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Hi guys

Love the template

i need your help i have designed the template and now we are having a problem with mobile device not allowing Modals to layer ontop.

on mobile devices

when you click on view my account button the modal pops up but when you select the date field, the (2nd date fields) modal goes to the back

Please help regarding the code maybe for mobile calls the modal differently.

if you need more info let me know, im a rookie coder so would be awesome if you can help.

Please test the site on mobile please.

Thanks again

Our company bought your webarch theme about 1.5 years before. I am currently developing it. Since last October you did not updated it. Will you update it? Or I will look newer up to date themes…


ace Author

Hi there

Thank you for purchasing :)

We are planning to update to bootstrap v4 :) any suggestions will be welcome

When will you update it to bootstrap v4 ? Can you give approximate time?


Finally getting around to using this but the SCSS seems outdated. Can I get invited to the github repo? Github username is “legitosaurus”


ace Author

Hi there

Done :)

Hi Ace,

I purchased the WEBARCH BootStrap 3 theme and would like to know if it is possible to only show the MAIN MENU sub menus for IPAD in landscape..

Thanks for any further information..

Can I get an add on github for user WellsMediaGroup. SCSS version appears to be broken when downloaded from Envato Elements.


ace Author

Hi there

Do you have a proof of purchase ? :)

hi ace, i need to disable tablet view. I have sent an email as well. kindly help.


ace Author

Hi there

We have replied to your email :)

hi ace, i need to disable tablet view. I have sent an email as well. kindly help. Previous comment was from my other account kindly ignore.

Hi, i bearly found this admin template stuff of yours and i think you guys are the best. i think im going to buy them all to try out. i was wondering how the chat would work. I’m a web developer mainly doing php/jquery/mysql. i was wondering did that chat come with a plugin that will be customization for my project? thanks in advance

And if you don’t mind if there is any guide or advice you can offer to me on how i could integrate the chat into my project id truly appreciate it alot it would save me alot of tough time trying to search on Google on how it can be done with this specific template


ace Author

Hi there

First my apologies for the late reply. The reason is we are super busy with Update and new product coming out late this year. Yes, I would recommend something like Angular or React for the frontend templating and what do you have for the backend currently ?

Hello Webarch,

Hope you are doing well…

We have purchased the Webarch template for our admin panel design. Currently we are facing some issues with the table design. In the jQuery datatable individual checkbox selection is working fine but when we select all checkboxes, it works only one time. Please verify.

We have searched a lot about this issue but not getting any solution for the same. Please guide us how to resolve this issue.


Hello, This is not related to database. Please check here:


ace Author

Hi there

Sorry about the late reply, I will fix it right away :)


ace Author

We have removed that functionality in Webarch new version as we moved into a better JS structure.

$(document).ready(function () {
  $('.checkAll').on('click', function () {
    $(this).closest('table').find('tbody :checkbox')
      .prop('checked', this.checked)
      .closest('tr').toggleClass('selected', this.checked);

You can add the class ”.checkAll” to the checkBox that will checkall the remaining

Hi, Does your works with phonegap?


ace Author

Hi there

We have not tried but yes it would work :)

Hello guys,

I’ve just acquired the template : Webarch v2.8.0

Envato Purchase Code: 1328ed22-e58c-4faf-b30d-3c4d7493b38

I am starting to read the documentation. FYI: I am not an HTML5/CSS/JS specialist (I’m a newbie)

The very first assistance I need is:

How to embed within a pre-established section (e.g map) a different object such as a chart, so it is displayed responsively in any browser?

My very first try was embedding a chart in the google map section of the main dashboard.

The chart I want to embed is served by:

Thanks in advance.



ace Author

Hi there

Sure, we would like to help you out. You want to use this exact chart.

First included this script files or JS libs at the below of the HTML

    <script src="" ></script>
    <script src="" ></script>
    <script src="" ></script>

We have included a few. after they are included you can include it at the bottom

After that, you need to include this script. That too at the very bottom of your HTML before the body.
        new RGraph.Sheets('1ncvARBgXaDjzuca9i7Jyep6JTv9kms-bbIzyAxbaT0E', function (sheet)
            var data   = sheet.get('B2:B13'),
                labels = sheet.get('A2:A13');

            // TODO Carriage retyurns don't work yet
            for (var i=0; i<labels.length; i+=2) {
                labels[i] = "\n" + labels[i];

            new RGraph.SVG.Pie({
                id: 'chart-container',
                data: data,
                options: {
                    labels: labels

Then in your HTML add this div where you want it

<div style="width: 100%; height: 300px" id="chart-container" />

I dont find the table and Form view in the PSD folder. Where can I find them?

Hi there, today I was going to purchase this template. But webarch 3.0 template doesn’t look good on IE11. There are no material icon loading on the template. Please let me know is it a problem or not. If there is a problem, when you can fix it. I would like to buy this template as soon as possible.

Hi there, Today I was about to purchase your template. But I noticed that the template doesn’t run properly on IE11. Can you fix the issue?

I would like to buy as soon as possible.

Hi there

Sorry about the late reply, Do you have a screenshot ?

Hello, I am not able to get the gulpfile.js or the Gulp config file.

Can you provide me?


Hi there

We do not have grunt and gulp for webarch :)


Pre-sales question *

I want to build a web app, this web app will have paid subscriptions. Example. will work this way:

My agency- ( Manages all Clients data ) 1- Admin Dashboard

Client 1 Agency- 1- Manager Dashboard 2- Staff Dashboard

Client 2 Agency- 1- Manager Dashboard 2- Staff Dashboard

Client 3 Agency- 1- Manager Dashboard 2- Staff Dashboard

In order to have a ” Client 1,2 or 3 Dashboard ”, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

I am basically creating a very big CRM where inside I manage multiple small CRM’S

And the buyer can manage it’s own CRM

I will not sell your theme like on themeforest for example. I will use your theme it for one single main CRM where inside are multiple CRM’S

The best example is this i could find to better understand is this one:

It is one web app – with one design ( admin template ) with multiple users based on a subscription.

Please confirm few things:

0- All above it is considered SAAS ? 1- If I buy standard license, can I use it for multiple domains ? 2- If I buy standard licence, can I use it for multiple sub-domains ? 3- I will have to buy a standard licence for each CRM ? 4- As per ThemeForest licensing, do I have to buy the extended licence to achieve my goal ? 5- As per ThemeForest licensing, do I have to to buy standard licence to achieve my goal ?

I will use your admin template only to design all small CRM’s + main CRM

Looking forward for an answer.

Thank you.

Hi there

Thank you for reaching out. You will have to go with the extended license. but you can first build your app using the standard and switch to extended once you release :)

Hello, The “page-sidebar” does not work properly in the ruby on rails project,

Mainly the “Condense Menu Button”

Do you have documentation for widgets? Please give me the link. Thank You

Sorry, but the file structure does not look like this.. Have i downloaded the wrong package? The Bundle folder looks like this..

ace Author

Hi there

Its my bad, I was confused that you have bought Pages Admin. Webarch does not have this folder. Right now all the widgets are in the index.html. What widgets do you want to isolate?

Hi. I like this theme & prefer this over other theme “Pages”. do you have support for angular 5 ? Please advice.

You last theme was in 18 Aug 2015, after that u are supporting the existing themes. no new version. Any new version in the making ?

Another question popup. is Pages & Webarch compatible ? can we mix these two ?


ace Author

Hi there

We are making Pages support Angular and React. Webarch will not get this support any time soon.

And no it will not be possible to mix them

Noted thank you. when is it expected ? Pages with Angular support .

How to select (make active) proper navigation link – according to current page – in side-bar by Javascript?