Discussion on Course Builder - Online Course WordPress Theme

Discussion on Course Builder - Online Course WordPress Theme

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6.- Can student attendance be controlled manually and automatically? 7.- The plugins of your theme, are they demos and do I have to pay for the pro version?


6. Yes, you can do this. 7. All our plugins are pro, not demo.

Hi, I have questions before buying.

1.- What is the difference with this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/education-wordpress-theme-education-wp/14058034 I liked this theme because it says that some plugins are included that would help me 2.- Can it be configured so that a student who enters a course called basic, after taking a test, can move on to the next Intermediate course and after taking a test, go to an advanced course? 3.- Can it be configured so that a student who enters a course that we will call basic, after taking a test, can move on to the next Intermediate course and after taking a test, go to an advanced course? 4.- Could a student who paid for the course have a referral link so that he can earn commissions from students that he refers and can use these commissions to pay for his membership or withdraw? 5.- Could the payments for the courses and memberships be collected with cryptocurrencies?


1. In terms of functionality, they are not much different, it only differs in interface and some customization options. No matter which theme you buy, you will receive our included add-on package.

2,3. Yes, you can do this.

4,5. Sorry, but we have not had that feature yet. Thank you for your question.


I can’t contact you!! I would like to be refunded please because your theme is not functional. THANKS


What is your issue when creating your ticket on our forum? Please give us a chance to help you.


Your theme was not functional, lots of BUGs. I already bought another theme!!! maybe I will use yours next time for another site :)

How do we get reimbursed? Bye


We only agree to refunds when there is a specific reason and it is in accordance with our refund policy. Please specify your error. You can refer to the refund policy here https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme, just to confirm will I be able to make, rounded corners for the rectangles?

For instance, at 10+ Premium Demos section, https://preview.themeforest.net/item/course-builder-wordpress-learning-management-system-theme-elearning-software/full_screen_preview/20370918?_ga=2.106406211.1746936609.1692999350-1291373207.1692999350 CORPORATE LEARNING, COURSIFY can have rounded rectangles?

I saw other comments showing pro-membership plug-in is included, can we do a one-time charge also?

As in the Eduma – Education WordPress Theme, I saw animation that would, once scrolled after very few moments, the content reveals itself and then slightly move a few pixels up, is that available here also?

can we have multiple currencies, let’s say one for the America’s, one for europe and one for the rest of the world?

Does this one also has 21+ premium add-ons, like Eduma? Which ones does it not have? Can we add download links? in the video courses section?

Can we make quizzes, and similarly a downloadable resources as a chapter, can we change the icons, in the videos section, they all have a generic page icon(do you have pre-designed such icons? Can we upload video directly on the website(not linked to Youtube)?


Except for multi-currency function, our theme fully fulfills your wish.

Hello, presale questions: I want to ask if the theme supports the following features

1. interactive messaging platform for members only to discuss and share knowledge

2. Does it have user’s dashboard for students and admins(Trainer) to manage their accounts.

3. A feature to provide certificate after successful course completion?

4. Does it support membership course subscription?

Thank you.

5. Also does it support Zoom conference meeting?


Yes, our themes and add-ons can fulfill all your requirements.


How can I manage to make the 5-star rating & comments working? It appears on the course page, but the participants cannot rate or comment on the course.

Please advise.

Thank you!


Have you enrolled in the course yet? Only users who have enrolled in the course can do the rating.

Hi, Thank you for the reply. Yes. Doesn’t work. Not sure how to manage this.


Please go to the Course Builder forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/course-builder-lms/ and create your topic. Our support team will check and then fix that for you.

Hi, Can I know more what is included from the LearnPress Add-ons?


You will get all the add-ons after purchasing the theme https://prnt.sc/yb9a4Z48o2Wz

Hello. I see that you recommend Eduma template, but I prefer to use native Gutenberg blocks and Eduma is not optimized for Gutenberg. Now I´m confused between “Course Builder” and “Coaching – Life And Business”. What´s the main difference between both themes? only design? Regards


They only differ mainly in design, and support features with Elementor, the rest is no different

thanks dear, I am not being to able to post in the forum for support, when I get to pages I am logged in, but when I open https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/course-builder-lms/ page, I can’t post anything, and it asks me to sign in, when I sign in again it redirects to another page, and the same cyle again, my user name is mfadel can you help me?


I think it may be due to browser cookies, please try again with incognito browser or another browser.


nvn Purchased

Hi, how could we change “FREE” label for a course to smth like “Ask for quote” for example? thanks in advance!


You can use the Loco Translate plugin to change it.

Thanks for the team, I registered in the support forum but I can’t see Course Builder on the list to create a ticket related to it, my problem is that the font I chose is not being reflected on the page, also I disabled default fonts, thanks for your help,

thanks I submitted to TrainCorp forum, I noticed that now,


We have replied your topic. Please check it again.

Hello Team, i discoveded your website. Is possible to do this with your plugin?

