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Hey there,

Recently bought this new theme (Used the Drupal 7 version a lot) and am very impressed. Have a few support questions, but my account on the themeboutique forum page isn’t sending a reset p/w to my email. Any chance of help with this?

Sure thing, can you send a message through my author profile page? I’ll manually reset your password and e-mail you temporary login credentials so you can access the support forum.

Done! Many thanks.

Hey guys. Thanks for the great theme. I wanted to know if I can add taxonomy vocabularies and additional terms to the theme as when I do this, the views do not reflect the new added terms correctly as it does not seem to like the fact that I modified the original tags. Can you provide a way for me to add one new vocabulary with 5 terms that I can reference from my Portfolio pages to use with the isotope filter to showcase pages?

Hi helhindi,

If you modify the “Saga Grid” settings on the view you should be able to add your new vocabulary. If you need step by step instructions, feel free to open a thread on the support forum and I’d be happy to provide additional details.

But to answer your question, yeah, you should be able to add taxonomy vocabularies and additional terms to the portfolio views. Let me know what I can do to help!

Many thanks for your swift response. I was having issues with specific terms not rendering the related content types despite the /tags/<term-name> links working and listing the content fine. I have checked and can see where the isotope tag selector is pulling the tags from so thank you for that! I will check to see as this only happens for a single term of 5 in all cases, could be a Drupal bug.

Well, if you feel like opening a thread on the support forums and posting additional details or screenshots related to the issue I would be happy to take a look and see if I can reproduce the problem on my end. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

HI is this compatible with current Drupal version and able to be installed and managed with Composer? Also does it rely on any modules that are not within Drupal’s security/supported status?

Hi auxiliaryjoel,

Dawn is compatible with the latest Drupal version (currently 8.6.13). The theme itself is licensed software that must be downloaded through Envato, as a result I’m unable to ship the theme assets via composer.

There are no contrib modules included that aren’t covered by Drupal’s security / supported status, but the theme does come with a few custom modules (slider, page builder, grid manager).

I hope this info helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Hi there! presale question: is it possible to use this theme and crate a drupal 8 commerce site? Also would like to ask if possible to create a layout where i have a fixed sidebar at the left(sidebar is not scrolling) and content are at the right? if i purchase can you guide me trough how to achive that layout using a sub-theme? thanks!

Hi SmashingFlyers,

A prepackaged version of Dawn + Drupal Commerce is still a couple of months away, I have a design update coming out first (within the next 3-4 weeks). Drupal Commerce support will be added in the following update (estimated late May). Until then, you would be responsible for any styling or customizations related to Commerce.

Regarding the sidebar, are you talking about making a sticky sidebar using the sidebar layout seen on the blog page? If so, that would be easy to do using our sub theme and Bootstrap 4. I think that would be a nice feature to add into the theme, I’d be happy to help out on the support forum if you decide to make a purchase.

Hi. I really like your theme. Do you fully support RTL for arabic languages? Can the header section be customized to include a language switcher? I would just like to confirm before we purchase.

Many thanks and more power!

Hi jutzimidoki,

The theme itself (the front-end, user facing Drupal theme) fully supports RTL. There is an update going out today (v2.0.9) which includes improvements for RTL, in fact. A few of the back-end modules, however, do not yet support RTL (the slide builder, page builder). Support for these modules is being added a subsequent update (v2.1.0).

Regarding the language switcher, customers have added a new region to the header and placed their language switcher block in this region, it takes only a few minutes to implement. I would be happy to help out on our support forum as well if you needed me to walk you through the process.

I hope this info helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Hello … This is a pre-sales question,

You estimated Drupal Commerce availability around May 2019. This is July. Any news on a release date?

Also, if I purchased the current version, will there be an upgrade path to the new commerce version?


... GREAT looking theme by the way and GREAT reviews … congratulations!

Hi dlfroe,

Thanks for your kind words! Commerce functionality is still planned, yeah, along with an update to the design—this summer I’ve been a bit busy with another project, I apologize for the delay. :(

As far as the upgrade path goes, you won’t have to do much on your end. Many of my customers are not developers, so I aim for “turn key” solutions that don’t require a lot of technical knowledge. I am writing a “Dawn: Commerce” module that will auto install the necessary content types, views, etc. when the module is enabled.

I hope this info helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

Thank you for the QUICK reply.

Based upon your response concerning an “auto install” feature, I’m going to go ahead and purchase the “Dawn: Multipurpose” Drupal 8 Theme. I will be watching for the “Commerce” module. Hopefully, it will be here around August or so. ;-)

Again, thanks for your quick reply and a GREAT template.

P.S. Is it possible to be notified when the Commerce module becomes available?

I can shoot for August, the fact that you are actually requesting the functionality is motivating—maybe others are interested in this addition as well. :)

If you could send a message through my author profile page, I’ll have access to your e-mail address and can notify you when the Commerce has been implemented.

Alternatively, I can respond to this comment and Envato should kick off an e-mail to you. Let me know what you prefer!

Hi, Q1: When your theme publish for Drupal 8.7.6 ? Q2: Does it support RTL language when it come with drupal 8.7.6 ? Thanks

Thank you for reply ! on thing more ” I don’t see any gear/icon for testing RTL languages in the demo ” I think it should be something link www.example.com/ar or www.example.com/fa “

Hi, I’m Still waiting for Drupal 8.7.6 fully support of RTL languages ? any news at your side , I don’t see last update version !

Hi Davoudnajjari,

I apologize for the delay, an update for Drupal 8.7.6 was just released. If you’re still interested in purchasing Dawn, I’ll have a subsequent update with an update for the RTL stylesheet online by end of day tomorrow.

