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I am trying to upload the new theme i just purchased composer.zip

When i try to upload I get he following message “The link you followed has expired”

I only purchased this theme today, can someone please help me figure this problem out? the composer-child.zip uploaded with no problem

please help

THanks Baron

You have already topic in support forum, our support team will reply you asap.


I’m trying to build a website for travel like this: https://www.cazloyd.com/en

  • Header needs to be bespoke + carry telephone number and a button for enquire
  • Mega menu with 4 columns
  • It needs grids of images that are mixed, eg destinations + experiences, ideally these needs to be pulled from pages (not posts)
  • Needs a testimonial slider
  • Needs a bespoke map with multiple points and routes
  • Website needs to be super fast (Jupiter and Salient are very quick)
  • Need to be able to pull teams to homepage (or any page)
  • Needs to be able to put a slider on multiple pages
  • Needs to be able to have a grid of images as a header on multiple pages
  • Needs breadcrumbs
  • Advanced search facility eg by post type, destination – travel type etc

Does your theme support all this? – if not could it with bespoke work? And do you offer customisation services? – Happy to take a punt on your theme, but it has to fit the feature set I require without buying loads of plugins and doing lots of dev.


Please contact us via our profile page, our dedicated team will reply your questions.

Hi I’ve just bought this theme and i see a big white space issue only on chrome on only some pages. What is this big white fullscreen footer????? Theme options are ok, seems and error!! ?

Hi, Go to our support forum https://support.innwit.com/forums/ then register and go to composer section (you need to enter purchase code to get access to composer forum section). Then scroll down to button and submit new topic. Our dedicated support team will help you.


For people who use local host, does this have theme activation?

Just downloaded version 3.5 (well, at least promo image says that).

However, changelot has no info on v3.5, the latest entry displayed is v3.2.5. Also, theme files also display version 3.2.5 inside. Maybe you uploaded old file by mistake?

Hi mathIt, was a mistake updating the cover and item description, we are now in 3.2 version and we are going to update very soon to the new version, you will receive a notification when is ready. Thanks

For people who use local host, does this have theme activation?

Hi pre sales question, is it possible to import all the pre-built demos in a single website? I mean can I use elements from one page into another page?

Of course

For people whobuild on local host, does this have theme activation and if so, how does it work , can it be activated as one moves the site?


Our theme doesn’t contain license activate as of now.

Hey I see this comment from 7 months ago hasn’t been answered, http://take.ms/lFCvx I have the same questions about what kind of optimisations you’ve done for speed, eg adaptive images.

Can you let me know please?


Latest WordPress version native support adaptive images. To increase speed for your website, you need cache plugins, cdn and good server

Will you be updating the Ultimate VC Addons plugin?


rodapop Purchased

“The link you followed has expired” when i try to upload…I bought it a year ago…


rodapop Purchased

Thanks, I solved it by making changes to the PHP options

Now, with the latest update, I can’t register my Theme. I try to put my “Article purchase code” but it does not work



Sorry, we uploaded wrong version (There are some unfinished works shipped in this version without our intention, we are really sorry for that). Please wait, we are going to release update in few min. After that update the theme.


rodapop Purchased

hahaha no problem, those things happen.

Hi pre sales query: Can I have a button below add to cart button as attached in pic? https://prntscr.com/l0vbzx

If yes will you help in setting up this kind of button as I will be building same concept website with purchase and rent paintings. Thanks


Picture show ‘58/month’. So you are trying to create a subscription base system. We used WooCommerce plugin for shop functionality. By default WooCommerce core doesn’t have subscription base system.


no its not subscription, its a button which redirects to another cart page. I just want a button which can be redirected to a particular product page.

Then YES we can help to add a button below add to cart using child theme.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. I would like to know how flexible is to make changes or replacing some of the pages once I installed the main template.

I would like to install some features/design from a different template, but I am not sure if is possible to add or change a page without loosing the main customization? e.g: The website will be using the main demo but service and about page from another demo.

Thanks :)

Yes, you can do without loosing your main customization. You can easily insert page using our blocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKOj3dTqKEs