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hello :)

Fantastic theme! Tell me, what are the payment options with the theme? Can I connect monsterpay to the list?


If there is a “monsterpay payment module” for Prestashop 1.5, you can use it. Autumn is just a theme, it’s not providing any payment options, you should look at Prestashop’s addons page.

Best Regards.

And if I do find a module, will I be able to customize the currency on the shopping cart you provide or will I have to recreate the shopping cart as well? I am sorry I am not very good with web development

Once you install the Prestashop, you can customize your currency, language, payment methods and lots of things too. I highly recommend to you to check out the Prestashop’s features list:

Things like currencies and languages are Prestashop’s native features. Basically, a theme just provides good look and some extra functionalities such as image sliders and product carousels.

Amazing theme dude.

Thank you designmonstr.

< Awesome, Srcn.. Designed nicely and equipped with many interesting features.. I guess Autumn is one of ‘heavy duty’ Prestashop themes in this marketplace..

Best wishes..


Thank you candeed.

Nice theme. Is there an option to have a sidebar in the single product view?

Currently not. But it will. I don’t know exactly when it would be ready but I’m currently working on an update.

Thank you.

Very nice! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you very much.

Beautiful work!! Wish you many sales…;)

Thank you for your kind words.

hi there,

1.Can i introduce “also purchased products ” in the cart page? 2.Can i introduce a buttonlink for a Blog in your theme? 3.What about zoom option for product image


If you are looking under 1024px resolutions, it’s not going to fit. This is a known issue, IE8 and below does not support CSS media queries, so it’s not responsive in IE8.

Mobile devices don’t have IE and most of the screen resolutions for PCs are bigger than 1024px. I tried to implement some javascript but they just gave me a lot of problems than they can fix, so I decided to leave it. I will look again for the next update but I’m not promising for anything.

i used 1152×834 and it doesn´t fit too!

It needs at least 1280px.

Hi srcn, I love the Theme and want to buy it now, I just notice that in my Ipad when I click “ad to card” nothing happens and the cart is empty. Do you have a fix for that?



It seem to Work better if I remove the theme forest frame at the top. I will investigate a little bid more and revert to you. Thanks

I tested on various IPad and iOS versions and I didn’t find anything. Although I’m using simulators, real devices can be different, so if you find any bug or something please let me know.

Thank you.

I’m going to buy it and if there is any issue after installation I will let you know…

Can this be installed in prestashop v1.52?

Can be. But in 1.5.3, Prestashop team did some core changes that affecting the templates. Because of these changes some errors may occur. If you have technical problems about this or anything else please use my support site at:

Thanks for buying my theme.

I Just installed the Theme I got these errors:

• Name image type: small_default (Width: 45px, Height: 45px) • Name image type: medium_default (Width: 104px, Height: 104px) • Name image type: large_default (Width: 528px, Height: 528px) • Name image type: thickbox_default (Width: 800px, Height: 800px) • Name image type: category_default (Width: 954px, Height: 250px) • Name image type: home_default (Width: 396px, Height: 396px) • Name image type: scene_default (Width: 520px, Height: 189px) • Name image type: m_scene_default (Width: 161px, Height: 58px)

Please advise


This error basically telling you to change your Prestashop’s image sizes. If you did that, you can ignore this. For more information please refer to the “Before the installation” section of the documentation.

bdw, the installed Theme is now working ok in IPAD….

Thanks for the feedback.

On my Ipad 3, the Footer Titel “My account- Information -ContavtUs-Subscribe” is not displayed correctly. Also the images on the index page reload everytime when the slider images change. the zoom function is not worked properly with the touchscreen! can you fix that? thanx


Thank you for the feedback. I already figured out the flickering problem and the footer block title problem. But you need to wait until the next update. I’m currently working on it and it will be ready about a week.

For zoom function I’ll see what I can and I’ll try to fix it in the next update too.

Best Regards.

you can translate this template for brazilian portuguese?


Unfortunately, I can’t translate.

Best Regards.

Hi, in the Shopping cart summary the link “Terms of Service”, page opens with only the contents.


Thanks for the feedback. I accidentally deleted the class from the link. It will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you.

Hi srcn, I got a weird issue. When adding a new product I can only enter text on the first tap (information). When I click on any other like image , seo… it will not open. First time this happens to me. Any clue?


I’ve experienced exactly the same problem in the past and somehow it fixed itself. It’s a back-office problem and probably because of some native javascript files. I looked up some solutions both in the past and today, basically there are lots of people that experienced the same problem but there is no exact cause or solution.

You can try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies. Also you can try different browsers. If you are working on localhost try restarting your server.

Best Regards.

I have bought this and i am trying to upload image into the slider but i have this error: An error occurred during the image upload

What is wrong? i set all folder to permission 777 already. i am using 1.5.3

You need to associate the product to the “Home” category too. You can have more than one category for each product.

How come i use my IE8 all my image run all over the place? is there something wrong with my style sheet? in my google chrome it look ok

That is well known IE bug. You need to activate CCC (combine, compress and cache). Navigate to your back office > Advanced Parameters > Performance and scroll down to CCC section, select “Use CCC for CSS” option.

One question, can I make it with a fixed width? Thanks!


Yes, you can. Responsive codes are in the separate file. All you have to do is deleting some of it.

Hi, I have purchased your theme but i have few problems.

if i try to translate the Back office in french (with Back office), i have tgis message :

“Please note that your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields on a form 2000 for max_input_vars Please contact your host to increase this limit to at least 4534 or change the translation file manually.”

I can’t translate on the homepage the term “new” on the new product image. i can’t translate “Featured Product” on the homepage or “New products”. I don’t understand because on my category page, it’s correctly translate… :-/

On my category page, i can’t translate “view details” on the picture.

In product page, i have a “add to cart” button too small. the word is cut..

And just next to this button, the button “add to my wish list” is too small too and not look like button…

Any idea for this ? Sorry for all problem, i hope that is good thing for your theme.

Thank you very much for response, for theme and your good job so ;)

thank you, i try to modify that and I come back to say you ;) regards

I have a problem with the french translate. I have export file with back office but I have not find the english sentence in the file…

if i search “create a new wish list” (this term is display on my site as you can see) : no results in the file…

any idea ?

Hello, I’ve sent you an email.

Hi Scrn, I tested your Theme in all the browsers. I found some issues in IE explorer(I’m using internet explorer 9): 1-On the home page the featured items are one on top of the other one on a vertical columns instead of horizontal (like the sample) 2-on any other page everything is align left (menu, pictures footer)

This is serious issue and I can’t use your Theme as it’s now. If you want me to send you printscreen please provide an email. I reset the computer and clear the browser with no results…

I need your full attention on this


Hi propelfolio,

Please try activating the CCC feature of the Prestashop. Navigate your back-office and then Advanced Parameters > Performance. There is a section called “CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)”. Select “Use CCC for CSS” save it and refresh your website.

It’s a IE bug. Basically IE doesn’t load more than 31 CSS files.

Please let me know if it’s worked or not.


great theme, works well, thx! Important to select “Use CCC for CSS” though.

Hello treichen,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. Glad you like it.

Yes, it’s very important to see the website correctly in Internet Explorer.

Best Regards.