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Thank-you so much for your kind words. It’s very much appreciated it. You clearly know where this is coming from. So many months went into this project and it was all worth it. The original Phpbb3 style hasn’t been updated in ages and I was surprised to see that such a powerful forum wasn’t getting any attention for the front-end side. Even the alpha phpBB 3.1 doesn’t use any modern frame-work. Hopefully I will bridge that gap as well. Stay tuned and thanks again!

thanks for great update..!

Hi – have emailed you at your info@ address – having problems with my installation – I’m new to PHPbb3 and am a bit lost! I need to customise header/footer/menus but am struggling to find the files required and now my admin page seems to have disappeared! Bit desperate as need to get it set up by tomorrow! Installation is at http://www.ukmadetrading.co.uk/forum


Hi there,

I didn’t get any emails. Please send an email at:

and I’ll help you set up the forum properly ;-)


Thank you so much for your brilliant support and patience – couldn’t have done it without you! An excellent Theme and I’m so glad I chose your Theme as my first introduction to working with PHPbb3 – thanks again.

My Pleasure. Enjoy ;-)

Hi guys,

Really love the theme although I’ve run into some issues that I posted on your support forum, although it’s apparently waiting for moderation?

Many thanks.

Hi, I’ll be in the office later on today. I’ll follow up with your post from the support forum. ;-)

Fixed it. Thanks

Simply the best! I get comments about how good my forum looks with this theme. The developer is also friendly and happy to assist with any problems. Recommended +1

Hi – I’ve got a couple of issues with the Forum 1) I’ve uploaded a new logo but it isn’t showing. 2) I didn’t heed your previous advice and used Dreamweaver to upload the overall_header.html and now the page is not looking like it should – I know you mnentioned last time that the links in the file were wrong – can you tell me how they should be so I can correct them? 3) I can’t get rid of the brackets around the logo – could you tell me how to do that please?

Many thanks.

Like I mentioned, it’s because Dreamweaver changes the default paths. Open the overall_header.html and remove everything before the code:

Same thing for your logo. it should look like this:
Let me know how it goes. If you don’t feel comfortable editing it I’ll fix it for you.


I would really appreciate it if you’d take a look – have sent you an email with log in details to info@ – many thanks.

Fixed it. ;-)

Best PHPBB3 template ever.

Documentation very clear even for a newbie like us.

definitely one of the best around here.

Keep up the vero good work!

Excellent support and feedback

100% trustable.

I recently bought this theme, and I’m very excited about trying it out. I have threads, and post I don’t want to lose so what is the best way to go about installing it?

Hi, thanks for the quick response and directions, but it did not work for me. I uploaded the zip file in AutoMod, ran the installation prompts, and uploaded the “MAIN-THEME” folder into my styles folder. I then went to my style tab, and did not see it available for me to install, etc.

Hi, don’t worry about it. I think I’ll go with a quick install. I read it comes with extras, and probably is more stable, and will work instantly.

Hi, sorry I forgot to specify that is not the “main theme” folder but the “BBOOTS” folder within the “MAIN THEME” folder instead. The “MAIN THEME” folder contains 20 -pre-set colors.

-Open the main theme folder and pick your color. -Upload the folder” BBOOTS” in the root/styles directory -ACP, styles tab, BBOOTS, install, make default.

Let me know.

Perfect theme exactly features I was looking for and use of new web technology!!! Looking forward to use it already on my forum.


Just purchased and like all the others here, this is fantastic! Can you make a black theme and a charcoal theme? I’d like to try both and pick which one I like. Also, is there any way to have a page like the elements page come up first before the forum and then edit the navbar to reflect those changes?

Hi, I’m glad you like it too! yep it is possible :) Send me an email from the profile page here so we can go from there.


I bought this theme but im stuck with header and footer customisation…my site is http://zimtalk.com. Can someone please let me know how to contact support.

Hi , I got your email. We’ll continue from there ;-)


your style is very nice and with bootstrap as base the perfect one for me. I’m owner of a big board community so i would like to use it within an existing board. My Questin is, if i run th bboots-core-edit with automod, so i think all other styles wouldn’t work fine after this run, ist this right? I think so because the bboots-core-edit take some changes on base .php files from phpbb. Is this correct?

Normaly i put a new style online to my board (not as primary theme) take some changes until i’m happy with it and than i change it to primary. If i change some core files with bboots-core-edit so it is not possible to do this on this way, or?

thanks for reply and regards, pare

Hi Pare, Thanks for purchasing BBOOTS! :-) If you use multiple styles for your users then the core edits will be causing some conflict for the pagination view. However, the core edits can be uninstalled so that the phpbb3 core returns to its normal state. I suggest you to create new a test board and play around with the theme until you are ready to go live ;-)

It might be that in the future I will support multiple styles and the phpbb direct core will not be edited.


First of all, it’s a really beautiful theme.

I’m trying to change de style of my board. We talk about pizza. We need to restyle everything to ‘pizza’ theme. We also need to put sidebars to organize the information and boxes for forums menus everywhere.

We need to boxes on sidebars to advertisement and partners.

