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I have just bought this and cant wait to give it a try. Just hope that a noob like me can config it. It looks so awesome :)

The documentation is quite detailed. ;-) If you run into any hiccups send me an email via the profile page here.


To all the people who are reading up on comments and wonder if they should purchase. You will regret if you dont. Not only do you get a awesome product that is beautifully designed, but you also get a service and support that is of the chart. There’s not enough “stars” here to rate this.


Happy customer

Is there a way to make a dark scheme? I intend to create forum for night readers and light theme is hard on the eyes, would be great if I could change everything to dark tones, including the background. How hard would it be to do that?

Hi finalmethod,

It should be simple to achieve. You’ll need to change the background, the forum backdrop, forum rows, post wells and set the font to a light tone. I’m sure it can be an enjoyable customization. :-)


great theme, HTML 5 and CSS 3 will become the most popular

I just purchased this theme and have a few questions. I am sending you an email to discuss.

Thanks. Replied. :-)

Awesome thanks.

Hi im working on a website for a client and he wants a forum for dates, i have some knowledge in html and css but i dont know how to use php language, if i buy this theme: How easy or difficult is change the appearance ( font, color, etc). Can the users be avaible to upload several photos with their posts? Can you support me using phpbb3 page? Cuz i dont have a clue about how to do it. Meanwhile im learning phpbb3 tutorials. greetings

Hi :-)

It’s quite easy to change things with BBOOTS. Being built from the ground up and on top the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, gives the user limitless possibilities with no code conflict. I encourage the buyers to play around with HTML/CSS and create their own forum look.

Members can upload normal attachment as well. You can specify several settings from the Admin Control Panel (ACP).

I do offer freelance services as well so anything you need, we can go from there. Send me an email via the profile page here. ;-)


nice =) I have another question can i create bottons that link the forum to my webpage?

For sure you can! :-)

This theme is only good if you don’t plan on having any of phpbbs wonderful mods installed. Vanilla BBoots rocks but as is, I wouldn’t recommend this theme. There is ZERO explanation provided about how to convert phpbb templates to BBOOTS. Your only option is to hope and pray the creator eventually gets to your favorite mod. He won’t even take bribes. I do think he’s done a nice job creating a high quality phpbb template that supports bootstrap tech. BBOOTS looks GREAT! But I am going to have to dump this thing even though I’ve paid for it on theme forest.

EVERY single mod that has template files will NOT work with BBoots. While this is understandable considering the changes, what’s unacceptable is the lack of support / self help. MY site is down, and I am literally helpless to do anything about it. If I want to use BBOOTS my only option is to sit here and wait. I hate.. absolutely abhor having to sit here helplessly waiting for an unknown amount of time.I need to get my site back up and have no idea how to do it. I can’t just keep it down for an unknown amount of time. As it stands I would only suggest someone use BBOOTS if they plan on not having any MODS active on their site.

Hi superj707, :-) Please contact me via profile page on here ThemeForest. We’ll go from there. Dave

This has to be the best PHPBB theme on theme forest. The support is top notch and the theme is simply put stunning. I bought this theme because I wanted to have a nice site with solid hosting. Idk who he uses for hosting, but all I have to say is that everything the author has is incredible. I will be buying from you in the future, and I hope that you continue to put out more themes. Oh, and thanks for the extra help in setting me up, I really appreciate it!

Very interested in this theme. Are there any phpbb mods that work on this build. Mods like ajax thanks etc, etc ?

Hi mohawk411 :-)

At the moment I only port mods on request as a freelance contract. You can see some custom and ported mods on the support forum here:


Like mchat, recent topics etc..



Hi mohawk411 :-)

At the moment I only port mods on request as a freelance contract. You can see some custom and ported mods on the support forum here:


Like mchat, recent topics etc..



What would be an easy way to add a contact admin form on a page?

Hi M_Vogler

Thanks for purchasing BOOTS! :-)

You will need a custom mod for that. What type of form do you require? something simple like, email, subject and message body?

Would the email get delivered to your inbox on the forum or external email? Do you require a captcha?

Let me know so that I can help you better. I do offer freelance services for my clients. You can contact me via profile page here to discuss this further. ;-)



Nice style, I’m working to add this style to Official phpBB Spain site.


Hi thekuka,

I’m glad you like it. Please send me an email via profile page here. Got something for you ;-)



Email sent Dave…

Hi very nice theme. I’m trying to find out the list of ported mods I have checked onhttp://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=6

But it is empty is there a list of ported mods available somewhere?

Thanks Dunworth1

Hi there, so far there is Thanks for post, youtube video gallery, recent topic and mchat but they are on only available for the support forum. They’ll be released soon. I’m working on a new update on the forum. NV gallery should be ready in just few days as well. ;-). Plus there are a lot of custom mods in the pipeline. You can request a mod in the forum. If there are enough votes they’ll get ported to BBOOTS :-) Cheers!


Thanks for the reply. Do you have a timeline On the release of the update. I ask because I’m looking to relaunch my site and am looking at your theme. But mods are crucial to my site. I just need a straight answer please

For sure ;-) It’s actually ready. If you purchase the theme and then send me an email I can send you the update so you can test it and start making adjustment on your test forum before going live.


Hello i have purchased the theme and send an email via your profile on themeforest but i haven’t heard a reply have you received my email


Hey Dun, Sorry just arrived at the office. I replied to your original email. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers! Dave

I got it thanks

Great theme – any chance you will share the edits for mchat and recent topics ? thanks.

Sent. Cheers!

Rated you 5 / 5, many thanks for the files much appreciated.

much obliged :-) keep in touch.


Don´t you have some theme customized for bootstrap 3? I need it a lot.

Thanks, Iuri

I will convert it to bootstrap 3x soon. Stay tuned and follow me for updates.

Hello ThemeSplat ! sorry i need your help here if you can: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/what-difference-between-these/121990

Best regards.

Replied. I hope it help. Dave

Thank you very much,you are so Generous

You’re Welcome! Thank-you!

This is an amazing theme! However, there is an unneeded horizontal scroll. It appears to be caused by the “scroll to top” button.

Hi Nick! That is fixed on BBOOTS 2.3.2. New features as well :-) Should be available here soon. Follow me for updates on the latest version.

How do I go about getting a refund? Love the theme, just don’t have the know-how or patience to do it. Didn’t realize the theme was this in-depth and would rather go with what I know.

What is it that you wanted to achieve with the theme? I can help you out ;-) (FYI, any refunds if applicable are handled by Envato).

This what happen when I use my own language pack (spanish) http://puu.sh/6SLKq/76523bd9a7.png


you need to add the language edit into your language pack file (common.php)

You can find the edits in the bboots core modx package.

Let me know if you need any help.


I used the quick install should I copy the common file in that folder to my new language pack thanks! I really need some help trying to configure this awesome theme nice job btw

Hey mate!

Send me an email via my profile page here and I’ll guide you through the steps needed ;-)