1) If customer buy minimum 10 woocommerce products can unclock free 3 lessons….

to unclock other 3 lessons customer need to buy other 10 products…

and so on….

after he complete all lessons he get a certificate!

This is the main job to do…. ................................................................................................................................................. ALTERNATIVE: If option 1 is too difficult how about option 2?

2) So if customer buy 1 woocommerce product he collect points… if he collect 100 points can JOIN to private club (TUTOR LMS COURSES) and unclock free 3 lessons…... To unlock other 3 lessons he need to acumulate points…. When finished courses finaly can get certificate!


OPTION 1 AND 2 ARE DIFFERENT: Option 1: is for CUSTOMER that want 3 FREE LESSONS NOW!!!! Option 2: is for CUSTOMER that want to collect slowly… they don’t have much mo-ney :)

Is there any way to do this? Please let me know.


Sorry, but we have not had that feature yet. Thank you for your question.

Hello, you refer in theme description specifically to offline courses support. Can you explain into what extend you support the combination of online (LMS) courses and offline classroom courses? can we combine this in a curriculum? Can you eloborate please? Thank you in advance.


We are so sorry, our theme support offline and online course but only one version will be available at the same time. For example: if your website enables an online course, you can’t create an offline course.


I am having issues with the checkout, the payment form is completely unclickable, as if it is LOCKED. The rest of the page is functioning normally, I’ve never seen anything like it.


Please go to the CorpTrain forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/course-builder-lms/ and create your topic. Our support team will check and then fix that for you.

Thanks & Regards,

ThimPress – Customer Service

Hi, your theme looks great. Your store only shows physical products, can I sell Digital Products, eg PDF e-Books? And how would this work? (Sent a link after checkout?) Where should I host my course videos so they can’t be seen outside of the website? Can you do Bump Upsells in the checkout? Can I use Cart-Flows with your theme? - thanks!


My theme only sells courses, to sell digital products, you can use Woocommerce. About videos, you can push to vimeo premium to prevent downloading. With Bump Upsells, you can refer to our Learnpress – upsell add-on

Hi, 1. is this theme like Udemy platform? 2. Is this theme editable through wordpress only without plugins such as Elementor? 3. Is there an option to upload a short promo video for the courses instead of the image on the course page? 4. Is there an admin dashboard that comes with the theme? 5. Can instructors upload their courses by themselves for review, approval and publishing by us as admins? 6. Is there any paid plugins required for the theme to function?


1. Yes, the platform is the same.

2. For the demo data, you need to edit it with page builders like Elementor, and WP Bakery. However you can also create your own with the default WordPress editor, our theme works well with it.

3,4,5. Yes, our theme has this function.

6. You don’t need to buy any additional paid plugins for our theme to work.

Referring to point 2, does that mean the page was built by Elementor? Can’t we import the demo data and edit by WordPress editor? Elementor and WP Bakery are paid plugins aren’t they?


Yes, we haven’t provided demo data with the default WordPress editor.

Elementor is a free plugin, and for WP Bakery, we included it in the theme, you don’t need to buy it.

Hello, I have some questions before buying the theme like: 1. Does your theme support woo-commerce, paypal, and stripe payment methods? 2. Does it have a free pro membership feature? 3. Does it support LearnPress and Learndash plugins? 4. I need an auto-enrollment feature in a desired course after a payment. Does your theme support the auto-enrollment feature? 5. Do I need to buy separate membership or payment plugins to use this theme? 6. Do theme send emails regarding answers and marks for the quiz? 7. Can I protect the PDF and videos of the course from being downloaded by visitors as well as by enrolled person? 8. What is the page speed of this theme? 9. Is the theme SEO friendly? 10. What is the file size of the theme?


1,2,4. Yes, our theme can meet these requirements.

3. Our theme is developed to work with Learnpress so it works perfectly with this plugin.

5. Our theme works fine with the free membership pro version.

6. We have the function to send an email when the user finishes the course.

7. You can use some 3rd party plugins to do this.

8. The score depends on the server and configuration, it is usually A

9. SEO-friendly

10. The file size is 6MB


Hi, which one of your demos use Elementor to build the page? When I checked, all demos are built using WPBakery page builder. So does this mean we have to build from scratch if wanted to use elementor?


All of our demos are supported with Elementor, on our demo site they are imported with WP Bakery page builder which should display the block layout of this plugin. When using the theme you can completely import the demo with Elementor.

How do I change the header image being hosted on your server for the Learn Press course pages?



To change it, please go to Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Page Title / Title / Background Image.

Just purchased, having issues finding the child theme. After searching old comments it appears that it was supposed to be located in the Dashboard after installing (Course Builder > Child Theme). No luck. On the other hand those post were from 5+ years ago so I need help.

Please go to the CorpTrain forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/course-builder-lms/ and create your topic. Our support team will check and then answer for you.

I posted on your forum, is there anywhere that I can just download the child theme?


Please follow your topic on the forum, we will help you fix it.


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