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Hi, does it have the ability to display a sidebar on content pages ? (for ads)

I’m sure you’ll like it ;-) I’m currently developing a miniCMS with a lot of options at the user’s fingertips. Much like WorPress and it will be part of the Admin Control Panel. For now you can use all the available MOD’s for free . You can find all the MOD’s, tutorials, theme support and the growing BBOOTS community at this address:


(You’ll also find at that address the new COLORIZE service that will allow you to change the color scheme in one click with a live Color Picker. )

As far as any customization goes, I do work as a freelancer for my clients. I can set up the ads for you if you already have a Google ad-sense account. Send me an email after you purchase theme and we’ll go from there. :-) Cheers! Dave

Your miniCMS will replace the MODs ? When will it be available ?

Actually I’m looking for a phpBB theme that lets me add ads code without directly editing a theme template file because when you update the theme, your changes are lost…

The MiniCMS will not replace the MOD’s but add functionality to take the phpbBB forum equipped with BBOOTS to a new level of customization. For instance it will allow you to change icons, backgrounds, ads in different forum places etc etc… All this simply from your ACP. For now it’s under development. Although there are other projects that have priory, like BBOOTS bootstrap 3x based, phpBB3.1 etc. I can’t set a precise release date. You can follow the project from the support forum. ;-)

Hello, When installing core edits I see there are several core edits where the code to be replaced is not found. I’m using phpbb version 3.0.12 on an existing forum.

Is there a newer version I should be using?

Hi, You are using the latest version. Head over to the support forum: www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ or you can send me your FTP info and forum Admin info and I’ll take a look at it for you. Cheers! Dave


Before i buy this i have a 2 questions:

Is it possible to switch the user avatar in the posts to the left side and have the main post content to the right of it…?

Your color changer, what in total can u change – Forum Titles, Topics, User Names, Content Background, beside the main theme colors…?



I posted a “how To” for the mini poster on the left, on BBOOTS official community forum : http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=325

With the COLORIZE service you can change all the colors of predefined elements, like Links, headings, tabs etc etc.

Thanks to the Bootstrap framework, you can customize anything to your liking with BBOOTS.

All the MOD’s, tutorials and support is available at the link above. I hope to see you there ;-) Cheers! Dave

How long before you have this as a Bootstrap 3 based theme? Last post I saw on this topic was 3 months ago and BS3 is pretty stable now.

Hi Gm, I’m working on it. Official Dev. topic: http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=304&p=587#p587 Cheers!


can you provide the answer to the following question on your forum registration form?

Wthat is the name of this phpBB3 style?:

Would be great so we can register ;)


Hi , wouldn’t that be obvious? :-P bboots


Sorry, it was too obvious I didn’t get it.

How do I update from a former version to the latest release without losing all my CSS styling?

Just drag and drop everything except style.css or what?


:-) Winmerge or compare the files with notepad++. I know it’s pain but it’s the best way. you are the only one knowing your edits. Eventually I’ll create an automatic tool for this purpose but for now it’s only manual…

This is an absolutely brilliant theme. Download and install was quick and clean. I was installing this to a pre-existing board, and if you take out the time it took me to remove old MODs, styles, ect, installing and configuring this took me less than an hour. (That included the MODs available on the authors support forum which were specifically updated to support this style, and to a 5 star standard. I came across one issue which I couldn’t immediately find an answer to, posted on the support forum, and had my answer within minutes. Out of the now three bootstrap styles for PHPBB I’ve tried so far, this one tops it. Clean, stunning, and the mobile compatibility is just frankly astounding. Most certainly recommended for anyone running a PHPBB framework.

hi. how i use bootstrap?

Hi, yes they are compatible . Those MOD’s don’t edit any template files..

thanks for everything have a nice day :)

You’re quite welcome! Cheers!

