Discussion on Cryptic - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Discussion on Cryptic - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

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einvato Purchased

Hi, please reply https://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ticket/3122172

i`m using enefti core too

Done. please check

It is also compatible with Elementor Can you make a demo with Elementor and make it available?


Our theme supports WPBakery page builder and all our custom shortcodes are being optimized and mapped only for this builder.

So if you opt out to work with the Elementor, then our shortcodes will not be changeable via visual options.


Hi there! Love your templates! We want to go ICO/Do a token sale. I just wanted to ask, is it possible for users to purchase tokens using this theme? If so is there also a dashboard included for when they sign in ?


The tokens architecture is not included in the theme and we don’t have such a feature. You should own a token or crypto and in this theme you can link the buttons/blocks to your coin/token.

The dashboard is the WooCommerce dashboard

Hello there, I’m very interested buying your themes since they look amazing and very professional, but I would like to ask something.

Because there is blog section, which is good, is it possible to add a widget or script code to implement ads from PropellerAds? Because I want to make money from ads, I dont want to use Google Adsense because I was having problems with them before… I hope that it will be possible to add those banner widgets for ads.

Hi there,

Yes, the theme has multiple widgetized areas (sidebars for widgets), where you can place your banner or code ads without any problems.

You can also place widgets on any page from the site, directly from the page builder.


Hello Is there voting functionality similar to this https://icogems.com ?


Hi there,

Take a look at our Numismatico theme (we have this feature on that theme: https://themeforest.net/item/numismatico-cryptocurrency-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/22448980 )

Live demo: https://numismatico.modeltheme.com/

In Cryptic theme, I cannot edit fancy tab. The content cannot be changed. Any ways to do it?

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

Please submit a request to our help center https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request and one of our agents will assist you.


Hi i cannot find the nft market setup in the theme as i purchase two plugins as well such as Nft creator and metamask so please guide me how can i activate the nft market system on the theme. I tried many times but i can understand how to make it work please help me this regard.

Theme Name: cryptic-cryptocurrency-wordpress-theme

I am waiting for your kind response.

We can take a look to why this happens for you. Have you opened a help ticket?

No i did not open the ticket but i can do it if you want me to :)

Yes, please because we should take a look at the dashboard/theme panel in order to give you a proper solution/response.

Thank you!

ive alredy created a ticket


Our support agent already replied to your ticket, please check it and continue the discussion there.


how do i import this theme and make it work exactly like the demo, exactly like it, then ill. make other changes…


Please check our documentation about theme installation -> https://docs.modeltheme.com/cryptic-wp/#installation2.

If you still need help submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you.


Could you let us know about what amount of system requirement to run your theme demo such as max_execution_time, memory_limit, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize? Thanks in advance.

After purchase the theme submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you.

I uploaded a video on YouTube. But I cannot play the video in a mobile device (android and iOS) except Desktop PC works well. How do I have to do?

I think you should give us more details on a help ticket. https://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ We need to see where you tried to set/add that video and is not working for you.

Our agents will take action and look into this.

Hello guys, I wanted to ask before purchasing. Can the visitors/guests/users add a ratings? Your new theme has likes and dislike function, can it be added to this theme as well? Thanks


Ratings for products or for ICO/NFT? Please let us know in order to give you a proper response :)


Ratings for ICO/NFT


1. ICOs: On ICO’s users can only post comments (no reviews).

2. NFTs: NFTs are now stored as products (in WooCommerce) -> Ratings can send reviews -> example.

in the file inc/custom-functions.header.php

youtube is missing in the social links, cryptic_social_media_accounts() function

how to update font-awesome icons, current template version is using 4.7.0

i need to use 5.. or latest.

I want to use fa-medium and fa-discord and it does not load properly in the current font-awesome css in the template.

Please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you.

the template has an intranet for users like this you have in html Cryptic – Crypto UI Kit https://themeforest.net/item/cryptic-crypto-ui-kit/21390013?ref=modeltheme


Cryptic for WP has the WordPress admin dashboard and no things from the UI Kit inside the dashboard.

Is there a way to bind the frontend to wp?

These two can’t be used as they are out of the box. You will need the help of a team of devs specialized on this kind of work.

Good afternoon, excuse me, someone has the Cryptic template because in the user registration it does not send the email I have the smtp plugins installed and it does send the test email but from that template it does not send the email when the person wants to register I already have 1 month with this problem and no one gives me a solution

Muy buenas tardes gracias por responder mi correo, la razón por la que les escribo es porque tengo un pequeño inconveniente con la plantilla que les compre que se llama: Cryptic – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme donde tiene una opción de login de registro donde la persona que ingresa coloca sus datos y al darle registrar el correo de registro nunca le llega si yo lo hago de manera manual desde el escritorio de WordPress si le llega el corre también viendo en todos los videos de you tube no he podido conseguir la solución también instale un plugin que se llama WP mail SMTP donde lo configure con el correo que me da mi Hosting y en este plugins hay una opción donde envía correo de prueba para ver si esta bien configurado que envié correos desde WordPress he hecho todas las pruebas y si envia correos el problema esta es en el Registro de la plantilla otra cosa cuando la gente se va a registrar el formato que muestra es un botón que dice inicio o login y no dice register todo lo mostrare con pantallazos todo lo tengo configurado en el escritorio de wordpress tengo 1 mes con este problema y ya no se que mas hacer si por favor algúna persona me pudiera contactar se los agradecería les propongo algo ingresen a mi pagina web traten de registrarse y se darán cuenta de los que les hablo el correo nunca les llegara ni a spam ni a ningún lado yo hablo español pero lo que me envíen lo traduciré les dejo la dirección de mi pagina web para que por favor ingresen y se traten de registrar: https://www.ethereumlatinoamerica.com.co/ Les escribo porque tengo 1 año de soporte y es primera vez que hago uso de este servicio muchas gracias.

Another thing as I attach the screenshots I do not see that option thanks


Have you send us an email? Because I do not see this ticket in our inbox.

Please send it again by going to our Profile and checking the contact form.

I really like the Metaverse demo, are the images included when purchasing?


Yes, they are included with the demo import.

is it support p to p trading?

Hello, im receiving an error importing the demo content.

I already adjusted my php.ini for the recommendations you need.


here’s is the bug:


Hi there,

Our agents are looking on your ticket/issue now and will post an update on it asap.


thank you, i hope i get it working on my local soon.

Our support agent already replied, please let’s continue the discussion there.

Hello, I am having issues with importing the demo content, need assistance, ty.


Our agents are notified and they already looking at your ticket. News will be posted very soon on your ticket page.

Thank you!

Hello..does it have a backend?

can you help with installation?...ive emailed support


Our support agent already replied, please have a new check and continue the discussion there.



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