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Update 30 January 2011

If you have not had your email/comments answered, my apologies, this is due to my reoccurring illness.

Remember all my items are nearly 2 years or older and have not been updated since – which shows they work in almost every situation.


If you have left a comment or emailed me, I will be checking them every Tuesday GMT time. If I get any spare time before or after Tuesday, I will also check then.

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Advanced XML Banner / Image / Photo / Picture / SWF Rotator

Well crafted and beautifully done. I love this banner and Skial is very responsive to my questions. It works perfectly and is very impressive! I highly recommend! – nataroo37

Advanced Universal XML Accordion

Just like to say many thanks for all the help you gave me configuring the accordian to suit my project. You went above and beyond what I expected – it was much appreciated.

If anyone is unsure as to the quality of this item – it is excellent – and extremely customizable.

Thanks again!



I’m writing this letter in enthusiastic praise of a Flashden.net author by the name of Skial Bainn.

On it’s own, this is the best Accordion XML product on the market that I’ve found….and for the few dollars it cost, I’m beside myself with the value it provided for me. It’s actually the center piece of a site I’m working on for a client and you can bet I’m charging a heck of a lot more then this product costs. The client is thrilled with the functionality which makes me thrilled to have found it, thanks to Skial.

Now here’s is the part that really sets Skial above the rest. Never before in my experience have I found such professional dedication to the support of his products as with Skial. I’ve hired private Actionscript tutors for big money that have been less responsive and less professional then this particular Flashden author, Skial. Skial will answer you email as promptly as humanly possible, he will provide you with a solution and won’t quit until it’s a solution that works for you.

Skial has gone waaay above and beyond the call of duty for me in his support of the product I purchased form him – the Advanced XML Accordion – In fact, I’ve requested help from him at least a half a dozen times asking to customize his product for my purposes that are entirely out of the scope of what the product itself is supposed to do. The help he’s provided me, helped me and only me, without regard for the fact that the time he spent on my behalf was not to improve his product, since I made requests that no one else had made, it was to ensure a satisfied customer. Needless to say, I’m more then satisfied…I’m completely beside myself in appreciation for Skial’s support of my project which features his product. No one can expect an author to help him or her with their private project but in going beyond just the support of his product, he did just that for me…and that’s why I’m writing this letter of recommendation. It’s the least I can do!!

Sincerely, ezFlash member of Flashden



PS: I stand behind this letter 1000%