Hello! A couple of things:

1. I tried to register for support through the themeboutique.com page, and my code did not work, even though I followed the instructions.

2. After creating a Saga Slider (no styles showing), the Block is NOT created. Can you please help on this.

Thank you, Paola G.


Do you have any updates on item #1?

I have upgraded to the latest Drupal 8.7.7 and the Saga Slider is working fine, however, after the upgrade I cannot edit any menus. I get the “website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later” error.

Hi themeboutique, It’s been over a month and still have not heard an answer back from you after your first email. I emailed back and still no luck. I purchase this theme and it’s very frustrating not to get answers… I’d appreciate a response back via email, as you have requested. Thank you.

I was finally able to do some research and look into your issue, it turns out the problem is with the menu_link_content module in Drupal core and unrelated to the theme. I just sent an e-mail with a few links to issues posted on Drupal.org with more information, it seems the issue is quite common.

A patch was recently posted on drupal.org (18 days ago at the time of writing this) but has not been implemented into Drupal core quite yet, I’d be happy to help you get things working for the interim. Let me know if you have any questions after reading the e-mail I just sent!

Hi, I am close to buy Dawn as it seems to fulfill my requirements but is it possible to make a presale check whether I get it run on my server as I am using NGINX, PHP 7.3.Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS managed by Plesk etc. ?

Hi Kulturmensch,

I don’t see why it wouldn’t run on that environment, you should be fine!

The Dawn package you will download here at ThemeForest only contains the theme itself and some modules, Drupal core does not come packaged with the theme—any server that supports Drupal 8 will support Dawn will run as well. :)

Thank you for the quick reply, I plan to setup my new page over the weekend. Some final questions. Does DAWN work with the present Drupal 8 Version 8.7.7 and will it work with Drupal Version 9 expected to become published next year? And, my new page will exist of three components: Photoarchiv, Blog and Forum. Do you think your theme is the right start for this plan?

Yeah, Dawn works with 8.7.7 and will have a Drupal 9 version ready on the day of D9 release.

As far as your components go, you can see what Dawn has available on the demo site—the theme comes with the gallery and blog functionality you’re looking for, but does not have any functionality supporting the “forum” module in Drupal core. Any functionality surrounding the forum in core would be yours to maintain (ie. custom styles, theming).

I recently bought this theme and installed it in my D8.76 website without difficulty. I was able to set up the saga slider. However I soon realised the saga builder content type ‘custom blocks’ would not display certain elements correctly. The Drupal block in saga builder also does not work. I tried to register in the author’s ‘themeboutique’ page so I could get some support via the forum or the author but strangely the site told me my purchase code was invalid! I am still within the default support period following the purchase.

Hi Maplinx,

I can see your purchase was recent and your purchase code is in fact valid, can you send me a message on my author profile page with more details about the problems you’re having? I’d be happy to help you resolve these issues!

Just observed above reply. I have sent you a message from your profile page

Perfect, I just sent you a response. I’m curious to see if you’re getting any 404s in the console, it sounds like certain JS/CSS files may not be loading? Nobody has reported any of the issues you’ve mentioned, I think the cause may be unique to your setup. Once we’re able to determine what is going on it should be a simple fix!

Hi team, I cannot see your demo.

Hi jbananero, what do you see instead of the demo?

I just checked the demo at https://dawn.themeboutique.com/ and it seems to load as expected. Feel free to reach out on our author profile page with a screenshot, I would be happy to investigate. :)


oco14 Purchased

Hello, We cannot change the display of the “Portfolio” content in Structure> Content types> Portfolio> Manage fields. When we want to add a link or a comment or another? the created field is present in the back office but not on the front end? Do you have a solution ? thanking you in advance. cordially

Hi oco14,

Instead of going to the “Manage Fields” tab, you’ll want to go to the “Manage Display” tab.

From here, there should be a group of sub tabs for each view type. If you modify the “Full content” view under the Manage Display tab, you should be able to control the field display and add in new fields (ie. add a link, comment, etc).

I would attach a screenshot, but Envato’s comment functionality doesn’t allow attachments. Feel free to reach out via e-mail if you need me to show you an example. :)


oco14 Purchased


Thank you very much for your quick response. I finally deleted the cache before integrating the fields.

I have another question about portfolio images, do I have to respect an image size?

In advance, thank you for your answer. cordially

By default, any image size is accepted and will be utilize Bootstrap’s img-fluid class to make the image responsive. The theme is designed to use square portfolio images, but if you uploaded a rectangle, it would still work—it just may not look very nice.

If you want to force an image size, however, you can use Drupal’s image styles and apply the style to the portfolio image under the “Manage Display” tab by editing the display settings for the image field. I typically use the scale/crop effect when enforcing an image size.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


memoday Purchased

Hi there, you said “will have a Drupal 9 version ready on the day of D9 release.” Drupal 9 was released on June 3, 2020. Any update on this? Thanks in advance!

Hi memoday,

I’ve had the Drupal 9 version ready for a few weeks, what’s holding up release is updates to the documentation along with some testing around the installation process on existing sites.

If you’re interested in doing a “full demo” installation, I could send you the files today—I have the code for the theme / modules ready. Otherwise, I would estimate a week or so before it’s on ThemeForest. :)

Hi is this theme still supported ?

Yeah, I will of course offer support for any issues or bugs—but I would recommend waiting until the Drupal 9 version is out if you are considering purchase. :)

Ok I purchase the theme when D9 is ready *the issue on mobile I found when you select RTL Language and you click on the user menu (hamburger) after that the X (close) sign is missing unlike English versions is shown.


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