Hi, I have a problem with your style – brackets after theme installation. This solution:

“Perform the following in this order: 1.Administration Control Panel > style > Style components > template > bboots >Actions: Refresh 2.Administration Control Panel > style > Style components > theme > bboots >Actions: Refresh 3.Administration Control Panel > general > Purge the cache: Run Now 4.Your browser hit F5 or ctrl+F5 on the bboots page”

doesn’t work. Please tell me what i can solve my problem. Thanks, Regards

Hi, :-) Please contact me via email. We’ll go from there. (you probably forgot to install the core edits) Dave

Hey I’m new to this and I think I installed everything right. Is this supposed to happen? http://gyazo.com/a8ac7d190638600f77ee1a27af772abf

Hi, The core edits are not installed. The documentation explains ” how to”. If you still have trouble, contact me via email and I’ll gladly help you set it up. :-) Dave

I purchased BBoots & Metro but I can’t read any post in siteplant phpbb mods section though I am registered there. Metro came with a purchase code but BBoots without it.

2nd there is a lot I need to do before I get my site as I want it, I don’t know how to: 1- Add link to facebook page. 2- Contact us link, how to add a email form. 3- How to delete posts that came with the theme and have forum’s own posts. 4- How to change colors of theme.

Hi Ka,

Yo ucan find the purchase code here “downloads” tab > BBOOTS > download license. Use the purchase code to register here: http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/

Then you’ll be able to find the MOD’s, tutorials and the community support for BBOOTS.

Regarding 1,2, you can find the answer in the documentation folder. 3 you need to register to the link above and download the MOD from the appropriate forum section. 4, same thing, but use the COLORIZE service from the forum. If you need further support or custom work, you can send me an email from the profile page here and we’ll go from there. Cheers! Dave

How can I add an image for a logo and have it respond to responsive functionality?

Hi MissSti,

Please send me an email via profile page here or you can register to the official BBOOTS community forum and open a new topic regarding this. You’ll find there all the compatible MOD’s, tutorials etc. Cheers! Dave

Hello, I have sent a couple emails on customization possibilities of this theme. Wondering if there is a better email address to send these request to? Thanks.

Hi Roktgr, you can use my email from the profile page here on themeforest. Cheers! Dave

Okay, I sent a email a few hours ago, hopefully you received it. Thanks!

Replied. Cheers!

update released? 30th of April was release date in your forums?

is the live demo up? can you tell me also what is the biggest differences with 2xx to 3xx upgrade?

Demo Updated to 3x. Got your emails. we’ll go from there. Cheers!

Just put a note to here, no need to reply, This Forum theme is the best i have ever seen, Fast and VERY good support, if you are looking for a good forum software, look no further.

I have phbb3 forum

Change old template or new bboots template

But I did’t change it

Help me

Hi, Please send me an email from my profile page. Cheers! Dave

Hi , I install it Thanks

But My forum not working members log out buttons

I didn’t log out in my forum


Forum Homepage menu {main_main stuf } {main_trends } {main_social} ... not change this name


I got your email. We’ll continue from there. ;-) Dave

Hey how do I center the avatar and the rank image? Right now it’s off-center like this, http://gyazo.com/b4830e3258f346d82a8eab503a5f5dd0

And can you tell me how to increase the size of the rank image?

Hi , Could you send me an email? Dont forget your forum link. Thanks! Dave

BBOOTS Bootstrap 3x based just released. ;-) Thank-you all for the amazing support and the growing BBOOTS Community : http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ Cheers! Dave

Dave, Does it have language support? I don’t see it listed

Hi Scott, Yes it does. :-) There is a proper language file. Just needs to be translated and placed into your language mods/ folder. On the community forum www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ soon you will find some translations ready to be used. Dave

Dave, Thanks for the fast reply.. :) I’d love to speak with about doing freelance stuff for my site if you have time/interest… my email is scottpayne@me.com ... I dig the Vespa site … It gave me some ideas…

Hi Scott, I sent you an email. We’ll continue from there. I look forward to working with you. Cheers! Dave

Ok i purchased it, now try to setup on 1 domain first, if ok i take the 2nd one also :)

Great! Email me if you need any help. Cheers! Dave

Amazing template ! People who want a good responsive theme, it’s the most awesome theme I ever seen. Easy to modifiy, good support in his forum, a lot of mod for bboots (mchat, shareon, ajax like, and a lot of others mods !)

If you have some question, ask Siteplats, he will help you if it’s possible for him.

Then, If you want a good theme, with new technologies, compatible html5/css3 with high speed load and mobile compatibility,

BUY IT !!!