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gbl Purchased

Excellent theme and great support from the author, highly recommended.

Good job m8

Cheers! :-)

Wonderful design and the best support ever! Thanks!

Cheers! Enjoy :-)

hello author, can you help me , to add mChat, in myForum, like in here sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ ,

email : sashi@surya-adtmaja.jp

Hi, it’s not available yet. All the mods ported to BBOOTS so far will be available hopefully by the end of February. Cheers! Dave

Hi.What is the easiest possible way to update the theme? Do you have some description for all the changes or we should update it by replacing the existing files. (hope not, otherwise i will loose all my changes) .Thank you.

By Comparing files. The easiest way is thought repository system. I will upload the new update to Bitbucket so you can easily merge changes with one click :-)

Does this theme have banner ads intigrated into it? What would be my options for this?

Hi, I just mean will the theme still be responsive even if I don’t put google ads? Like upload my own banners? Is that possible with phpbb?

Do you have an example I can see of the theme with ads?

Hi, I see what you mean now. are your banners going to be images or other formats? (like swf). Google ads need some tweaking as the responsive code provided by Google is not good at all. Banners placement can usually be in between posts , footer or header ( sideblock for portals). I can help you set them up properly if you buy the theme. Also send me an email from the profile page and I will send you the new update I’m working on.

Vespalogy.com could not be more happy with this phpbb3 theme.

It is absolute top class and the support could simply not be better!

So clean and crisp, sublime design and intelligent theme

Cheers Kasper Winding The vespalogy.com team

Interesting theme, what happens if I already have Kissportal installed, will that mess things up? Read, does the theme and Kissportal kiss and make up or will they break up when placed together?

And an additional question – how does YouTube movies work using this theme. Will they shrink accordingly or break the layout?

Hi Alezan, Yes the portal systems are kind of a pain.. Much easier to build something html/css based with BBOOTS. It’ s definitely more fun :-) It takes few edits to simply add new blocks.. Multilingual , of course. Simply edit the language code and then add it to your language folder. Youtube and Viemo are responsive as well using a modern html replacement. The recent topic just need a hook/mod for the backend stuff. You could use top 5 mod. The block is already styled as the demo. Register to the support forum :


to get access to the buyers section and the newly created color scheme changer service. By a colorpicker you’ll be able to change the color scheme in 1 click… ;-). All the ported mods will be available in the next few days. Also send me an email from the profile page here after you purchase it so I’ll send you the new BBOOTS update.

Looking forward to seeing you on the official support forum.

Cheers! Dave

Thanks for the response but after looking at the theme on my phone I am a bit disappointed of the use of those the big margins on the top and on the sides. I have quite a big phone but due to those margins everything still gets very tiny. Need to think about this.

Great theme, I’m having trouble finding the 404 page for this template and I’m not sure how to install it. Any help would be appreciated.

The forum we’re using the template for is http://www.americanbullyplanet.com

Thank you

Hi, Just released it :-) . Download the file again. You can use the Live ColorPicker service on the support forum to change the color scheme. www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ Cheers!


Awesome, thanks Dave

Cheers! Dont forget to rate it :-D If you need support or looking for MOD’s, head here: www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ You can also pick your color with the COLORIZE service on the support forum.

New BBOOTS Update Released. Take advantage of the ColorPicker Service on the support forum and change the Color Scheme of your forum in one click! :-) www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ Thank-you all.

I need help, how to fix the areas who are in red?? Image: http://oi62.tinypic.com/mkx4yo.jpg

Hi m4ri0 , For some reason I’m not able to see your license for the product. Could you please register to the support forum here?


You will be able to enter the theme license and ask for support. You can also use the color picker service to customize further BBOOTS.

I’ll see you there. Cheers!


Hi, “MAIN-THEME” folder contains only one color? :/ There are only “01-ElectricBlue”. Thanks for help.

Hi 369412, you can create your color scheme with the live ColorPicker at this address: www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/You’ll find the mods , tutorials and much more there.

Great Theme ! Great Support !!


For user registration, can I remove the asking for born year stuffs?

Regards Nedved


For user registration, can I remove the asking for born year stuffs?

Regards Nedved

Hi , yes you can. those are all options available in your Administrator Control Panel. (ACP)


Thank you for the beautiful theme! I’m just wondering, is the code syntax highlight supported? Or I need to find some Mods to do that?

Thank you!

Hi Z :-)

You can integrate the plugin easily. Just add the script in the footer and the CSS in the stylesheet. If you need to support the syntax in the bbcode “code” then you’ll need a mod. There are few on phpBB.com Cheers! Dave

Fantastic! Thank you for your help!

Z. :)

Also on the official BBOOTS support forum you can find MOD’s, tutorials etc as well as the live ColorPicker to change colors to your forum in basically one click!


there is a theme in Portuguese?

Hi, Simply install the phpBB3 language pack : https://www.phpbb.com/languages/ then add your own translation for the text you would like to translate. The official support forum : www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/ already contains some languages translated by the BBOOTS community fans ;-)

No runs the support forum Dave, or my Internet connection?

Some Server issue. :-/ I’m working in this. Sorry guys

Back On-line

Back On-line. Sorry guys.

What happens to YouTube videos in this theme. Will they respond and become responsive or not?

Interesting, might be worth the 15USD just to try out..

After number 5 in the installation instruction nothing makes sense any more – mission failed!

Too funny! :-) You ‘re right for some reason the documentation included is from the previous BBOOTS version. Where are you stuck? Send me an email from my profile here and we’ll go from there. Thanks! Dave