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Were can we can we get an update for the visual composer? Its still at v4.something, new version is somewere in 5..

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...Will give that a go…but you guys might want to make this a bit easier…with a update button in theme options or something… this is just…

It worked. But I can’t say this is really user-friendly. Or an obvious action to take when trying to update plugins. Or described in the documentation. You might want to improve on this.

Hi, thank you for your recommendation, we certainly will consider this to include in future updates

Hi, i cant get the slider working like the demo, i got some errors when uploading demo sample… thanks Felipe

Hi, sorry for this delay, we have overseen your request because we provide our support mainly via https://codexthemes.ticksy.com. would you be so kind to contact our support team at https://codexthemes.ticksy.com/ ?

Hi. Could I install the demo version on my website? I bought them a long time ago the template and now I need to use it and they do not respond … Let me know if you can do it.

Hi replied per mail

Unfortunately the support they give here. What I ask is a simple help that takes you 5 minutes of your time. regrettable.

Hi, we have replied per mail

Do you still suport this theme? Last update was in october.

Hi, sorry for this delay, somehow we have overseen your request. Yes, we still support this theme

Still can not respond to my request?

Hi, we have replied per mail, sorry for this delay

Friend sent email.


I have a customized Codeus them (php files were also customized) I would like to refresh the theme, I would like you to advise how to do that the best. Is this included in your support, if I would renew it?


We have got your email. We will check it today and will reply


amirowp Purchased

Hello. Will you update WooCommerce template files to be compatible with version 3.0 anytime soon? It’s a great theme, shame that you don’t update it anymore.

Hello, Great theme but we have a issues. For my customer, after upgrade Visual Composer to last version 5.2. We have Error 500. Thank you.

Hi, would you be so kind to contact our support team at https://codexthemes.ticksy.com/ and provide your URL as well as wp-admin access details? our support team will check ist asap. Please provide your ticket number after submitting.

Hi, thank you for reply.

For privacy terms, my customer can not give me his purchase code.

The issues are as follows : Situation 1 : Step 1 : Update Visual Composer to last version. Result : We get Error 500

Situation 2 : Step 1 : Uninstall Visual Composer Step 2 : Install Clean Visual Composer Result : We get Error 500

For previous version of Visual Composer, it’s fine.

Thank you.

Hi, unfortunately we cannot provide any assistance without a valid purchase code

Hello, I have made a mistake because the version of my site WP is 4.8. How we can do to cancelled my purchase if it’s possible. So sorry for inconvenients. Walter

Hi, Codeus is compatible with 4.8. If you have some specific issues, would you be so kind to contact our support at https://codexthemes.ticksy.com/?

Thanks ;-)


HSONE Purchased

Just installed it, but the visual composer is not working, making the site uneditable. Thoughts?

Tengo proble con el complemento visual composer, al instalarlo el sitio da error 500, puse un ticket en su pagina hace 4 dias y nadie me contesta, necesito de su soporte gracias

Hi, sorry for this delay, we have got your ticket and we have replied.