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Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Mate :)

Great Job, GLWS mate ;)

Thanks mate :)

Is it possible to transfer all titles to the right, including any right site? That I really liked the pattern and I want it to be in Hebrew Israeli reporter here this right!

Yes, it is possible to transfer all titles to the right :) it can be done in very few minutes.

Hello. i have buy your template in Envato marketplace.

<!—horizontal-rows box - -> <!—image —>

I want the onmouseover and onclick event don`t fire when click on the image.

How do it?

It is working fine in the file. Please do the following. Open the file in Adobe Muse. Export it as html and it will work properly.

thank very much.

Is it possible to add prices table under the services section if I buy this theme, I have adobe muse also.

Yes it is possible to add pricing tables in the template

Cara, quero comprar mais to com dificuldade. Desde já agradeço a atenção.

Hello, I have a pre purchase question. Can we change the contact form to include the following sections? If so what do we need to do in order to do this? Thanks in advance, if all is good then we will be purchasing the theme! Cheers.

Also, is it possible to put a video in replace of the portfolio?

Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Office or Residence, Square footage, # of Employees, # of offices, # of bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, how many times per week or per month do yo want it cleaned, Phone and Email

Yes you can add these options in contact form. You can also add videos in portfolio.

what font did u use on this template

Bebas Neue and Lato

Really nice! In the portfolio section, is it possible to place captions (info about each pic) at the bottom? Also, is it possible to continuously view all the images in the portfolio at one time (with arrow buttons), instead of having to click on each pic individually?

Thanks kindly! Bryan Thomas

Yes it is possible. Just open the gallery options and click on caption and next and previous button options. Both of uour desired options will start working. If you will face any problem in doing this I will do it for you. Thanks

Awesome – good to know. Thanks for your reply!

Any plans on making it responsive? and if so—can i get that option at an extra cost?

Yes i will make it responsive for you. I will do it for free after you purchase the template

We have just purchased this site which we love but is there a way to make it compatible with mobile phones, tablets etc?

You can hire our customization services.

I purchase the wrong template, I need a responsive template, you can help me? d3713c1a-b26b-4b18-ad69-c4d854ba1915


You need to contact the themeforests customer care service for this.