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Hi. Having a slight problem with the navbar,

When you hover a button, the property display:block is applied to the child ul class which houses the dropdown menu buttons. I’ve gone through all of the js files and can’t find for the life of me where the code is that is responsible for doing this? I know for a fact that it is not CSS, as the property is applied inline onto the element itself. I want to change it to display flex instead so the menu buttons are aligned in a column and 100% width.

Hi, it’s in custom.js (main navigation section).

There are two possibilities for that. First is adding inline css via js:

$subMenu.hide().stop(true, true).slideDown(350).css('display', 'flex');
Second option is adding an extra class which you will style in CSS:
$subMenu.hide().stop(true, true).slideDown(350).addClass('.flex-class');

Yes that’s it. Thank you for the swift response!

I changed the main menu to a example I found here “”. Very easy to set the desired break point.

Sorry, wrong post !

Ok. ;)

Is there also a none Wordpress theme available?

Yes, here for $17 you can buy HTML version. WordPress costs $49.

Good morning, have just purchased Centum (updated version I had an older version). I am wondering if there is a way to change the height on the revolution slider, it is higher than my client would like. I cannot find control anywhere for this. Please let me know, appreciated! Best regards, Jayne Sapphire Web Design.

Find “Revolution Slider Script” section on index.html page and adjust “gridheight” to your needs (each value for different screen sizes):


Hi Vasterad! I hope you hope a good summer.

Two questions re the older Centum (the one we used for 1) What is the line of code we need in order for the images to be able to become larger via touch screen on mobile. As it is, it’s a phone width fixed sized. 2) The shaded area with the text for the slideshows (as the home page) do not show up on mobile. We need to fix this.

We can’t wait to try our new download! Thanks in advance!

Yes, add that code anywhere in style.css

Regarding larger images – if you will remove this code from <head> section in each HTML file:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

you’ll be able to zoom in / out site on mobile devices which solves small text issue because everyone could zoom-in part of site he wants to read.

You are the shizzle. I’ll try it. Thanks so much.


Hi Vasterad, a few years ago you helped with highlighting our nav bar. Which worked beautifully, but suddenly stopped working. Any ideas how to get to work again? The site is — I made sure the css reflects the new background-color: #45903c And the button code still says id=”current”

Very strange.

We would like to highlight the rectangle where the words ‘buying guide’ (now ‘Where to buy) appear. So it looks like the image here all the time:

And you answered: You want to have highlighted item in menu related with currently viewing subpage, right? If so make an extra class in css: #current {background-color: #xxx !important;} then add id=”current” to menu button on each page. Hope I was clear. :)

To be honest I don’t know. “Where to buy” menu tiem has all the time ”#current” tag. Maybe you updated menu and forgot to change on each page ”#current” tag? ;)

I forgot to update the css. Please forgive me! :P

Hey, do you happen to have an instagram widget that fits in the upper line up? If not, I can just make one and customize the ico css. Gracias!

Link please and please clarify what exactly are you asking for. ;)

Hi again. It was just the darn browser cache. Do you have an instagram image sized to the old social image that you can give me? Mine is not as clean as yours (which I made from a screen grab from your new template):


princip Purchased

Dear Vasterad ,

Thank you for a very nice template.

I was wondering about the possibility to include an Iframe in the page?

I’ve tried to do so in but it seems hard to make the Iframe 100% height? Please advise!

Regards Peter

You need to declare height in pixels for iframe e.g. height: 1000px


princip Purchased

Thank you. Exact height works, but is there no way to make height flexible depending on the Iframe page?

Try this:

Add this to your <head> section:

  function resizeIframe(obj) { = obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';

And change your iframe to this:

<iframe src="..." frameborder="0" scrolling="no" onload="resizeIframe(this)" />

princip Purchased

Is there a way to change from standard menu -> drop-down menu earlier than 787px?

I have added more menu items and they show on two rows on tablet.

Hi, sure. Send me an e-mail on info(at) with your style.css and custom.js files. I will take a look tomorrow.

Hola Vasterad!

Updated navigation of one site and the carousel stopped working. I didn’t touch anything else. Can you please have a look. Not sure if I have missed an update. If you will please compare (original that works) and (new doesn’t work) * Lower right —And please let me know if you see a missing item. Much appreciated. Losing my marbles. Thank you!

Thank you. I made that change on this page and it’s still the same:

Twitter is also not showing up. I tried uploading to a native folder to test and noticed that as well. Any other ideas?

It’s something with java script, please copy whole /js folder from your site where it works to site where it doesn’t

Hi you, thanks! It was just a weird funky thing. I copied and it worked. Sorry I didn’t try that first.


I don’t know if it is a glitch or if anyone else has run across this, but on the contact page, the Google map does not show half the time – just a gray square. Also, on the slider text, the font is different and bolder in Opera, Firefox and Edge.

Any insight would be appreciated! Have a great weekend.

Thanks! Thom

Hi, could you send me a screenshot with google maps bug?

I do not see a way to attach a screenshot in this reply box.

Send me on info[at]

Hi, how do I put a background image on the testimonial slider? On the demo it show a collage but on the installed theme it shows a black background. Looking forward to your assistance.

Hi, just replace this image – “testimonials-bg.jpg”

Thank you for your assistance

Hi, I need help with the following for this project (

1. On the header, please help me align the logo with tagline 2. On contact us page, how do I make the location map show?

Looking forward to hearing from you

i downloaded the new css file and after adding the above line of code the alignment of logo & tagline gone. please send me css file with above line code added and ill just add it to files. send to

Done, sent.

Perfect..Thank you so much!

Hi there, wondering if there is a way to widen one of the four columns (in footer) – in this case our first column, and shorten the second column. Steal from column two to pay column one ;) I hate that one word straggling at the end. TIA

Hi, that’s not possible. You can of course use 5 columns and 3 columns instead of two 4 columns but I guess that’s not what you’re looking for. :)

Hi, how can i include a map in the site, it doesnt work – thanks a lot?

Hi, you need to create API key for your domain:

and put your key in google maps api script in contact.html”

<script src=""> </script>

OK, Thanks for your fast answer !

Hi Vasterad, Two questions: 1) If we wanted to update the older Centum template to the new, mainly the home page features like larger images in the slideshow and the awesome quote slider; is there a way to do this without redoing the entire site? Naturally, we paid for and downloaded the new version.

2) Our client may want to transfer everything from the html format to the Wordpress. (Because they don’t realize that WP is not as easy to control themselves as they hope). There is really no easy way to ‘transfer’ from format to format is there? It’s basically a redo, yes?

I just extended support :)


1. Basically updating / adding two things you mentioned should be easy task. Just copy updated scripts for slider and custom.js, add CSS and HTML.

2. Unfortunately there is no way to transfer HTML content to WordPress version of Centum.

Hi, I purchased and downloaded the theme for wordpress Centum but I cannot file the zip file of the theme to upload in my wordpress inside the download. How can I install the theme in wordpress?


Thank you so much for your availability and very fast response! I’ll definitely consider to buy your product for future projects.

I hope you’ll buy also our WordPress version of Centum. :chuckle:

Hello, ¿how can I change the height os slider´s home? thanks

Hi, in your index.html page “gridheight:[585,585,400,350],” – each level for each responsive media query

Is there a way to change from standard menu -> drop-down menu earlier than 787px?

I have added more menu items and they show on two rows on tablet.

This is the website:



Copy and paste part of code on the screen in this section

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 990px)