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roberto garcía
montevideo – uruguay
UTC/GMT -3 hours

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feed my files – new!!

Keep track of my files if they are updated so if you allready bought this file, you could download again with no extra-charges fot the future extra-new-features i will be updating in existing files. I gues this files, mine files, are good enought to make them grow, so feel free to tell me what you thing and what things you think could be done to make them better. Thanks.

Here are the feeds for my files:

Horizontal Dock Menu + Image Gallery V1

Horizontal Scrolling Dock Icon Menu with Blur&Reflection V2.2

Horizontal Dock Icon Menu with Blur&Reflection

blurIt V1 – Custom Blur Tool

Global Volume Slider V1

Pauser-Timer V1

Full Custom Preloader Component V1

Support Info

I give free suport only for problems or bugs in my original files. I also, under my own decision, give free support in other cases. But you must acept the fact that, i will not, and is not my doubt, give free in any other related problem.

For example, i can´t help you if:

You change the original code, change internal items names, move or delete original clips from library, try to mix the original files with some other fla files (this is suposed to do while you have the knoweldge on it), move xml, images, or anything loaded externaly (like the xml of a gallery), etc.

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