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Hi. Having a slight problem with the navbar,

When you hover a button, the property display:block is applied to the child ul class which houses the dropdown menu buttons. I’ve gone through all of the js files and can’t find for the life of me where the code is that is responsible for doing this? I know for a fact that it is not CSS, as the property is applied inline onto the element itself. I want to change it to display flex instead so the menu buttons are aligned in a column and 100% width.

Hi, it’s in custom.js (main navigation section).

There are two possibilities for that. First is adding inline css via js:

$subMenu.hide().stop(true, true).slideDown(350).css('display', 'flex');
Second option is adding an extra class which you will style in CSS:
$subMenu.hide().stop(true, true).slideDown(350).addClass('.flex-class');

Yes that’s it. Thank you for the swift response!

I changed the main menu to a example I found here “”. Very easy to set the desired break point.

Sorry, wrong post !

Ok. ;)

Is there also a none Wordpress theme available?

Yes, here for $17 you can buy HTML version. WordPress costs $49.

Good morning, have just purchased Centum (updated version I had an older version). I am wondering if there is a way to change the height on the revolution slider, it is higher than my client would like. I cannot find control anywhere for this. Please let me know, appreciated! Best regards, Jayne Sapphire Web Design.

Find “Revolution Slider Script” section on index.html page and adjust “gridheight” to your needs (each value for different screen sizes):