How hard is to customise this theme? Can we put sidebars on every viewtopic page easily like recent posts, similar topics and other mods? (we have the mods and the codes. is it easy to customize on this theme?)

bboots and other themeforest theme are on my mind and I don’t know what is the best for now.


Hi quasepoeta,

BBOOTS is built upon Twitter BootStrap Framework, therefore you can achieve endless customization styles. You can create your own forum layout and look. take a look at the examples here: BBOOTS Elements and also the Bootstrap documentation regarding the layout and all the built in components. It takes literally few seconds to add a sidebar and/or multiple blocks. Another quick example of sideblocks can be found here: SideBar. If you have your own mods even better! It will be really unique. If you need help i do work on a freelance basis as well. Contact me via the profile page here and we’ll go from there. Cheers!


I was almost buying, but on w3c http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http://sitesplat.com/demo/phpBB3/ there was lots of mistakes. Is that right?

Hi they are not really relevant in this case as they are from the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. the CSS validation fails because the framework uses hacks and vendor prefixes.

W3C tend to not account for a lot of modern code. Naturally, it’s difficult for them to not only advance standards, but also make sure the tools they offer are accountable to new and inventive code.

This is from the Bootstrap Developer: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/6398
Generally speaking, we don’t worry about W3C validation. Practically speaking, it honestly doesn’t make much sense to strive for it in most production environments if industry accepted practices are viewed as errors. All the CSS we use is valid, and while some lines are hacks (* for IE7, \9 for IE7-9, etc), it all renders as expected. I’m sure much of this will be cleaned up as we drop legacy browser support (I see lots of hiccups for the IE hacks).

I hope it helps.



Is this a Bootstrap 3 based theme, and if not, is it planning to be?

Many thanks,

I’ll let you know when it’s out. Cheers!

Another quick question. Does this use standard Bootstrap markup with a customised CSS file? For instance, if I use my own customised Boostrap CSS will it just work, or have you created a complete new set of classes?

Bootstrap classes ;-) Some custom CSS for the visual part… So yeah you can use your own CSS. When you buy it send me an email via profile page and I’ll send you an update.



Hi great theme. Having fun with a forum for the first time in ages working with this so far.. One question. In overall_footer there is the Recent Topics and it’s hard coded in. Do you have a snippet or code in your back pocket hiding so I can replace it with something that will pull in the actual recent posts from the forum?

thanks and keep up the great work!

Hey there, Thanks for purchasing BBOOTS!

The recent topic included is styled and ready to be used with a custom mod :-)

it’s not that easy to whip up a code. You still need to plan the functions and make sure it’s secure for the forum. I do offer freelance work for these type of requests .

Alternatively you could install a mod from the phpbb.com mods database and then adjust the output to work with the block already styled in BBOOTS. ;-)



would like to buy this theme! Is it possible to get it in german? Or is it easy to translate?


Hi, For sure! You can just install your language from the official phpbb.com translation database :


Let me know if you need any help. :-)

From desktop view, i think the forum has too much free screen space on either side which causes the forum to go back and forth rather then locking still. I have tried this on Safari, Chrome and Firefox and its rather annoying. I doesn’t do this for other views like iPad or iPhone. Could this just be an issue with your demo?

Hi RMVA, :-) are you referring to the horizontal scrollbar? That was a bug. It’s been fixed in the latest revision. ( I haven’t submitted it here yet) Let me know. Dave

Hi Dave, I meant when I scroll on the desktop version the forum moves from side to side, pushing the forum out of view…sigh, so hard to explain! Here’s a screen shot http://rmva.co/img/scrnshot.png. When I scroll up and down the forum also goes from side to side when I think it shouldn’t. I tried it on different browsers and its the same. On other views for iPad and iPhone it doesn’t do it.

I’m not sure I follow you :-D It’s a boxed theme so in the desktop view there is enough space on each side. For mobile and tablet the space is very minimal due to the narrow viewport.

Hello.I tried to install some mods on your theme but i find very difficult as your theme is so different then the prosilver theme.Also i noticed that some css files are missing,is that correct? How can i install mods on your theme please.

Hi Roxy, BBOOTS was been built from the ground up on top of the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. This, ultimately to provide a modern structure and finally get rid of the phpbb obsolete structure.

You would install a mod as you normally do but then you would need to adapt the mod template code to BBOOTS structure. Which mod did you want to install?

I also offer freelance services for customization. You can send me an email from my profile page here on ThemeForest and we’ll go from there.


Hi Roxy,

I assume you are still having issues with the theme. Can you please contact me from the profile page here please? I’ll be happy to set things up for you. Dave


I really love your work and i’m thinking about buying it. There’s only one thing i would like to see on my forum and that is a link to active topic on the bottom of the page: http://www.azfanpage.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3865&view=unread#unread

(where it says: Bekijk onbeantwoorde berichten | Bekijk actieve onderwerpen Bekijk nieuwe berichten | Bekijk uw eigen berichten)

Is that possible?

Cheers, Martijn

Hi Martijn,

For sure it’s possible! Send me an email from the profile page here after the purchase and I’ll help you that.




Thanks mate! I will get back to you on that soon!



Hi, great theme. How do i get my “Recent” topics to dynamically appear on the footer block? thanks.

Sorry for the multiple replies, im not sure why that happened.