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is it possible to move the mobile navigation to the top?

Hey joshuanet,

Thanks for your purchase.

This is possible with some minor code edits. Contact our support address ( and we can assist you with this change.

Astro has been updated to 2.1.0. Below is the change-log for this update:

v2.1.0 - 04/07/2015
+ Full-Theme Code Refactor 
+ Improved Syntax Highlighter
+ Minor CSS Style Improvements
+ Updated Documentation
- Various Minor Bug Fixes

I love this theme so much that I bought it for WordPress and Ghost. Thanks for all the hard work! I do have a question, however. Would it be possible to use Prism.js in lieu of Google Prettify for source code formatting?

Hey nfoerster,

Thanks for your comments and purchase.

We recently transitioned from Google Prettify to Rainbow.JS, as it provides improved language and styling support. If you are having any particular issues with the syntax highlighter contact our support and we can assist you with this.


When using footnotes, the corresponding number doesn’t show against the additional information I’ve provided. In fact no number is provided. Just an arrow to take you to the footnote in the body, I’d like numbers to show in both places to make it clearer.

Could you help me out please? :) Thanks.

Hey Lewys,

Please open a new ticket on our support site and we will be happy to assist you with this.

waste money for me.

Hey alexanderchistov,

We haven’t received any support tickets from you. If you are having any issues with the theme please open a ticket on our support site and we will be happy to assist.

Hi, if my article has no header, the Flow Bar will display “Introdution” for all the article. Could you fix that? And add to the documentation how to setup the Flow Bar.

Thanks in advance, Fabian

Hey Fabian,

Thanks for your purchase of Astro.

The flow bar doesn’t require any setup, and is enabled by default when the theme is installed. It will use the posts secondary headers for its title area. If you wish to change the default title (‘Introduction’) this can be done within the ‘astro/partials/post_flowbar.hbs’ file.

If you require any further assistance with the above or have any further questions please create a new ticket on our support site.

Astro has been updated to 2.2.1. Below is the change-log for this update:

v2.2.1 - 08/01/2016
+ Updated FontAwesome (v4.5.0)
+ Transitioned from Grunt to Gulp
- Minor Bug Fixes

Hello, just some pre-purchase questions.

1) Is it possible to have an image for all posts without them being featured? I want to put top pictures to all posts, but I want to do so independently of them being featured. The featured thing is useful, but I don’t want to be able to put a picture only if a post is featured.

2) About comments. Is it possible to show the comments number within each post summary in the main page, where there’s the list of all posts? Additionally, inside of a full post, is it possible to directly show the comments without having to load them by pressing the button?

3) At the bottom of each post, is it possible to have another recommended article? Exactly like the standard Casper theme of Ghost.

If all of this is possible, I will not hesitate to purchase. Eagerly waiting for an answer, thanks a lot for your time!

Hey LinearCodeLabs,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

1. Astro uses the Ghost ‘Featured’ option to easily switch between the two post styles, standard and cover. Therefore if you wish to use the cover post format the post must be featured via the Ghost post options. The associated icon and ‘Featured’ text can be removed from the post-list with some custom CSS which we will be happy to assist with.

2. Ghost doesn’t support native comments (as of v0.7.6), therefore we use the Disqus service. As this is a third-party solution each comment count requires a single request to the service, and this can impact performance, so we don’t include this as a feature of the Astro theme. The theme does include a toggle option to automatically show post comments on the post-page.

3. Our intention with Astro is a very minimal content-focused experience, as such this feature is not included. If this is a required feature for your blog we recommend our Cedar Ghost theme, which includes the next & previous posts.

Astro has been updated to 2.3.0. Below is the change-log for this update:

v2.3.0 - 02/04/2016
+ Added ‘Stack Overflow’ Social Profile
+ Updated Documentation
- Minor Bug Fixes

Hi Team,

Thank you for the theme. List items are not showing bullets/numbers if the item is more than one line. I have uploaded the latest update still the same issue. Please look into the same. Thanks

Hey murali2805,

Thanks for your purchase of Astro.

I can’t seem to replicate this issue. Please can you create a new ticket on our support site and attach your post contents so we can investigate this issue further.


jkoch12 Purchased

Do you support Ghost 0.8.0 ?

Hey jkoch12,

All of our Ghost themes including Astro support Ghost 0.8.0.


Does this theme have a sidebar? If so, do you have any screenshots?


Hey tridentgrafix,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

Astro doesn’t include a sidebar – if this is a required feature we recommend our Orca Ghost theme.

Hi, Is it possible to have this theme with a featured image on the front page? Also, the posts in the front page, can they have pictures on them?

Hey mgsolid2000,

Thanks for your interest in Astro – a frontpage cover is included with Astro (a preview of this can be found here). Images within the post-list however are not supported and we would instead recommend checking our Cedar theme.

Hi this is a presale question. I can read it’s “seo optimized”. Can you see this screen?

Hey Ratne,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

The report you have provided in inaccurate. The theme includes a title, description, H1 headings, and Open Graph support. All of this can be confirmed by looking at the page source code.

i’ve done a new scan with another tool and yes it works thank u

Hi team,

Love the theme. But I have a question.

Can we add google ads section or advertise on our website. Any section or special tag or place where I can put them

Thanks, Vinod

Hey Vinod,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

You can simply add the embed code provided by AdSense within the template file where you wish the advert to appear.