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Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to insert different address in this theme. We have to insert 3 addresses of 3 different store, is it possible with your theme?


We are working on new design and new theme shop. Spyropress is live now and soon the other one will be with more better design new framework and builder and better support team

For any support email us on support@spyroperss.com and you will get the reply in 24 hours or less.

Hello, I am a beginner to wordpress and bought your theme and trying to set it up. I have installed the theme but it just shows the blog part of the theme and not the one page parallax. Can you point me to the right part in your documentation that will help me? Any info would be appreciated.

Hi, Please email us on support@spyropress.com along with your purchase code and our support nerd will help you.


I installed the theme and imported the demo content but the hompage doesn’t have any photos although there are photos in the media folder. What can I do ?


Hi, please email your support related questions on support@spyropress.com

Are the colors in this theme customizable in the builder section or does is require css changes?

It requires css change.


When CUTTING EDGE theme activated – in the WordPress Dashboard – there is a setting for “Galleries” – and within this there is “Gallery Categories” .. BUT – what is it for?? I create the gallery and the gallery categories but there is no way to put images into it.

Your documentation doesn’t explain this anywhere.

I know it is not a plugin, as i disabled my entire plugins folder temporarily and it was still there.

Please explain.

Many thanks,

Gallery Blog Entries:

I am very surprised to find that you cannot edit the gallery once it is created.. IE If I want to remove an image from the gallery this is not possible unless I delete the image permanently – which would delete the image everywhere so of course this is not practical.

I can add extras only by uploading new files from the computer – I cannot add new images from the library into the current gallery – nor can I re-oreder gallery items . ad i can;t even delete the gallery altogether to start again.

PLEASE NOTE – I am specifically talking about Gallery BLOG items

I can’t see how I am missing something in trying to do this as i use WPRESS a lot – and I have tried every combination of trying to edit the existing gallery and it just can’t be done.

I tried using the support tab but never received a response. I was trying to import the demo content using the SpyroPress>Theme Options, as directed by the FAQ. Whenever I hit “Import content” it would throw a 403 error, saying I didn’t have access/permissions to admin.php.

I wasn’t able to find anything about this, so I sent SpyroPress a support request through Themeforest. Since I got no word back from them (SpyroPress is losing points on the product support!), I got in touch with my hosting support and found that the mod_security apache plugin was throwing a false positive for an SQL injection attack, and that’s what was blocking me from the import. They requested my IP (from which I was originating the command) to make sure it was me, and made an exception so I could complete the command.

So, if you’re having similar trouble importing the demo content, ask your host support to create an exception for you.

Cannot find option to upload logo from General Settings tab.

Hi there

Could you please ticket to spyropress.info@gmail.com We can check and correct it for you then



I would like to know when you expect to release the version 3.0.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your answer !

What are your plans for this theme ? Do you plan to maintain it for a while or is it better to buy an other theme ?

Thanks for your answer


Thanks for your submission, we have update theme and plugins, code for working fine with wp4.7.3, and more clean work

If you purchased our theme, we can assistance you then

Best regards


I just tried to install your brand new version 3.0 of Cutting Edge and there is a problem with the Demo Content installation..

it doesnt look anything like the demo you have on show and all the links are dead after installation… Installing demo content is usually straight forward,

Why is this happening? Soon as I click the demo installer button it says sucessfully installed demo after around 3 seconds then when i look at the home page it looks nothing like the demo you have and all links are broken


Ok, sorry about that, we can continue working today

Thanks for you patience

Hi.. So its been 4 days since I actually emailed you..Youve responded on here 3 days after my email saying ‘Sorry’ but you haven’t actually responded to my email in question.. 5 days after ive sent it… When are you going to respond to my actual email?.. I need your help asap

Hi there

Sorry for our delay reply, Could you please setup your content now

Demo data just reset



I bought your version 3.0 and updated my version 1.4 and, the slider and some content disapeared. The Spyropress Builder still doesn’t work either.

I have read your slider documentation and it give the way to create a slider by “Clicking on the Sliders sidebar item in your admin section”. I dont have a Slider sidebar item in my admin section..

Thanks in advance for your quick reply.


Please continue working via email channel


I replied via email channel.

Ok, Got it

Thanks for your patience

Theme does not work, won’t update and when I install the new version it breaks the site. I have no customizations done, google map marker doesn’t work and now I can’t load images either. Advice?


Could you please create an ticket for us, We can update manually for you, on new version is new update framework

Thanks for your patience

Hi, when I try to open the accordion there is nothing. That could be happening



Thanks for your submissions, please create a ticket to our support team, this time is lunar new year holiday here, we will abit delay reply then

Happy new year!

Hello, where can I put the support ticket?

I have been able to fix it provisionally by delaying the loading of panelUi.init () for a few seconds


Could you please update your question here: Open Ticket

Our supporter can check your info and we can solved your issue together with you.

I really appreciate your patience with this, should you need help with something else, please do not hesitate and let me know. Have a good day ahead!

Best Regards,

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Dec 17 at 6:18 PM

Hi when i install the theme, I only see the blog page and not the whole theme as advertise on the site.


Could you please create a ticket for us to support@cmssuperheroes.com we can setup demo for you with one click


Hello Today ik was help super all the broken things are fix. And i wil buy more from u with support iam happy.

Thank you so much!