that it doesn’t work. Thanks


linkeando Purchased

Ok, do you know more or less when you’ll release the 4.1.4?

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It is already avaiable to download


jefathey Purchased

hi is products in the same category with the theme or this with prestashop ?

Enable debug of Prestashop mode to see actuall error instead of 500 page


jefathey Purchased

thank you i’ve fixed the product in the same category but html banner still shows this error

line 23 looks like this

const UPLOAD_DIR = _PS_MODULE_DIR_ . 'iqithtmlandbanners/uploads/';

there is nothing to fix in this line, seems to be something wrong with your PS_MODULE_DIR

In Warehouse 3.x for Prestashop 1.6 you had a feature that when you scroll down the page, the menu would remain always at the top of the page.

I can see in Warehouse 4.x for Prestashop 1.7 that this feature is still there, but the “cart” button does not appear.

Is this something I’ve missed? If not, any plans to make this an option?

In ps 1.7 you can also scroll entire header. I will consider to add this feature back in one of future realases but not in the closes one (4.1.4 becouse it finished and currently under test to be reales very soon)



Does this theme support Prestashop release?

Hello, Sure it is compatible !


jefathey Purchased

hi i think i have an improvement for mega menu i use multi-lang site rtl and ltr when i choose one menu item to be Float right it works in ltr but in rtl i need it to be Float left thank you

WH 4.x for 1.7 do not have support for right to left languages added yet


wookstrap Purchased

Hi. I try to do a child theme (warehouse 4, prestashop 1.7.2). But font awesome doesn’t load. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.


wookstrap Purchased

TY mate

New theme updates for ps 1.6 and ps 1.7

[PS 1.7] 4.1.4 - 18 November 2018 
+ new: HOT - infinity scroll option for product lists
+ new: show product brand name on product lists option
+ new: preloader icon for lazyload images
+ new: child template sample package added to package
+ new: iqitelementor: show product by brand option
+ new: iqitsizechart - show avaiable sizes on product list
+ new: iqitcrosseling module added, it replace default ps_crosseling module and allows to show crosselings in add to cart confirmation modal
+ new: mobile browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari) address/header bar color option - example
+ new: improved order confirmation page
+ new: possible to replace breadcrumb background with category image

- fix: category description position selector in theme editor
- fix: alt tag for elementor images widgets
- fix: back to top button disable/enable in themeeditor issue
- fix: not clickable arrow on selectbox
- fix: instagram photo padding problem when there was height limit set
- fix: gift textarea collapse after returing back again to shipping tab
- fix: small issue in mobile footer toggler
- fix: returning back to default ps wyswig editor instead of elementor in blog and cms pages
- fix: progressbar widget in elementor
- fix: better look of video popup on product page / stop video on modal close
- fix: show texture attributes same way as color attributes in facated search
- fix: also show old price in iqitmegamenu
- fix: improved cache in some modules
- fix: problem with opening mobile menu after add to cart
- fix: partial overlaping of close button by address bar when zoom modal is open and scrolled
- fix: filter box overflow on iphone if set to be above product list
- fix: remove need for double click on color switcher on product page

[PS 1.6] 3.8.6 - 18 November 2018 
+ added: layered navigation as button above product list in mobile devices

- fix: addThis module fixed
- fix: add alt to iqitmegamenu module and to iqitcontencreator
- fix: some improvmant in mobile sticky header when search is expanded
- fix: price rounding in rich snippets

Hello! How to make menu at mobile version not sticky but float? I have many categories on my website but it’s impossible to show all of them correctly. Thank you.

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BiancaO Purchased

Hello, Just updated and infinity scroll option is working only for the first 2 pages and then it stops. Is the same for you guys? Or only at me?

It seems to be only on your page, you can check here it works fine

The new 1.6 update gives me this error:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method IqitMenuTab::verifyAccess() in /home/u2083780/public_html/modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php:5075 Stack trace: #0 /home/u2083780/public_html/modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php(4460): IqitMegaMenu->makeMegaMenu(1) #1 /home/u2083780/public_html/modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php(4375): IqitMegaMenu->_prepareHook(Array) #2 /home/u2083780/public_html/classes/Hook.php(591): IqitMegaMenu->hookiqitMegaMenu(Array) #3 /home/u2083780/public_html/classes/Hook.php(546): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(IqitMegaMenu), ‘hookiqitMegaMen…’, Array) #4 /home/u2083780/public_html/config/ HookCore::exec(‘iqitMegaMenu’, Array, NULL) #5 /home/u2083780/public_html/config/ smartyHook(Array, Object(Smarty_Custom_Template)) #6 /home/u2083780/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/d6/8c/2b/d68c2b88c3bbbc5e379d8f3b1474f22c2cb0f87c.file.header.tpl.php(315): SmartyLazyRegister->__call(‘smartyHook’, Array) #7 /home/u2083780/public_html/tools/sm in /home/u2083780/public_html/modules/iqitmegamenu/iqitmegamenu.php on line 5075

The updated layered navigation module also have issues – it does not show properly under the sticky menu, it gets cut under it.

please reupload your files, use corect upgrade fodler according to theme version you had before, ecosue it looks liek your IqitMenuTab class file come from older version


lukeorth Purchased

Hi, In which files is the code for this funtionality. + added: layered navigation as button above product list in mobile devices version 1.6 prestashop.



With update package there are provided only modified files

for button it is modules/blocklayered_mod and themes/warehouse/css/modules/blocklayered_mod folder


jefathey Purchased

Hi please in rtl language i have a problem in product images carousel when i disable .lang-rtl * { direction: rtl!important; the images disbalyed fine i just want to fix this in rtl and i wonder when will you support the rtl in pestashop 1.7 thanks

As I said you before there is no RTL support for Warehouse 4.x at the moment. It is on todolist but I can not give you any eta at the moment sorry


jefathey Purchased

can’t we just make the product images carousel just work for now ?


TEXAS9 Purchased

Hello, How can we change the color text of the EU Compliance shipping time on the theme? Thank you

contact by and send screenshot what you mean exatly


TEXAS9 Purchased

Hello, i’m looking how to show “In stock” or “out of stock” on my products pages without the Legal Compliance module. Thank you

during product edit you can set text for stock product and outofstock

Ok thank you. How can i manage text for all the products? Should i add text one by one on all the products?

yes you need to add one by one, it is prestashop related not template

On the banner of the style 6 for prestashop 1.7 the central column doesn’t fit weel. The bottom image seems to be 1px shorter. I shouldn’t pay for the support again because the “error” is visible in your page example too. Any suggestions to repair it? Anyway fantastic template.

Hello, it becouse columns are not ideally equal, it can be changed from page builder, no need to fix anything in code i will upload fixed import file for this style soon

Hi, how could you translate your whole topic in Spanish? I have some modules that your text is only in English.

contacted by platform

Hello, can You tell me where to translate page title “Newsletter subscription” on subscription confirmation page ( Can’t find that string anywhere… Else, Your theme is beautiful and awesome. Unforunately can’t say the same about functionality of PS 1.7 – very rushed and unpolished.

I found the file subscription_execution.tpl and translated it there. I guess it is not possible do it via ps translation. Let me know if I am wrong please. I would prefer to do it there.