Discussion on Wolverine - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Discussion on Wolverine - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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I cannot find a mega menu third part plugin compatible with this time. Anyone knows how to do it?

Please create ticket on our help desk https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

I’ve been locked out of the support area – did you do this intentionally?


I replied to you via ticket, pls follow there. Thanks

you keep mentioning visual composer. Installed plugins and in your documentation. But wp bakery gets installed and your hyperlink of visual composer goes to wp bakery. This is very very confusing please classify.

Sorry very much for this mistake. I changed everything related with Visual Composer to WP Bakery. This is my mistake, can you show me where i mention Visual Composer to change it? Thanks

Everywhere!! Please look at what you are selling, this is a big blunder, I have bought your theme and i was stuck for hours trying to understand why visual composer isnt being downloaded. I am also having so much trouble doing demo data import right now.

You can take screenshot to show me. Are you not happy with my theme?

Hello: I bought this theme a few years ago, and with the update of worpress many things got broken, so through envato I downloaded a more recent version 3.3 (the one I have installed is 2.6, but it shows me a message that the version has expired. How can I install the last version? Thanks

You can go to ThemeForest, download latest version then manual update to your website. You can view our guide here: https://g5plus.net/knowledge-base/how-to-update-theme-to-lastest-version/ Thanks

Hi Thanks, I could Update the wolverine to the version 3.3. and many of the errors are solved, But I still have one issue… The social box has a very small size and the logos are not the current logos for social media… I thought the problem was because I could not see the widgets properly but this section is not in widgets… How can I change the size and the logos for this section?... this is the webpage https://www.opciones.org/opciones .. thanks a lot

For issue support, please create ticket on our help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net Sometimes, we need private information to check. Thanks

Hello, I’ve downloaded your theme from elements and i’ve a couple of questions, i want to get 2 products on screen when browsing with mobile. i’ve added multiple codes (@media), but it isn’t working. Is it possible to get 2 products on mobile? Are there any updates coming for this theme in elements? Thanks

Unfortunately, item download from Elements hasn’t got personal support. If you want support => please buy it on ThemeForest. Thanks

Okay, thanks for your answer, i wanted to check what your support level is. We will use another theme then.

We have to do follow rule of Envato. I can’t to know you are staff of Envato or not. Thanks for your choose and hope you complete your project.

There is no option to customize the logo in the “Site Identity”?? How to do that? The header image I chose doesn’t appear anywhere?

Hi, my theme provided where to change logo in ThemeOptions here: https://gyazo.com/804f0f76555876bfef5c32eeebc96dab And you can go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

I have a problem with styling option after update the theme. I sent you a support request, thanks

Thanks & Please wait our support team process 1 by 1.

Can I have my money back? This theme is very buggy and are not working proberly … it’s a pieces of s*

Hi, sorry for any problem you had. I checked and don’t see you contact us via help desk: https://gyazo.com/694f540c9fdf3eb242d55d3028c01d09 Did you contact us for support? And can you take screenshot or video to show me what is problem, i will check and fix it for you. Thanks & waiting your response.

I submit a ticket at support website , can you please check it

Thanks for that and please wait, we process 1 by 1 and because difference time zone so we replied late a bit. Just need follow your ticket.

Ciao, ho appena acquistato il tema e, provando ad installarlo, ricevo questo messaggio di errore: Il link che hai seguito è scaduto. Prova di nuovo.

Cosa posso fare? Grazie

Please re-check, here: https://prnt.sc/11fkc4b

Grazie infinite

Thanks and follow your ticket.

Hello, Can the 404 Setting be deactivated? Thanks.

When customer/user access a page, but it doesn’t exist on your websiet => redirect to 404 page. You can change content display here: https://prnt.sc/vu48l3 Can’t deactive it. Thanks

Hi there, is the elements version of this theme going to be updated for WordPress 5.5?

That link to generate css, look like that: http://themes.g5plus.net/wolverine/garden/?custom-page=header-custom-css&current_page_id=11 So please add MIME type on your server to accept it. That will be ok. If you don’t know, please contact your hosting provider for support. Thanks

Hi there, we have already added the MIME type to the server, but this error is still here, and the font is not displaying on the page.

The version on elements is only compatible to 4,9. Please can you publish the update?

I will re-check and update it if any problem soon. Thanks

It would be nice if your support understood English. I’ve ask three support questions and I have the impression no one answering the question understood the question I was asking.

Sorry very much because we are not native English, hope you sympathy and patience with us a bit. But did you buy my theme? I don’t see badge PURCHASED. Go to help desk https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

I bought the theme on another user account. I keep trying to ask your help desk about pages in the DEMO section of your ad here. They keep answering me about “editing” a page – which is not what I’m asking. In your DEMO, there is a menu, the 2nd selection is PAGES. It shows a list of pages that looks like demo or template information. Where are the short code or template for those pages? That all I want to know.

Sorry very much but you need comment with your account(which bought my item), i will answer. if not, please open and read my code to change. Sorry once and i need follow rule of Envato, if not, they can banned my account. Thanks

Hi! Where do I find the options for the 1000+ icons included? I’m not seeing anything mentioned in the documentation and would like to change the default homepage layout option.

You can use it here: http://prntscr.com/u5xt0j If want further support, please buy my theme. Thanks

Hello, I am optimizing my website and I have encountered this problem because when loading the header, it puts this slow request -> https://www.kvilar.es/?custom-page=header-custom-css&current_page_id=2528

I would like to know how to solve it you can help? Thank you

Hi, This is header css for pageid: 2528 => you want remove it => don’t use header css. To more detail and sure about it you should go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net then create ticket and leave your account WordPress there, i will check for you, that is faster. Thanks

Hello! When the Theme is updated, all the blog articles title text becomes “BLOG”,How to change the title of the original article? Thanks.

Please go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

Dear Author, I have an issue with the WP Bakery Backend editor. With the new Wolverine version when I click onto a block to change its content the modal window where the modifications could be made doesn’t show up. I cannot add new sections either. Could you please help me out? Thanks a lot!

Please comment with account which purchased my theme for personal support or go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks


I just updated from Wolverine 2.6 to 2.8.

My LOGO image was reset to the default settings, and some other changes were made.

The biggest problem is that the “Theme Options” menu has disappeared, so I can’t modify it.

what should I do?

Hi, in this case, i need your account WordPress to check, please go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net create topic and leave information there. I will check for you, don’t worry.

Hi, I just updated from Wolverine 2.6 to 2.7. My header images has been reset to default as well as a couple other changes. Biggest issue is the Theme Options menu has disappeared so I can’t reset the headers and menus. I’ve tried disabling all the plugins and clearing the cache but no good. The Options are still not showing.

Any ideas to fix would be appreciated.

Hi, please go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net create topic and leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, i will check for you. Thanks

The theme no longer runs with Wordpress 5.4.2 and php 7.3. These are the error messages: Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 376

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 398

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 416

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 420

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 447

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 459

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/g5plus-framework/options/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 478

Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in /htdocs/wolverine/wp-content/themes/wolverine/includes/theme-setup.php on line 117

My theme approved yesterday, please download latest version then update. Thanks

Thank you very much!

No problem.


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