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Hi there, we are looking how to get the ’ our clients ‘widget on the homepage – like in your demo page …

Please let us know how to get it…

Hey! I would like to ask if the LazyLoad function is available for the gallery ? Thanks in advance!

Hi, sorry for delay because of the weekend and local holidays. In Codeus we do not have such option, but in our other theme – TheGem – we do have this option. Please take a look at https://themeforest.net/item/thegem-creative-multipurpose-highperformance-wordpress-theme/16061685

Hi Codex, What’s the difference between Codeus and The Gem Theme?


Hi, you can think of TheGem as of a very extended version of Codeus. TheGem has more features and elements. However, Codeus has its own nice design and style. It depends on what would you like to achieve with the theme you purchase. Actually, you can make any website with Codeus as well as with TheGem. But if you wish to have more different features, menu & header & footer styles, more content elements etc. I would recommend to purchase TheGem

Thank you so much for your help and all the information. You have really great awesome themes, keep up the great work.

Have a great one

.a really satisfied customer _

Thank you so much!

Lovely theme, but it has a few unresolved issues/request.

1. How do I post ‘clients’ and/or ‘portfolios’ as a Slider in pages other than the Home Page (Home Constructor)?

2. How to align an element at ‘center’ and ‘left’ positions? This was asked 2years ago, has there not been an update?

Hi, thank you so much. Could you please submit this request at https://codexthemes.ticksy.com/ and my support colleagues will check it soon, thanx

Thank you for the reply. I added on Visual Composer’s ‘Addon Pack’ and this provided the options for additional alignment. I may inquire about the item #1 above. ;)

OK, thank you for letting us know


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Пожалуйста обратитесь в наши поддержку по адресу codexthemes.ticksy.com , наши коллеги смогут вам помочь

Friend, I currently have a problem installing: WPBakery Visual Composer Please, I’d like to know how to continue … I wait your answer

I just added my code and it says it has expired, but I have never asked for help in the support, it is the first time that I request help. And it’s basically knowing why I can not load the demo.xml It gives me error … and I have the last version of its template and the last one of wordpress.

Please request your help for the first time …



Can you tell me what basically is the difference between your themes Scalia, Codeus and The Gem? They seem to have very similar features at a first glance, but maybe there is more to it?


Hi, sorry for this delay in replying to your request. The main difference is, that Scalia has more power and functionality as Codeus, and TheGem has more features as Scalia. And of course, all this three themes differs in design. The choice, which theme would you like to use for your project depends on your own requirements: what would you like to reach, what features and functions should be covered, and of course – which style would you better prefer (however, please note, that you can easily customize your design and style in all of this three themes).