Web designer and developer

About me

Hi ! My name is Jasmin Krhan and I´m a 19 year old webdesigner and developer based in Sweden.

Services that i can offer:

  • XHTML/CSS coding
  • WORDPRESS development
  • PHP development
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About Hiring Jasmin as freelancer:

My rate is currently set at $40/h. If you’re interested in receiving an estimate for a project please take contact with me. I take every project serious and try to always deliver the best possible result. Note that the can be different for different type of projects.

Do you offer customization services for your themes at themeforest ?

I offer customization services on all of my projects – charged at my normally rate. Customization assumes that you have a logo and a plan ready. Contact me over email with what theme you´d like to be customized and I will respond quickly with a estimate and budget.

I bought your theme but I have some problems with it, can you provide me with support ?

I provide basic support and advice for all my items avaible for sale. I can´t offer design services for free and I wont convert a theme into wordpress for free – but I will help you with small questions and requests.

Do you have a blog?

Yes I have a blog where you can find free stuff, tutorials and articles about webdesign and development. Be sure to visit me on

<strong>Contact information</strong>


<li>Skype: mrjasmin</li> <li>Hotmail: mrjasmin_90@hotmail.com</li> <li>Gtalk: mrjasmin_90@hotmail.com</li>