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Hi Vasterad, thanks for a very nice theme. On the default pages many java script files are loaded. As I only use the menu I have commented out loading most of these scripts as they seem of no use. Can you tell me what each java script is used for? Here is my partially commented out list:

<!-<script src=”js/selectnav.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/flexslider.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/twitter.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/tooltip.js”></script> -> <script src=”js/effects.js”></script> <!-<script src=”js/fancybox.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/carousel.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/isotope.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/jquery-easing-1.3.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/greensock.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/counterup.min.js”></script> -> <!-<script src=”js/waypoints.min.js”></script> -> <script src=”js/custom.js”></script>

Thanks for your info on this. Ron

If you are using only menu then you dont need to use any of these scripts. Custom.js and effect.js to.

Hi, Can you tell me how I can make embedded youtube videos with iframe responsive?

Thanks! Best wishes Ron

Hi you need to add “embed” class to the iframe or container with iframe (don’t remember now). :)


gadamhw Purchased

hi there

purchase code: b2c5f84c-4c29-4bd0-8a13-c5e0e0fe922c

Great theme – one thing though I can’t work out – – the main navigation looks great (showing all items) on my screen (1920 wide) – however, if you view it on smaller screens it starts to cut off the navigation items from the right hand side until it reaches its breakpoint – (you can check this out if you reduce the size of the browser)

How can we fix this?



gadamhw Purchased

Thanks for that – that’s great – however, how do I get the size of the menu just to reduce rather than go onto 2 lines as you reduce the size of the browser?

You can try to recude #navigation ul li a padding just for that smaller resolution

@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) { #navigation ul li a {padding: 8px 25px;} }


cf454 Purchased

I just purchased this theme and I can’t find the psd files. For what I’m doing I just need the straight html, no slider, as bare as I can possibly get it. Can you direct me to where 01_Home.psd is?

Hi, please contact me on: info [at]

Cant uplead to Godaddy. I tried downloading multiple times. This is the error I get. Please help.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-2831437-centum-responsive-html-template (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, I’m afraid you bought wrong version of Centum. WordPress is available there: . If you want refund please contact with


esales Purchased

Your template is good…but it is not working on tablet with chrome….can you fix this issue

It works. Please provide a screenshot.

Hy! Is there a way to change the style of the mobile navigation menu in “centum” to a mobile menu like in your “trizzy” or “reneva” template(pops in from the left)? Thanks!

Hello, thank you for this great template, that i have downloaded today!

My question is about the PSD-Files, that i can´t found at any place/carpet? Can you tell me, where i can download these?

Thank you and greetings from germany


Hi, unfortunately I don’t have PSD for the latest version of Centum.

Thanks for your answer! The PSD-files of the old-version could help me too.

Is it possible and easy to change the revo-slider into the old flexslider?! This one, with the two square buttons in the right corner and the round timebar over!


Hi, contact me on info [at] I’ll send you files with an older version of Centum and PSD

Great, Thank you!

Hy! Is there a way to change the style of the mobile navigation menu in “centum” to a mobile menu like in your “trizzy” or “reneva” template(where it pops in from the left)? Thanks!

Unfortunately not. It’ll be a lot of work to do it.

Hi Vasterad, If i use the contactform “without name”, the script shows me “unexpected error, please try again”! 1.question: why is it so?, if NAME is not a field where i must write anything?! (Because the red little star)

2.question: the sentence “unexpected error, please try again” that i have changed in german in the contact.php is further in english… Is there another document, where i can change it?

The contactformfeedback, “Please enter Name, or E-Mail which is generated in the Contact.php doesn´t displayed at the contact-page, in Chrome – when i send the Message??

I hope you understand me and can help me?! :-) Thank you, Andre

You need also remove “name” section from validation – “contact form” part of code in custom.js


esales Purchased

This template is rendering incorrectly while using Chrome in a tablet….is there any patch to correct it?


esales Purchased

This template is rendering incorrectly while using Chrome in a tablet….is there any patch to correct it? where can i share the screenshot?

Post screenshot here. I didn’t notice any issues with Chrome on smartphones/tablets.


esales Purchased

Hi, Thanks for your immediate response…you are right…there seem to be an issue with Samsung Galaxy tab but it worked well in other devices I tested.


annrhea Purchased

Just bought this template and it is really awesome! Thanks for such a lovely, well designed and clean coded tempalte.

you’re welcome

Hi, it will be good if you can add a carousel feature in Our Clients section.

Thanks for advice

Hi, is there any chance to get in future updates?

Hi, yes. Carousel for logos has been added if you have any suggestions feel free to send me an email.

P.s. are we talking about wordpress or html template? I can’t see your buyer badge and I’m not sure if you bought wordpress version or just want to buy HTML. :P

I did purchased the template but I do have a problem showing google map in the website the is the message. >> Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.<<<< I did set up the location and when I do the preview on my pc looks good but online it don’t

Thanks for the quick reply it did work but it don’t work for the mobile in the mobile phone it has the same problem why?

Google probably needs a few hours to get it working everywhere. Does it work now?

Hi! How i can change the four icons on the index? I mean the tree, the suitcase… :)



Hi, this code is responsible for displaying icon (tree icon in this case): <i class="fa fa-tree" />

so if you want other icon just change icon ID (fa-tree, fa-suitcase etc.)

Full list of icon is there:


I just purchased this template for a fishing website, the design just wins me over and I am sure with a few tweaks here and there I’ll have it looking how I want it.

I consider myself reasonably experienced in css/xhtml, but I haven’t worked on websites in years. HTML5 will be a new experience for me.

The slider image on the homepage, I assume it’s a case of replacing the images to my own, and also can this slide be changed dimensionally? It’s a bit too tall for what I was after.

Would I also be correct in thinking, like with xhtml, bits and pieces of the other templates can be inserted into other templates, such as columns so long as I retain the divs, ids and paste the code in the correct place?

Thank you, Bob.

Hi Bob,

1. Of coursle slider can be changetd dimensionally by changing “gridHeight” and “gridWidth” attrubite: gridheight:[585,585,400,350] -it’s in index.html on 599 line

2. Yes, you’re correct.



radiob0x Purchased

Hi there,

Just wondering if you could help – I’m having trouble with the php mail form on my site, all the e-mails are going through the junk folder in my hotmail account. Would you be able to advise any steps I can take to fix this?


Hi, it’s rather related with your hosting, not template.

Do emails with much content go to the spam folder too? Hotmail might throw away emails with just a few words when you’re testing your contact form.


atrimble Purchased

I would like the site to be only 960 wide. Is this possible?

Hi, sorry. Here’s a fixed skeleton.css:


atrimble Purchased

Awesome! Thank you!

you’re welcome


atrimble Purchased

My logo looks great until the site is viewed on a phone – then it’s off the screen to the right. Is there a fix for this?

Paste this at the end of style.css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
#logo a img {max-height: 60px;margin-top: -20px;margin-left: -30px;}

atrimble Purchased

Yes! Thank you!