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how can I activate the search bar ?

What do you mean? It’s static HTML template and it doesn’t work. Just design.

Hi Vasterad,

Happy Halloween!

Some weirdness happened and would like some help, please. When I add the second row of the portfolio_3 page, the space between the two rows disappears. I tried using clean code (twice) and also tried div class=”clear” coding to make space and I still can’t make space between the rows. What did I do wrong? See how the turf squishes up into the pumpkin? THANK YOU!


Hi, I checked the style.css in the main folder, and even added a new css folder to the /instagram folder. Both have (and have always had) .item-description margin-bottom: 30px; on line 498. I know that came up in your code inspector, but it reality, on the actual style.css pages — it still exists. Any other ideas? Thanks.

Try to change classes in HTML from “item-description alt” to just “item-description” without “alt”

Hey There, When i try to install the theme it says that there is no stylesheet.css and will not let me install. Can you please help!

I left a message already about a no style sheet error but I just want to be clear that i unzipped the first zip and there is no theme zip within the folder to install.

Have you read my previous comment? I replied you that you bought wrong theme. It’s HTML version. Purchase WordPress version here and request refund for HTML there


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Hi. i know im asking a silly question but i’m a newbie : where do i change the default background color to use now : images\bgcrisp_paper_ruffles.png ??? what would be the code ? thanks in advance


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ok thanks, do you mind giving me the exact code to replace ...i want the background to be of “images\bg\crisp_paper_ruffles.png” . thanks in advance

Add this code at the bottom of boxed.css file:

body { background-image: url("images\bg\crisp_paper_ruffles.png"); }

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thank you. Much appreciated.

offset on mobile [testimonial section] please help thank you

Could you specify? What offset

hi i want to change the size of the banner can`t change it thank you

the images on REVOLUTION SLIDER i want to change the height on it

In your index page, find

java script code. It’s height for each media query


how to remove the word Menu and replace it Home on mobile viewing thank you

In custom.js, label attribute:
    selectnav('nav', {
        label: 'Menu',
        nested: true,
        indent: '-'

- navigation - come up.. I want to start it on my homepage thank you

i want to center the navigation but still it does not appear can you help me thank you.

not working

It centers menu for desktop and logo & contact details fot mobile.


I am utulizing the Centum template, I see Customization Services are not covered, but is there is any general advice you can give in respect to making the “Colors” active?

I went through the CSS files last time and manually changed certain aspects of the site (Navigation Hover and Select fonts to Blue from the default Green), but would like to make the site Black or as Dark a template as possible, but am not 100% versed in making any of the color options a default…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! William

You have to change CSS with colors in < head > section.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/colors/green.css" id="colors">

hi I bought your product before the update and everything works normally the logo of social media and the farrows of the slide now with the new update I try to use it for a personal project, the social media logo do not work the icon that comes out when you select a photo do not come out and it looks a weird character.

I did create a folder and upload the original site and it was working good last night, today is not, there will be a problem or a conflict by anyhow

So how could icons work if they are in /font folder that you haven’t uploaded

jajajajajaja My bad thank you so so so much you get my support I do love your work and thanks for the support

No problems


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Hi: I’ve bought to copies of Centum—reg. html. Great template!

I want to move one of them to WP. The natural thing would be to buy your Centum for WP. My question: Is there a way to port some of the current site over? How difficult to get up and running.



What do you mean? Both WP and HTML versions look like on demos. ;)


VRE Purchased

I have custom-sized photos and graphics. Don’t want to have to adjust them.

You can buy WP Version, test it and if you wont be satisfied request refund and refer to this conversation.

Hi, I have installed the static version of Centum in 2015. Now, after SSL ist activated, the slider doesn’t appear any more. Can you please help me? Thank you Sandra

Try to set that page as a homepage for a test and check if slider and toggles work

Everything works but the slider on index.html doesn’t appear.

I’m afraid that I can’t help. It’s definitely not related to theme itself. Maybe try to contact your hosting provider and describe them your problem.